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Currently it's Windows only. The only limitation is your language. We have a video guide on how to use and setup the bot. All of these websites offered the same thing: better chances of winning HQ. Perfect ! Scrapes HQ Trivia questions by connecting to the websocket and answers … They do a great job on adding features and mostly bug fixes to make the experience even better than previously. If you have super strong WiFi and you Like trivia game ands winning money I would recommend it but if your WiFi is bad to moderate Maybe steer away or just watch because chances are it will glitch and you will lose. Answer 1. You can use QBot as hq bot and get hq answers. Great seller. Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Thank you to HqDuck! In my last article on the subject, I outlined a bot to answer trivia questions from HQ, a live-trivia app for mobile phones.

Some questions do not have any answers due to the wording. This bot automatically took a screenshot of the phone screen and sent it to a computer to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Within a period of 2 weeks, cheating on HQ rose incredibly high, then crashed in an instant. A few weeks later, everything changed. It is completely standalone. Now just press 'Scan' to see the answer. Is there a working bot for this? In HQ you need to correctly answer twelve questions including one extra live to get money. Players get 10 seconds to answer each question.

Beat the Banker (score: 4.000) 2. Join - HQ Trivia bot.

However, with only 10 seconds on the clock, some tech savvy players recognized that the task was better suited for bots. At 12 questions, all remaining players split a prize, which is typically $2,500.

I also like how it’s evolved so much over just the past month. It is completely standalone.

HQ is five stars and we don’t need PC police to save the innocent from the chat. Wrong. Was told to contact with any further questions. Apple TV. Then, the question was searched online using a variety of methods to determine the most likely answer. One of the first bot solutions for HQ was published on Hackernoon. Went way above and beyond. Would recommend again. Great service. the first and absolute best bot for trivia games, now with two engines mode. Then, the question was searched online using a variety of methods to determine the most likely answer. Was told to contact with any further questions. ! 8.0 update is coming out later this year! HQ Trivia.

May 21, 2018 #1. Either way, the answer is clear from HQ: No More Bots. It st… The chat can be negative, they can be overly critical of hosts, but it’s mostly people meme-ing, complimenting Roisman’s fashion sense as well as the fact she’s gorgeous as long as she’s not singing. would recommend to anyone. About one week before this post was made, HQuack disappeared: Initially, there was no explanation. 1.48K links. Here is the easiest methods for Android and iOS (iPhone). Or send $4.89 in PayPal directly to email, Have questions? In less than 2 minutes our HQT Bot will be connected to your HQ Trivia App and you beating the game in no time! There is no way to shut it down or anyhow fix it. Surprisingly fast delivery. It’s amazing, it’s fun, and it’s like nothing else out there. - HQ Trivia bot @HQtrivia_answers . The method was published in this article, but the source code itself was not. A new website called HQuack appeared, automatically sending the results of a script like Almond's to their webpage. Common sense and experience will not help you answer these tricky questions. Yes. Most popular bot for HQ Trivia and other trivia games! Our bot give correct hq answers. He is very Good seller! For example, HQ, Loco, Cash Show, The Q, Q Live and other. The HQ developers do in fact work on the game and they push updates regularly so now the game CAN handle the ever-growing 700k+ people that are tuning in to play so don’t worry about problems with lag much and if so, the question tab will appear either way. What does this mean for HQ? It still required human interaction to run, and the process was significantly slowed down by taking a screenshot and OCR. Very quick with responses - no delays. How to mirror your phone screen to your computer? It is a Windows only application, you can only run it on an actual computer. See our customer support! HoloLens PC Mobile device Hub Description. Join the future of television, and download HQ now. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Went way above and beyond. The other popular sites, HQuest and HQHelp, lived on for a few more days.

See if you have what it takes to win cash.Make sure you turn on push notifications so you never miss the live shows and your chance at the money. — HQ Trivia (@hqtrivia) January 17, 2018 HQ Bot Websites. HQDuck works with all trivia games with 2, 3 and 4 answers with this structure: Question. HQ responded by saying: We see the debates on cheating. You can, however, mirror your phone screen to it, in order for the bot to be able to read the questions. No. P3NGU1N Newbie. Overview System Requirements. There’s a time honored tradition of trolls spamming the wrong answers in the chat, and just as time honored as that is the tradition of people who make the mistake of taking that advice. The bot, however, required some tech skills to get set up, so it was not ready for the masses of HQ players. As the new app called HQ has skyrocketed in popularity, so too has the number of people trying to cheat at it.

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