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The Hay House has also seen its fair share of odd circumstances, including ghosts of former employees of the mansion. It’s the time when we slow down, settle in after hard days of work, and go to bed. The crisp, cool fall air, the orange pumpkins, the free candy, and all the spooky fun you can handle! Among the reportedly haunted locations is the Wink Theater, where a construction worker is said to have died. Ghost stories? Happy Halloween, Everyone! Many visitors to Whaler’s Bay claim to see apparitions and orbs with others hearing disembodied voices. We all need to remember that death is a part of life, and so as we will all someday die, so do we need to realize that sometimes our lives intersect with that veiled after-realm and that it’s OK to accept the paranormal. It is important to know that the Victorians didn’t invent the ghost story. Jordan, our assistant director and historian, has written an awesome article about the Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas. Ghosts are generally see-through and misty white, whereas shadow people are dark in nature and have mass that you cannot see through. It was the beginning of winter, things in nature were dying off only to be reborn in the upcoming spring. The vardøger will show up and perform the action the living person is intending to do. This diamagnetic material forces the magnetic flux out of the gap into the magnetic tape medium more than air would. Who were the Victorians? Believe it or not, there is a scientific explanation for doppelgängers. More than 4,000 men perished at this fight, mostly on the Union side. “Does it count if I wish I had been? Quite often after I went to bed I would see a man-shaped shadow standing in the corner of my room. And our calls would trickle to nothing, and we, as a group, would cease to exist. Investigators with Josh Gates’s Destination Truth TV show reported slamming doors in the hut, jar lids falling off shelves, and light switches frantically flicking off and on. A read/write head consists of a core of magnetic material, shaped like a doughnut with a very narrow gap, which is filled with a diamagnetic material (like gold). Since we only study and explore apparitional experiences and other supernatural or paranormal claims, we prefer to call ourselves paranormal investigators or paranormal researchers. Everything was left behind and the factory is rusted through, the buildings are falling apart, whale bones lying all over the beach. Another ghost reported to haunt the hallways of the Windsor is Floyd Lowery, the longtime doorman that the in-house pub is named for. What an awesome name for an Antarctic Island, right? The Marshall House was used as a hospital in the Civil War and during Yellow Fever outbreaks, while The Kehoe House was a funeral home before becoming an inn. Five years later, I had reached almost 100 countries with my brand and was sitting on a board for a Fortune 50 company. The town of Covington is connected with vampires on screen, as the filming site of "The Vampire Diaries," but it also has spooky connections in real life, dating back to the founding in 1822. Historic Oakland Cemetery is where Atlanta's most notable individuals found their final resting place, including Margaret Mitchell, Maynard Jackson and Bobby Jones. If your library or group would like to have us speak at your event, please contact us at or email Heather at We smell the vanilla of the cookies, we see the uncomfortable body language of the couple who exchanged unkind words. Ghost hunting equipment and gear for paranormal investigators. Another ghost reported to haunt the hallways of the Windsor is Floyd Lowery, the longtime doorman that the in-house pub is named for.

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