News: hitron 5g not working

Although I grant you that it's kind of crazy to have to make a phone call to set up a guest SSID - and one that lacks any WPA2 security at that.

‎08-16-2015 To try to resolve this issue, in January, I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Range Extender (Model EX700). Dual-band is advertised as 802.11a/b/g/n (or a/b/g/n/ac). Disable 2.4 channelThe result: SAME Problem - computers drops signal which connects to 5G, Real solution:1. And, I doubt that there has been any changes to it since it was developed or released. You can manually change that list priority by following the procedure as outlined in the following link:

It’s getting really annoying.

Check if the password for this network matches as your 2.4G network. Whether or not Easy Connect is supposed to install from, or just run from, the USB stick, it simply doesn't work on El Capitain. Have a look at the following link which is about changing the priority of networks that Windows wifi uses. team reach out to you, so we can assist with this. Look out for the message in your inbox! I go to 'Wireless' under 'Basic Settings' choose 2.4G or 5G, on the right hand side of the screen under 'Multiple SSID Settings' I only see the following submenus:'NetworkName', 'Enable', 'Broadcast SSID', and 'WWM(QOS). If that is the case, the instructions should be modified to indicate that the feature is available through tech support only.

Then I wanted to  configure a guest SSID and I had read that you could either call tech support or use the Cisco Easy Connect software on the USB stick included in the box. I finally called Shaw support a few weeks ago and they couldn't trouble shoot the problem. In short, the install is broken. I finally called Shaw support a few weeks ago and they couldn't trouble shoot the problem. Selecting any of those list networks and then checkmarking "Connect Automatically" will have the same effect as the wifi list control in windows 7, pushing that network to the top of the list.

This is a problem sometimes when the same name is used for both networks. 03:34 PM - last edited on Fwiw...... That setup stick has been around in its current form for a long time, my guess would be maybe five years or longer. I don't see secondary SSID or Multiple SSID to enable it. - edited Can't find what you're looking for? Typical of laptops, but not good. - edited I have been using a Shaw Hitron modem/router for a number of years. I'm Greg, an installation specialist, 10 year Windows MVP, and Volunteer Moderator here to help you.

The one is PammieTee and the other is PammieTee-5G.

I rebooted the Hitron router and the 5G network names would reappear for a few hours. However, the signal strength in the basement has never been very strong.

Most consumer-grade Windows laptops do not... Easy way to tell: if the specs say 802.11b/g/n, then that means 2.4GHz-only.

Thank you for letting us know. - edited My R7000 has stopped broadcasting the 5g network on all my 5g capable devices. 03:37 PM. Shortly after setting this up I noticed that my 5 GHz network band name (both my original 5G and 5G_EXT names) would drop from being visible in all Mac & PC devices. I can definitely assist you with secondary SSID setup. You can call tech support to set up guest accounts. When I try to create the connection from my Network Sharing centre (windows it says the network already exists. Only laptops, phones, tablets, Xbox on 5G. What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far? Is there any configuration I can change so I can use the 5G wireless connection which is 180 Mbs download?? Solved! With respect to "you're better off buying a router with external antenna" I think this is often sound advice - but my use case is straightforward enough that I'm happy to stick with the simpler "one box" solution. To make sure that the laptop is seeing the 5 Ghz network, you can load inSSIDer on your laptop. I tried 4 hours, did research here and googled, I still couldn't figure out how I can find the 5G signal for my two laptops.. The goal of the Rogers Community is to help you find answers on everything Rogers. If you have compatible PC, and get 5g WiFfi not showing up issue, then go to the next step and see if your WiFi Router has 5GHz support or not. Really? There is no logical reason for any ISP to hide the multiple guest account capability that resides in the modem and end up expending manpower having to set these up over the phone. Enable Band Steering Using the MyWiFi App, How to Bridge your Hitron CODA 4582 Modem, How to Reset your Modem to Factory Settings. 10:00 PM

Which exact model card do you have in the laptop? It chugs for a while, raises a dialog about needing to install Adobe Reader (despite it being installed) and then when you click OK it exits without being installed. - last edited on Just ask! I'm out of ideas and Google hasn't lead me to an answer. Yikes.. something definately is up.I would reboot the modem to start, may clear it up. According to rogers setup I should see the following: The following steps explain how to configure the wireless network on a Hitron CGN3ACR., ‎08-16-2015 Note the importance of the 'a' being there - 802.11a (like ac) is 5GHz-only... Yup, agree with VivienM, if the apple devices can operate on the 5 Ghz networks and the laptops can't see the 5 Ghz networks, thats not a good sign.

Using the network display will tell you, as soon as you look at it, whether or not the laptop is seeing your 5 Ghz network. The firmware is the latest version, my laptop has an N adapter, the 5Ghz band is not broadcasting and I even tried manually adding the network SSID. While it might make sense to update the program, I suspect that Rogers has its hands full these days.

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Thanks @Datalink, I have brought all your inquiries to the attention of the appropriate department.

Connect an Ethernet cable from the PC to the modem. @Gdkitty or @VivienM might know. ‎02-24-2015 RogersJermaine.

‎02-26-2015 Go to Solution.

Note: For those people , whose computer Does not support 5.4 GHz , they can enable 5.4 GHz on laptop / PC by buying external USB WiFi Adaptor. Assuming that the 5 Ghz network is received by the laptop now, you can change the network priorities so that the 5 Ghz network is the network of choice. Switch SHAW router to Bridge mode. 04:02 PM.

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No solution. ‎01-22-2016 by

I rebooted the Hitron router and the 5G network names would reappear for a few hours.

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