News: isuzu trooper toyota engine swap

I want to put in a 3.2 V6 in it or higher, i know this involves alot of remounting and engine rummeging but Im not sure how much. Any suggestions on where to get one (a 3.4)? I did this to take care of any �lean� problems with the increased demand of the 3.4.

The goal here is a trooper that can keep up with the broncos and other mud slinging machines. Try to get the older 4jg2 with the mechanical injector pump. It will be fun and bond him to you and the vehicle. I did a 3.4 swap and am very happy. Feel free to email me if you want the info. The diesel doesn't need a fuel pump in the tank. It would be nice if the distributor would fit there, nice and accessible in the front like a Ford! FYI, if using a Camaro/Firebird 3.4 it's easiest just to snip the cam sensor & crank sensor wires and leave them to plug the holes. While I had it out I completely cleaned it and sealed it. nah m8, the turbo stays intact, it's basically swapping the transition pieces over. I have a lot of info on it as well. This is by no means an instruction guide but is meant to give a general idea of what is involved with doing an engine swap on a Isuzu car. I know there's quite a few threads about engine swaps to diesel on this forum. Finding this, unless you are going to Swap old for new with a refundable core charge is what you are planing at this time. Probably cheaper and easier then an engine swap. My 3.4L is still kicking! This way he understands how to maintain his cars.

There's a 99 trooper 3.5 for sale,($850) engine an transmission are good. All post 1995 Bighorn 3.1 4JG2 automatics had the electronic pump. The 2.6L is an Isuzu motor. I never read any mention of them in any write ups so I was kinda blind sided by it. It looks like you're new here. This will be a complete rebuild in the end. (1995 Isuzu trooper LS) I've done some research for diffferent types of diesel motors to do the swap and I've decided on the 4JG2T with the 5 speed manual. Thanks for posting the P/N's for those Ed. This engine was used in the Camaros. Just look at the injector pump and you can usually see the throttle cable still attached. It is equipped with the 2.8 gm motor, which is worn out with 180,000 miles and in need of replacement. The 2.8L V6 is a GM motor making the swap to a GM 3.4L or 4.3L relatively easy. I know I want to get rid of the 2.6 but a 2.8 just isnt enough for me. I have read that it isn't to difficult to drop in a 3.4 liter gm motor. What I'm wanting to know is,can I do a engine and transmission swap from the 99, into my 96. I need to replace the block in mne.

What engine swap would provide the most HP while also being a reliable engine and still a 5 speed manual. If they want a larger engine in a first gen Trooper, they just buy a truck with the 2.8L not a 2.6L. ANY "swap" is going to be complicated. I have a 99 trooper that I was initially going to find a replacement 6cyl to replace the problematic, oil burning 3.5. wanted the v6 for the decent feul milage, as this was my work truck/tool hauler. Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:20 am. Thanks, While waiting for a reply here, you may want to check out. If you're talking mud truck, then it really doesn't matter what shell you start with, since it's basically a drivetrain stuck on a frame with a body tacked on. Also suggestions on motor, tranny, and any replacement parts would be great! I will follow your advise on the O2 and egr, cat and exhaust, and I am thinking I will bolt all the old stuff (intake etc) on the 3.4 engine and it should look original. Isuzu Trooper Owners Club UK™ Forum Index,, If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! The TBI and DOHC MPFI are totally different.

I'm looking for a 2.6l, 4ZE1, of that vintage. I think the best bet is with the GM V-6s. I am confident that there are many, many details that are not included in this information. I see a lot more of the "big horn" diesels with the innercooler readily available. A great thread and I will move it to the Archives in a couple of days. There used to be adapters made to fit other engines, but my understanding is they are no longer made. It was a simple job of unbolting the casting from both turbos and swapping them over, similarly the rear parts where they bolt to the exhaust flange the new 3.0 litre turbo had 4 fixing studs  where the 3.1 turbo has 3. Apart from a very very few manual post 1995 Bighorns, all other Trooper/Bighorn 3.1's had the mechanical pump. I really wanted to stay all Toyota but $5500 to $7500 for a used Toyota diesel was just not going to happen. So I started looking at other options and settled on the Isuzu 4bd1t.

The DOHC is a wider engine than the OHV, another consideration. With this, you can use a 2.8, 3.1, or 3.4. 7 talking about this. It is in great shape with only 100K miles on it. Is there anyway we can get in contact without violating the rules of tis forum?

I have a 4jg2 that needs a clutch. If you've got the tools and the skills to fabricate mounts, crossmembers, suspensions, etc. The trooper might take more work than, say, a wrangler or a chevy pickup, but once you get to that point, you're building from scratch, and no longer asking people "will XXX bolt up to YYY without too much modification? Would the 95+ 4jg2 (if I'm right) be easier for wiring or still a little more difficult?

I want to put in a 3.2 V6 in it or higher, i know this involves alot of remounting and engine rummeging but Im not sure how much.

Quite a few people have installed a turbo on the Isuzu 4 cylinder and from my understanding they run extremely well. This hole was too big on the new turbo therefore the filter pipe would not go over it. The Trooper 3.5L is interchangable with the 1998+ 3.2L (in other words, the same vintage as the 3.5L) , not the older ones. I can't say whether a 3.2 or 3.5 will fit in the engine bay of the 1988 Trooper.


92+ Troopers all have the same engine mounts.

I found a "brand new" 2.8 complete engine. Also, as far as the gas tank is concerned would I need to get a new tank and pump, drain and clean the tank and/or buy a new fuel pump? If you do get a newer engine with electronic pump you can swap it for the mechanical style. If anyone has done this sort of build, any success/horror stories would be great. Guess I need to do some math and figure out what this thing was setup for... but it is a transverse motor so its gonna be fun either way. I want to drop a small block v8 in the old girl, I know that will require an entire drivetrain rework and replacement. I have Isuzu trooper 2000 model. There is also the option of using a GM 3.4. And what problems will I have.

Hope to hear from someone soon. The 3.1 (91-92 Rodeos) is a direct drop in. There are all kinds of goodies available for the GM based V-6s. Thought I would put together a detailed thread for the novice/and seasoned Isuzu owners that are considering doing a 2.8L to 3.4L swap in a 1st Gen. Trooper. October 2009 in Isuzu.

Thought I would put together a detailed thread for the novice/and seasoned Isuzu owners that are considering doing a 2.8L to 3.4L swap in a 1st Gen. Trooper. For the fuel tank I dropped it and removed the fuel pump and just used peice of fuel hose in its place. With that said I am looking for more HP. Is there one I can buy for a gas engine that will match?

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