News: giving snakes injections

Reptiles have vascular and renal anatomy that differs significantly from mammals, so they must receive intramuscular injections in the proper location to work properly.

Make sure to aim in between the scales, and insert the needle into the middle of the muscle. For any intramuscular injection, restrain the patient so that it cannot hurt itself or you while administering the injection. Give intramuscular injections in either pectoral muscle under the front legs,... Lizards:.

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Pull slightly back on the plunger to ensure that no blood comes into the hub of the needle. The muscles are softer tissue on either side of the spine. If you hit shell or bone, pull the needle out slightly. If there is no blood, depress the plunger until the full dose is given and withdraw the syringe and needle. Feel for the muscle in the proper locations (see below). Intramuscular means “in the muscle”. Did you know Arizona Exotics carries a complete line of products for your turtles and tortoises, geckos, iguanas and other reptiles? Sometimes reptiles require intramuscular injections as part of their treatment protocols. Chelonians (turtles and tortoises):. Insert the tip of the needle between scales to allow easier passage through the skin. Make sure to aim in between the scales, and insert the needle at a 45 degree angle into the middle of the muscle. Check out our reptile and amphibian supplies here. Give intramuscular injections in the triceps or biceps muscles of the front limbs, the area of the arm above... Snakes:. If you have questions or concerns about giving intramuscular injections to your pet reptile, do not hesitate to contact us for tips or a demonstration by one of our veterinary technicians.

Give the injection in the larger muscle areas of the cranial half (towards the head) of the snake’s body. Ensure that the syringe contains the appropriate volume of medication indicated on the prescription label, and that most air bubbles have been removed. Give intramuscular injections in the muscles on either side of the snake’s backbone (spine). Give intramuscular injections in either pectoral muscle under the front legs, aiming towards the opposite side between the bottom shell (plastron) and the shoulder.

Give intramuscular injections in the triceps or biceps muscles of the front limbs, the area of the arm above the elbow and below the shoulder. If possible, alternate between arms or location for each dose to reduce irritation from the injections. If it does, pull out and re-aim into another part of the muscle. 480-275-7017744 N. Center St. Ste 101Mesa AZ 85201, 623-243-520020040 N. 19th Ave. Ste CPhoenix AZ 85027, 520-305-00554951 E. Grant Road #103Tucson AZ 85712.

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