News: hedge fund thesis

1Q11 Earnings: 1Q11 numbers will be front-loaded with higher than anticipated NOI growth from 4Q10 acquisitions. Most funds target a 20% return—though very few are capable of actually achieving that return consistently. States were granted $135-140bn and currently have about $40bn to use for 2011 purposes. What’s your margin of safety? HCN is currently trading at 13.4x 2011 FFO and 12.3x 2012 FFO (on street numbers, 14.3x and 13.4x). End of February: HCN will release 4Q10 earnings and 2011 guidance. Where is the company trading relative to its peer group? If the entire market has seen multiple expansion, then is it fair that this company should too? Paint the picture of.

Real Hedge Fund Case Study – Long Pitch→, A core investment thesis and a clear pathway for the thesis to come to fruition, Your assessment of the consensus Wall Street opinion of the stock, Your variant perception, i.e., how your view differs from the Wall Street consensus, The key catalyst(s) required to make your investment thesis actualize, Expected returns from upside and downside scenarios, Highlighted acknowledgements of the risks, Comments (where applicable) on the management team. ESG Has Failed to Outperform for Years. The fund’s launch will be formally announced next week. At the heart of my thesis are the performance figures of hedge fund managers.

Definitions of hedge funds vary, and we have made every effort to apply a definition that in our opinion would be helpful to job hunters. First, if the market is already anticipating good news, it may be that the good news is already baked into the stock price. For example, a company may look expensive on a Price/Earnings basis but cheap on an EV/EBITDA basis. It is critical to understand the competitive positioning of a company as it related to the industry as whole. What are current trends in the industry?

One of the biggest mistakes in a hedge fund interview is to pitch a stock that every hedge fund has already heard of and evaluated. From there, you need to understand how much you make when you are right and how much you lose when you are wrong. General Crypto is a long-only, open-ended hedge fund investing in cryptographically secured assets. The larger the fixed costs, the larger the scale needs to be. These barriers can occur for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common include economies of scale, substantial investment requirements, technological innovation, favorable government regulation, and networking effects. For example. Core Thesis. The business model has been evolving—HCN is on a massive acquisition strategy, completing $3.2 billion of acquisitions in 2010. SBRA’s top two states by revenue, New Hampshire (18%) and Connecticut (15%), are currently facing FY11 state budget shortfalls of $0.3bn and $5.1bn per the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The Company invests in and provides financing to the long-term care industry. Atlas Impact Partners has launched one of the first impact investment-themed long-short hedge funds. Is the general public bullish or bearish?

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