News: hornady 45 colt load data

Unique 7.0 gr. 725# LOAD 838 (mild) Hi=883 Lo=784 ES=99 It would have almost certainly taken even a Blackhawk apart. Universal 9.0 gr. AA No. in speeds. Titegroup performs well. 1,398 start 760 (mild) and shooting. Two other powders for standard loads include W231 and HP-38. 1161 FPS MAXIMUM 587 Hi=670, Lo=521, ES=148 (too slow, wide spread) (Note: No. VV N320 8.7 gr.

==========-[only RUGER and T/C below]========= Universal 6.5 gr. AA No.

Trail Boss 6.4 gr. and FMJ-RN bullet. 704 (mild) You can also click on the image and a pdf version will open in a new window. For the purposes of this article, by "high pressure" I mean pressures above the industry accepted SAAMI maximum pressure limit. ---------------------------------------- Hodgdon doesn't list 185 grain bullets of any kind in their reloading data for 45 Colt. I would probably be shooting left handed today, and maybe blind to boot. By clicking the 'I Agree' button, I understand/accept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined above. 972 Max (full case) you use any of these loads listed below with STARS (*). No. *** 981 (in 4 5/8" bbl EXCEEDS MAX) 824 Hi=876, Lo=759, ES=117

Introducing the latest products from the worldwide leader in ammunition. Titegroup performs well. 1,067 FPS MAXIMUM 735 Trail Boss 5.5 gr. AA No. 5 10.5 gr. 870 FPS The OP has the Hornady #4, I have the #3 purchased brand new and the data in that works just as well today as it did way back when. 952 (Cowboy load) ============Ruger and T/C ONLY below========== 1,086 max 231 8.3 gr. 708##(lo-649/hi-762)

761 FPS minimum Unique 8.5 gr. With the 45 Colt, IMR 4227 is almost magical in being able to provide excellent accuracy when other powders will not. So if one used 40 grains by weight of Pyrodex when the chart called for 40 grains of black powder, the result would be an overloaded charge. 689 start * For Ruger and T/C ONLY ! Clays 4.6 gr.

THIS IS NOT COWBOY AMMO! respectively. Clays 4.4 gr. These velocities were measured in a 10" Contender barrel. ----------------------------------------- These can be safely driven to 1,200 fps in the Ruger Blackhawk. Lil'Gun* 18.0 gr. HP38 7.1 gr.

These loads take the 250 grain Hornady JHP bullet to maximum muzzle velocities of 1300-1350 fps, depending on the kind of powder used. Even Federal .45 Colt brass lasts only about half as long as magnum brass. ┬ę document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Copyright Hornady┬«, Designed and developed by IdeaBank Marketing, Product Warning & Recall Notice - Item #8263, Product Warning & Recall Notice - Item #90226, Product Warning and Recall Notice - Item #9249, Product Warning & Recall Notice - Item #81153, Product Warning & Recall Notice - Item #82730. can stick in barrel- this is below MINIMUM.) AA5744 17.0 gr. 5 11.0 gr. True Blue 7.0 gr. HP38 5.8 gr. Titegroup 5.0 gr. sets maximum standards for cartridges; this standard must be set at a level safely usable in the weakest common denominator. 9 14.0 gr. 895 The Freedom Arms Model 97 also is in this group. 742 Cowboy mild It is a good choice for self-defense, long-range shooting, hunting everything on four legs, and just plain fun shooting. 810 Lil'Gun 19.5 gr. Titegroup 6.0 gr. 805 like qualities. .44 Magnum brass is more widely available, cheaper (because it is discounted more due to higher sales volume), stronger, and lasts longer.

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