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Got my white denim jacket

Say what you mean babe Ooh Coming up the coast Old man river what you doin that for, you know it aint gonna help Old man river got his hands in the mud, looking for gold in the wishing well. Shoobie doobie doowah, shoobie doobie doowah You know I’ve seen other cities but I like this one most C’mon and tell it to me And my bolo tie And I’m no John Henry I do my bestWith this guitar strapped to my back child, I’m headed west. Walk on down to the store for a fresh pack of smokes I hear them laughing, snickering, telling their jokesI couldn’t care less about whatever it is you sayDon’t need to whisper when you talk cause I can hear you from a mile away. “No Sleep” is the story of sleepless artists peddling around the country while trying to balance leaving loved ones behind, and enjoying the moment. City keeps telling me that I been lookin shitty Hitting too much coke and whiskey I guess I’ll drink myself to death. And my best guess, is too far offAnd in my chest, the rhythms’ gone And all of the rest, falls to the side, I sit alone in an empty houseWriting notes while im thinking boutThe few folks, I didn’t let down. [Guitar Interlude] Oh, I hear a motor car I wanna love her all day Don’t I know it Late last night What do you say we pack the car and get behind the wheelAll we have to do is drive and let the feeling steerCan I hold you, can I hold you to that.

Or we can push fast forward on it She’s like vanilla ice cream, baby

For the rest of my life Now you stand in place and watch those planes roll by on the tarmacI’ll lie to your face and tell you I’ll be right back, and disappear. These days ain’t so easy mama gotta watch your backI take my whiskey straight chewin’ on pieces from my past. Oh, I saw a shooting star [Verse 3] These days I’m a mountain man with no one to forgiveEating soul food out of tin cans is one way you can liveI’ll let you get real close and then, give you the slipI’m just a little twig floatin down the big ole riv I’m just a little twig floatin down the big ole riv. In the night while my body slept in my bedmy mind was running through the woods insteadOne hundred miles an hour in the fast lane One hundred miles an hour in my head. What do you say we pack our things and get our of hereI’ve been saving all my life just to disappearCan I hold you, can I hold you to that. [Guitar Interlude]

We could see the world, We could see the worldWe could see the world, We could see the world.See the world. I wanna love her all day

And I’m no John Henry I do my bestWith this guitar strapped to my back child I’m headed west. I been up for a week Ooh Older than I was yesterdayMy shoulders learned to carry all this weight and moreTomorrow, wont you come my way. And it gets hard sometimes I’m going to San Francisco, I'm going to San Francisco today I’m going to San Francisco, I’m going to San Francisco to stay. There’s’ a man underground, says he’s selling hopeI tried to dig on down, and all I found was a holeIt feels like this when you cant get where you gotta goGo on spin those wheels Sonny, we know your backs’ broke. My heart does beat like a Cherokee drum and in the morning when that sun does comeOne hundred miles an hour in the fast lane One hundred miles an hour till I'm done. You can’t go on living life hiding behind fearAll the thoughts in my fucked up head are finally coming clearCan I hold you, can I hold you to that. I can’t get no sleep [Verse 2] It smells like smoke in here, and the piano doesn’t play it never did.There’s this feeling I get, when you’re in the room I want you to stay. No Sleep Lyrics: Oh, I saw a shooting star / Late last night / Yeah, she was pointing at the west coast / Beamin’ like a street light / Got my white denim jacket / And my bolo tie / Snuck past mom I lose my cool See the curve in that river's bendI look at you and I see my friend One hundred miles an hour in the fast lane One hundred miles an hour till the end. I been up for a week I lose my cool Shoobie doobie doowah, yeah. Come alive in the moonlight mama when that sun goes down. Late last night Way back singin Mrs. Robinson on train tracksDrinkin out of bottles with the stray catsI had a grip it slipped away.

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