News: jeff becerra shooting

It really pisses me off when I hear statements like that because it makes it sound like you're saying America single handedly won the Second World War which as we both know is bullsh**. "We did a lot at a very young age, and it was really fun. I remember we did one with them and Slayer, and me and the Daves were partying, doing lines and smoking and drinking in my hotel room. Dear Jeff I sent you a gift. Revolver has teamed with Possessed for an exclusive "Combat Camo" vinyl edition of their classic EP, The Eyes of Horror, limited to 200 copies worldwide.

He wrote lyrics in the vein of early Possessed dealing with Satan again. ‘Shot In The Dark’ ist die erste Single aus dem kommenden AC/DC-Album POWER UP. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. I stopped to get a pack of Camels [cigarettes] and I guess I flashed a hundred [dollar bill] and on the way out, two guys in hoods, little ninja guys came running up with guns: 'Give me all of your fucking money.' He's super cool. It was our spiritual epicenter, our church of metal…. I like it even better now. and I was like, "What's up?" I lived alone for five years and basically just wrote and listened to a lot of demo tapes that were sent and got thousands of fan mail asking me to come back. With Bruce Springsteen turning 71-years-old on September 23, this month's edition of #THROWBACK is a live profile on T, Cheyenne Dan Talk Breaking Down Boundaries (and Free Pancakes) [Buzz + Watch & Listen], aliensdontringdoorbells: Rock and Roll is Key to the Pursuit of Happiness [Buzz + Watch & Listen], HOT ROCKS: New Releases from Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Liam Gallagher, DIO, and Sepultura, Black Stone Cherry’s “The Human Condition” – Groovy, Gritty, and Warm, WITH ‘WILDFLOWERS & ALL THE REST,’ TOM PETTY’S MASTERPIECE IS GIVEN NEW STRENGTH AND SCOPE, ‘PRIVATE LIVES’: TRACK BY TRACK WITH LOW CUT CONNIE’S ADAM WEINER. To be fair, I never slated the American army and I respect the war contributions that America made just as much as those made by Britain, Canada and Russia. It was so good I tried to shop that around and see if we get any bites on a contract. Jeff looked back on what it was like for him being a musician in the eighties, attending and performing concerts at Ruthie’s Inn, and being managed by Debbie Abono. BLABBERMOUTH.NET I went to college and made straight As, alpha gamma sigma and webmaster and was one of 20 gold robes. He was really good at getting into our headspace. Some time after POSSESSED's last release in 1989, Jeff Becerra was left paralyzed from the waist down in a shooting incident. I got married and had a couple of beautiful kids. I got two beautiful kids and a band and everything.”.

nebosir writes: oh and brabdedcfh if you don't know who jeff is, you probblay don't listen to Metal... GEE, IM SO SORRY IVE HEARD NOTHING OF THIS BAND IN MY LIFE. Das hat ihn trotzdem nicht davon abgehalten, unterstützt von Sadistic Intent Musikern Possessed zu reaktivieren. I thought, OK, that sucks — but let's get another guitarist and move on. "Revelations Of Oblivion" is due May 10 via Nuclear Blast. For Seven Churches, we had this nun hanging from a giant oak tree in a cemetery with a Satanic church in the background and these big stained-glass windows, but it was shot down in favor of that all-black cover with the Possessed logo. I live here. It's so flattering. Hier gibt es alle wichtigen Infos! In 1990, Jeff Becerra was paralyzed from the waist down following a shooting incident. “I really didn’t handle it well,” he said. But then Dave goes out there and just plays a flawless show, singing and soloing and everything. 7:30 AM i never said usa is the best country in the world, but the french have for decades since ww2 contiuously snubbed their nose at their saviours from nazi slavery. i agree, britian did a damn good job of holding off the nazis when the battle of britian was going on. I live here. It takes a lot out of you, but we thrive on that shit. It is kind of like Satanic aerobics at times. That stepped us up from being keg party kids to being professional musicians…. Once we were signed, it was like clockwork. Hearing bands like KISS along with Angry Samoans, Agent Orange, Dead Kennedys, Fang, Discharge…. Everyone was trying to be so avant-guard and passionate about metal…. lol. It wasn’t so much of an accident — I got shot by two different guns in a robbery. As far as the French doctors go, yes it seems ridiculous that they wouldn't take him in because he was foreign but most hospitals in loads of countries won't take a man in that bad of condition if he's not from their country. (34 Comments).

Can you tell me about some your favorite times from recording at NRG Studios? STAND UP IF YOU WON THE WAR!". And Hitler had the funniest mustache ever. Jeff I hope you feel better, and I hope that you grow in your relationship with God.

ALL DIE IN HORRIBLE WAYS....f*** YOU FRENCH B1TCHES!!!! Becerra then reformed POSSESSED in 2007 with his own lineup, which is gearing up to release their first studio album in 33 years, “Revelations Of Oblivion”. We all bought monster fucking amps and several different instruments. We scuffled, there was no way out of it and I ended up getting shot a couple of times.

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