News: how long does internet recovery take mac

If you have a working recovery partition, you will not be able to access internet Recovery Mode.

Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. This might be because you’re using a RAID volume, which doesn’t support the recovery partition, or your drive has been partitioned with Boot Camp Assistant and subsequently modified. After entering  Internet Recovery Mode and choosing to install or reinstall macOS, your Mac will need to download the installer for the version of macOS that came preloaded on your Mac when you took it out of the box. Internet Recovery needs an Internet connection to load the recovery tools from Apple’s servers.

“Starting Internet Recovery,” the message reads. If you want to choose a different startup disk before quitting, choose Startup Disk from the Apple menu. MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. 3. Because it’s been partitioned from the rest of your disk space, the data can’t be cleared in cleanup scans or manually deleted. However, Internet Recovery Mode allows you to reinstall the macOS version that was factory-preloaded on your Mac at the time of purchase. This will bring up the Startup Manager, so you can start up your Mac from any connected drive or external storage device that has a bootable copy of macOS on it. Then restart the computer, and hold down the Option key after hearing the startup chime. 2020 © - This website is not affiliated with Apple. But what if the recovery partition gets damaged, for instance?

Jump to this section to find out how to do that. This will put a recovery partition on the external disk. This may take a while. If your computer is unable to access normal Recovery Mode, it will automatically begin Internet Recovery. Depending on your connection speed, the whole process can last around five minutes. Once again, remember that this recovery tool installs an original version of the OS your computer was manufactured for. Get CleanMyMac X to improve the longterm performance of your Mac!

Use Internet Recovery to reinstall macOS on Mac with a missing recovery partition.

When that happens, you see a spinning globe instead of an Apple logo during startup: To manually start up from Internet Recovery, press and hold either of these key combinations at startup: If startup from Internet Recovery is unsuccessful, you see a globe with an alert symbol (exclamation point): If you still need help, please contact Apple Support. Finally, some drive partition configurations can result in macOS’ installer reporting that it cannot create a recovery partition for Recovery Mode. To be clear, we’re going to focus on Internet Recovery here, but there are actually two modes of system recovery; one of which is based on a local Recovery disk partition, and the other which is called Internet Recovery, the latter being triggered if the Mac does not have a Recovery partition found or if booted directly into as shown in this walkthrough.

The macOS  Utilities window appears, which will list the four options to recover your Mac (Restore, Reinstall, Get Help, and Disk Utility).

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