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Foe Cafe; Cafe Counter; ... You get 2nd RQ slot after getting to the end of LMA story quest as far as i know. But getting enough supplies for ‘Unbirthday Party’, ‘The Spink’ and the ‘Produce…’ quests can be an issue. Quests are objectives players complete by producing certain goods, achieving certain conditions, perform certain tasks, etc. The Spink: Below LMA I rarely use this quest as there’s only 1 advisor giving RQs and more “Produce…” quests (discussed in the next section) can be completed. When starting RQs – especially in lower ages – it’s not easy to thrive, especially with much-needed goods rewards. The tricky part is as soon as you get "The Damsel" you get the second slot. “I'm not dumb. This article will show you how you can try recurring quests, and will show how you can use recurring quests to eliminate the need for goods buildings. Other than that, there is a second recurring quest for the rest of the game, assuming you skip the quests that require you to unlock certain technologies. Some of these are available in most ages, others are specific to your current age. Completing them gives one random reward.Diamonds can be earned through recurring quests, but only once for each quest. Then, there's a second set of bonus quests in the Industrial Era. So you didn't get forced into Colonial? Welche Quests du erhältst richtet sich grundsätzlich nach deinem Fortschritt in der Forschung und auf der Karte der Kontinente. Now it can move and nearly reach any artillery units the enemy has. In the main quest line I'm stuck on a quest which requires researching a cultural tech. Story, Side, Recurring quests side panels. So you have to rely on GE and Battleground or event rewards to finish the RQ. To unlock recurring quests, the player must complete or skip all available side quests that are in queue. Therefore, you cannot get the alternate request of a library and academy.

This time, where you now deploy 3 Mercenaries and 5 Rogues.

Then, there's a second set of bonus quests in the Industrial Era. Dieser Quest erscheint, wenn der vorhergehende angenommen wird. ), AF Hovertanks & Surrogate Soldiers, Stealth Tanks and others. CE is the best - you can get OF Sub Cruisers & Crab Mechs (4 ages up! Story quests can not be aborted. There is no such thing as 'second slot for recurring quests', sadly. Bonus-Quests: An bestimmten Punkten des Spielverlaufs erhältst du Bonusquests, die ebenfalls erledigt werden müssen. These can be cycled through and they keep going in a loop until an in-game action unlocks more side quests. 35 alternativ: Myciena of Maidenport: Mit allen militärischen Ehren: Vier Dekorationen deines Zeitalters errichten / 20 000 Münzen bezahlen: 2 Raketenartillerie, 150 Medaillen: Dieser Quest erscheint, wenn der vorhergehende nicht angenommen wird. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thus, the player can have two side quests concurrently. Recurring Quests require the player to collect some resources, gain units, or do other tasks to gain rewards. Recurring Quests require the player to collect some resources, gain units, or do other tasks to gain rewards. To get to RQs you must either abort or complete all the side quests for your age. Deshalb erhältst du, wenn du eine bestimmte Quest ablehnst, meist eine neue, die die vorangegangene ersetzt.

Then you can have 2 advisors offering RQs, which comes in handy. ― Bill Watterson Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, So, while u/marethyu316 is correct, complete the bonus quests, the context is you have to get to the end of the LMA story quests at "The Damsel".

This one’s easy to complete but can only be completed a limited number of times in a given age. But there are either a low number and a high number awarded – you will get awarded the lowest amount most of the time and get the highest amount of coins or supplies less often. Fill one with FPs at your leisure (remembering to complete “R’leyh” too). Players can complete those until the event ends. By pausing at The Damsel you immediately get the 2nd slot. Here's a blog post about how to avoid triggering the LMA bonus quest line to get 2 RQ slots in LMA: You get used to it after a while, but at first you have to be vigilant! Those quests contain a lot of tasks that require advancing on the campaign map. Das Erfüllen dieser Questfolgen wird am Ende mit wertvollen Ressourcen belohnt. You must log in or register to reply here. If the quest is to have 4 of a specific military unit, the quest will not show up anymore if the player has more than 2 of any of the requested units. Immediately fill and complete the 2nd research to get rewarded.

And I’ll show you how to do what I call “heavy questing” (although that term has a different definition on another blog). Daily Challenges provide players with a new quest every day. In CA you can get Jaeger Infantry. Once you collect the reward for completing The Fair Maiden Quest, the Lady Myciena Bonus Quest line will trigger. There are sometimes event quests that when completing entire chain provide a special item. I’m 90% sure CF does not affect military units. To unlock recurring quests, the player must complete or skip all available side quests that are in queue. Happy questing and if you have any questions you can reply below and I’ll answer.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. To trigger the Lady Myciena bonus quest, you have to complete the entire LMA Story Quest line. Story quests provide an overarching plot for an entire era. LMA CA IA PE Coins.

According to the wiki, the Swords and Sorcery quest can only give you the alternate way of completing the quest IF you haven't reached Colonial Age. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If your quest-support buildings (Chateau, StM, LoA, and in my case RAH) are leveled all the way up to 10, you'll be able to do so many RQs per day, it's worth it.

Like story quests, they cannot be aborted. Event quests are temporary tasks available with each event. Zum Beispiel wird dich der Architekt Fernikus bitten Gebäude zu errichten, dein Wissenschaftler Mandrubar hingegen wird auf weitere Forschungen drängen, während Rinbin oft zu Scherzen aufgelegt ist und du dir deshalb genauer überlegen solltest, ob sich das Erledigen seiner Aufgaben lohnt. My advice is that you should try to complete as many RQs as you can but there are many that might be impractical for you to complete. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 27. I’ll list the RQs available in all ages shown in the wiki article, and my impression of that quest. Es gibt unterschiedliche Kategorien von Quests. Artillery Unit (4/3/13/6) Ballista: Gain +1 range.This makes is a viable unit. I like to combine this RQ with “R’leyh” to get more rewards. Das kann zum Beispiel sein, ob du eine Provinz friedlich oder durch Kampf erobert hast oder ob du eine bestimmte Forschung bereits abgeschlossen hast. They are unlocked upon scouting one of the bonus provinces of each of these eras. I just had to conquer the whole bonusmap and solve a bunch of quests! You have 2 or 3 advisors offering Bonus, Story or Side quests, and it’s the advisor giving you side quests that we’ll be concerned with. Each era has its own set of recurring quests that can be unlocked. mechs, Have 20k people available (Prereq : Have < 10k people), Finish a 1h production 5 times (Produce Foxes in Holographic Research Lab), Win 20 battles without losing and gather 800 goods, Finish a 1h production 6 times (Produce Service Modules in Rocket Testing Site), Win 20 battles without losing and gather 1,000 goods, Win 20 battles or solve a very complex negotiation AND pay 150 SAAB goods or 200 SAM goods, Recruit 5 units of your current age or pay 350 SAAB goods, Defeat a very large army or solve a complex negotiation AND finish a 4 hour production 8 times, Defeat 40 units or solve a complex negotiation, Defeat a large army or finish a 5 minute production 15 times AND gather 500 goods, Exchange 4 items in the Antiques Dealer or collect 4 incidents, Gain 30,000 population or pay 250 SAAB goods, Motivate or polish 30 buildings of other players or spend 400 tavern silver. The bonus quests for HMA or LMA are not abortable, and there is some quest unpasable due to the tech required to complete it. Unfortunately, no. Hi guys, is there any way I can unlock the second recurring quests slot? They keep going in a loop until an in-game action unlocks more side quests. Notice that the side quests have an abort button and a complete button. Whether you just want to see what all the fuss is about or want to stop using costly goods buildings or you want to take it further to become really successful with RQs (Recurring Quests) then you have to give it a try.

To unlock recurring quests, the player must complete or skip all available side quests that are in queue. Those can be aborted and therefore cycled through if the player chooses. The difference here is that Mercenaries can move farther across the battlefield than Rogues and they get a defence bonus … Set the advisor on “R’leyh” when possible, while spending FPs on the first research. If anyone knows any way to trigger a side quest to give units using the LMA, LMA-Bonus, or Colonial Age Provences, I'd really like to know!

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