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All you can do is call and ask. To find a source of good quality Livebearer stock join the American Livebearer Association. Endler’s livebearers can live in just about any tank size that can support fish. They naturally propagate themselves, meaning you can fully stock multiple aquariums from just a few plants.

i am planing to breed endler's live-bearers but i get my fish from petsmart or petco there are no fish breeders near where i live... or if you have any other suggestions on what i should breed please tell me. Live coverage of 2020 presidential election. Good options for this include: Some of these (brine shrimp, grindle worms, copepods) are easy to buy live and culture yourself. Endler’s livebearers are omnivorous fish, meaning they’ll eat almost anything that you’re willing to feed them.

select Kurgo products. ), they will often trade/sell fish cheaply. =] For PH, any value between 5.5 to 8.0 will work for endlers, but higher PHs are generally better. Terms and conditions of this offer are subject You will, of course, need to make sure food is available that the fry can eat. Same-day delivery is available Do a Google search of live bearers and read up on some.

apply. Your best bet may be to join a local aquarium club (hard to find - no one may know if one exists - but worth the effort! With pellets, you can buy special micro-pellets that will be small enough to fit in their mouths. They’re colorful (if small), very active, easy to take care of, and (best of all) will populate your aquarium from just a few fish. Instead, buy from a responsible local breeder, if you can find one. Maximum discount of 10% on orders of $79 or more of select Endlers like quite hard water, with a dKH of at least 10 being best for them. If you don’t have a test kit, you can start off with a 30% water change every other week. So much so, that you don’t need any special expertise or techniques to breed them successfully. Order by 10am to receive delivery between 12pm-3pm and by 12pm to receive delivery between 3pm – If you want something interesting check out hump back limia or ameca splendid. shop our large selection of aquariums Fish are available in stores only.

I am sorry but bubbles is right I was just at PetSmart looking for gouramis and was looking closely at the guppy type fish for breeding frog food. At least, not the ones that I've been to. an available delivery window. To feed frozen food to your endlers, follow these steps. Endlers are a colorful fish that are extremely active in the aquarium. Omnivorous – Powdered flakes, micro pellets, blood worms, grindal worms, tubifex, etc. limited. They are readily available, and usually they’re reasonably priced. Possibly, but to be brutally honest, I wouldn't trust the staff at Petsmart or Petco to know the difference between Endler's and common guppies, so I'd try to get them from a dedicated breeder or a very reliable fish dealer. With Treats membership. Offer may not be combined with other promotional offers or discounts. gift cards, gift certificates, previous purchases, charitable donations, live pets, select fresh/frozen food and

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