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While Scott’s has handled many breeds over the years, we typically specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Yet, they are social, family friendly dogs especially towards children, crate trained, and very easy to maintain.

, business owners and private individuals have come to trust us to place the right dog in your home or business. He is a great family/protection dog, Female 2 years old with IPO1. There is a distinct difference in the training as well as the personality of dogs destined to be a family protection dog. Personal Protection & Elite Family Guard Dogs For Sale Scott’s K9 Protection Dogs trains and sells top-tiered family protection dogs. They can even protect your vehicle. This is because a dog can be an excellent personal protection from attack or predators. All protection dogs are trained to work around both adults and children from as early as five weeks (puppies). • 6-month Full Warranty. She is well trained in obedience and she has level 2 protection training that makes her a super family / protection dog, Female german shepherd with a great temperament; great with children and ohter animals. A home protection Dog protects you and your family in the event of a break and enter on your private residence.

With our elite selection on protection dogs for sale, you’re guaranteed to find the right family protection dog to fit your needs. Whether you have company over or are out running on the beautiful beaches of California your protection dog is prepared for any situation. Children can also feel safe and protected with a dog from CC Protection Dogs. Name Street Address Address Line 2 City and State / Province / Region Email Phone MobileHomeOffice Phone (secondary) MobileHomeOffice They are the preferred choice for many CEOs who have to make frequent trips and leave their wife and children at home. He has been raised with two children and three other dogs.

All Rights Reserved. He has a BH Schutzhund title, Beautiful black & red. He has obedience training and protection training. Faro is a medium size bi-color with INTENSE protection skills. Female 3 years old with Schh1 KKL1 excellent dog for Family/protection, and breeding. We have additional dogs that are not listed here. She is a excellent dog for personal/protection and breeding and also a great family dog. References available upon request. The Family Protection Dog will also do a building/home search, can bite on elevation, and can handle multiple attacks. They are highly socialized and make excellent companions so you never have to feel threatened in their presence. Please click on our K9 Security Services link for further details. If you or your family are looking to purchase a protection dog with different characteristics than you see on our page, please contact us. Commercial Division – This department is exclusively for K9 security contracts. We are more than willing to offer the new owner(s) of our dogs the opportunity to take advantage of our experience as well as expertise of our K9 Support Program either by way of consultation or real live training depending on your needs and situation. Male 2 years old with IPO1 is a super dog for Family/protection excellent with children and other animals. He is a excellent dog for Family/protection. OFFICE 323-423-8087 Protection Dogs for SALE !! A select breed of dogs known for their exceptional protection qualities are available including German Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois dogs.

As a former Fire Fighter specializing in Search and Rescue, my 35 years of K9 expertise are as follows: The dog breeds we work with at BlackTracks K9 are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. Our Home Protection Dogs are fully trained and fully prepared to terminate any threat to your family’s personal protection and residential dwelling. PROTECTION DOGS FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA Protect Your California Family With a Trained Protection Dog In an era of security alarms and monitoring California home owners may think they are protected from danger thanks to electronic devices. Family Protection Dogs for Sale Family Protection dog trained in personal and property protection easily overcomes the Limitations of any inorganic alarm and surveillance setup. The Prestige Dog Delivery We pride ourselves in the overall experience of protection dogs. • Certified Veterinary Health Record German Dog Training Center © 2018 She is a super female for breeding or Family/Protection. From hand selecting and training the dog to handing them off to their new homes after the sale. As a Police K9 handler we have trained and certified dogs for the US military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue teams and most importantly families seeking a. . Our fully trained and kid safe Family Protection Dogs learn how to behave in every situation—indoors, outdoors, the car, a private jet, the supermarket, and the corner coffee shop.

Our speciality is providing clients with bespoke personal training services which exactly meet their, and their dogs’ needs. The Command Control Personal Protection Dog is a well-mannered, sociable dog that is good with children and animals. Not only can a canine intelligently and actively protect you and your property, he can also travel with you wherever you go, constantly offering reliable and trustworthy protection. We tailor each dog for each client. BH Schutzhud title, great family/protection dog, IPO 3 – Great dog for Schutzhund sport, breeding and he is also a great family/protection dog, Exellent Family/protection/companion. BH Schutzhund title, super temperament, super with children and other and animals super family/protection dog. Certified Explosives Detection K9 Handler, Certified Fish & Wildlife Detection K9 Handler. She is a great dog for Family/protection, German Import – 4 years old with IPO 1  KKL1. Whatever your lifestyle, we have a dog that would easily integrate into your home front. German Import – He has had obedience and protection training and is a super Family/protection dog, She is a German Import  and a super Famliy/protection dog, excellent female for breeding, too, German Import – she has a BH Schutzhund title and is great for Family/protection, German Import  with IPO3  super female for Schutzhund, Breeding and Family/protection. Ensuring their safety and security can be brought to new Levels of confidence with the addition of a security dog that has unmatched skills in obedience, vigilance and dedication to your family’s protection. Stats             Website Support By Search Control.

Super Female for breeding and Family/Protection. We are trainers and suppliers of bespoke Family, Business, and Personal Protection dogs. The German Dog Training Center offers trained Family Protection Dogs for sale that have set the bar in outstanding and reliable Family Protection for over 33 years.

The dogs learn through real-life scenarios how to identify danger and protect those that care for them. Each dog is rated based on the level of protection required and what kind of working environment they will be in.

• Elite Family Friendly German Shepherds Excellent Family/protection dog super with children.

Our Home Protection Dogs are fully trained and fully prepared to terminate any threat to your family’s personal protection and residential dwelling. She is a great Family/protection dog. Protection from a highly trained dog can offer more security than any device can. He is a super dog for Family/protection. These dogs are highly trained in defense measures to protect you and your family. References available upon request.

JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. She is a super Female for Family/protection and breeding. This female has a super temperament and, is great with children and other animals. They can even protect your vehicle. She is the perfect Family / companion / protection dog. Copyright © 2021 Command Control Protection Dogs.

All the dogs trained at CCPD  have been trained for social situations. CCPD has been matching protection dogs with families in California for many years and they work with each client to identify what the security needs are and what dog will work best in each situation. He is a super Family/protection dog, great with children and other animals.

Male 3 years old with IPO3 title excellent dog for Family/protection, great with children. It goes without saying that the one thing more precious than anything else in the world is your family. Male 3 years old he has great temperament excellent with children and other animals.             A home protection Dog protects you and your family in the event of a break and enter on your private residence. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. We take great pride in our Dogs and are proud to stand by them.

There is a distinct difference in the training as well as the personality of dogs destined to be a family protection dog. Female 2 years old with Schh1 KKL1. BlackTracks K9 is a Canadian based canine facility that is family owned and operated and run by Professional K9 Handlers. Female 2 years old with IPO 1 title. Custom Trained Family Protection Dogs – We have enjoyed placing many solid canine companions into the homes of families and individuals ranging from high profile business executives to busy household with children.

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