News: funny 50th birthday poems for husband

I am happy to be part of your journey. Happy birthday!

Whereas no other, handsome or smart, could win me in any way. On your birthday, I want to cherish Memories we’ve created till now, As much as I plan to nourish Our glorious dream to fulfill each vow. I love you, and happy birthday. Birthday Images For Best Friend TEXT_10. I want to use this opportunity to tell you how awesome you have been in our marriage.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I pray to God for keeping it alive, For you are the reason I took a dive. Check out our collection of poem for 50th birthday woman below.

Last year we held a contest to find the best funny 50th birthday poem, here's a selection of the entries... by Derek Ward What better way to celebrate your birthday than with poems about being 50. #2: The Stars twinkle, Happy birthday, and many more; Who knows what our lives have in store; Happiness and lots of fun, Because my darling, you’re the one! It will definitely be you,

The love in your eyes and wisdom in your hair, Is what appeals to me in our little lair.

You can print out your poem on decorative paper and present it as a scroll, in a birthday card, or nicely framed for a keepsake. Have a blessed and wonderful birthday! All together for your upcoming bd’s So you may pray or your wife too. Hope the next 50 years are grandBefore the good Lord takes you by the handand leads you to the promised land! Love is a beautiful feeling, for it is you, giving it. You are more precious than a diamond, and you make my life worthwhile. Some people get upset. A truly awesome husband like you is hard to find, Whenever I try to unwind, I feel so lucky to have you in my life, Oh my hubby, Without you I truly won’t survive, Wish you a very happy birthday!

As for friends who’ve called today to wish me happy birthday-- it would be rude to disagree. (Florida).

Funny 50th Birthday Poems TEXT_1.

Start celebration by leaving a lovely birthday card with a heartwarming poem in it next to a bed.

Happy birthday, hill-climber. Your heart is as strong as steel, I know, But I wish you more strength to turn it as powerful as titanium. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Birthdays suck, If they’re not for you. My Birthday Is In Spanish TEXT_5. LOL! My life has had so much gain,

Privacy Policy. Happy birthday, sweetheart. TEXT_4. Sweet and tender, funny, too.

I wish happy birthday for the Most perfect man I know, It is you, dear husband, Whose name on my heart With love always glow, You have become my part, Which is inseparable by any surgery.

#1: If I have to go at this again,

Hey, birthday love, I think of you On days both dark and sunny. My heart in never reeling, for it is you, holding it. #8: Today is your birthday and we have to go shopping.

When I spot him in the mirror, I blabber out-- that’s me!

I love you.

My handsome man, On your special day today, Many things I want to say, To start with you have a special role in my life, And, I feel so blessed to be your wife, Happy birthday to you! Since you were a gleam in your daddy's eye. #4: I know you are very glad you married me. My hubby, on this special day of yours, I just want you to feel good, Our love will grow forever with time, And, I am really lucky to call you mine, I love you a lot Happy birthday to you! You were my prince, and now the king, and forever will be!

(St. Augustine, FL USA).

Just think about the person you're celebrating and try to choose or write a poem that really fits his or her character. Happy birthday, my man. Your birthday is a yet another time for me to wish, That we together make quite a dish.

Happy Birthday to you, my beloved, May your life always shine, be happy and pleasant. I’ve approved you as the perfect specimen: After all, my husband loves me 24/7! May all your desires come true. All Rights Reserved. I’ll shop for you with my money. F is also for the fun you bring into everyone's lives.

Thanks for being there for us To console us through our tears, And share the many happy times That we've enjoyed over the years.

Hope you have the kind of day that’s filled with favorite things .. As well as all the happiness a special Birthday brings. Still, my heart does the flip-flops, whenever I look at you, and I will love you for an eternity, just like you love me too.

Your hope is as bright as a shooting star, I know, But I wish you more brilliance to turn it as bright as the morning sun. Make a grand wish today I’ll try to fulfill it in every way Think of something crazy you want to do And I will make it happen for you Imagine the wildest thing possible I’ll do my best to make it achievable Since it’s your birthday honey I’ll do anything that makes you happy!

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