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Create your website today. auto 250 if [$mppc < 80] useoncreature 7642 self, auto 250 isattacking say 'exori gran san', auto 500 if [$monstersaround.4 >= 1] if [$mppc > 10] ifnoplayeronscreen say 'Exevo mas san' | if [$monstersaround.1 >= 1] if [$mppc > 10] ifplayeronscreen say 'Exori Gran con'. Proximity: Attacks the closest creature standing to your character first. Note: Due to some bug in Elfbot, having both of these options enabled at the same time, will make you ignore Monsters that are standing diagonal to you, if you cannot walk on any other of the places beside it, as for example in trainers. Continue this step, until you did it all over the spot/cave, you want your character to go. Note: In order to start a programm as Administrator, simply right click on it and the option should be shown. Target must be reachable: Ignore creatures, that you cannot walk to. Not good enough for you? Now after few years of being inactive the original site is back to provide you the best bot for tibia again! Health: Attacks the Creature with the lowest HP first. In order to add Scripts to Elfbot, you will have to press on Hotkeys at the main menu On the right theres another few settings. and it should open Tibia and Elfbot

First you have to go to and download Elfbot and the Crack. Note: On default, Elfbot should be installed at something like this: Press on New Monster and complete the following steps: To set points simply go to the item and click one of the buttons, which are described below. X X-Logs your character. You can also enable Open next bp.  Elfbot NG - the ultimate bot for Tibia!

Press on the first small folder to the right, and navigate it to your tibia.exe Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. All you need in just one simple bot, healing, cavebot, dash, war tools of each type, ability to use advanced scripts. On the second one, simply type e. By doing that, it will loot the item in any open Backpack of yours. Edit Friends on the main menu on "Lists". However, this only works if you have only one backpack inside the same backpack at once. Stick: Will always keep the same target, as long as its still on screen. This will make your bot do certain things deepending the situation: Note: If you are using the Masiyah client, you will have to rename the file In order to make it run away further or closer from a creature, you can change Range Distance on the bottom left.

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Emplacement. auto 200 if [$itemcount.6530 == 1] say '!soft', auto 5000 listas 'Stamina Refill' | if '[$stamina <=60*40]' useitem '10339' self | break, auto 200 | listas 'platinum coin- Crystalcoins' | stackitems | if [ $itemcount.3035 >= 100 ] equipbelt 3035 | if [$ == 3035 && $beltslot.count == 100] useitem 3035, auto 200 | listas 'Crystalcoins - Gold Nugget' | stackitems | if [ $itemcount.3043 >= 100 ] equipbelt 3043 | if [$ == 3043 && $beltslot.count == 100] useitem 3043, auto 250 say utana vid | say exevo gran mas frigo, auto 90000 listas ‘Buy Mana’ | npcsay ‘Hi’ | wait 1000 | npcsay ‘Trade’ | wait 1000 | buyitems 238 100, auto 100 dontlist | if [$hppc <= 95 && $hppc >= 75] say exura gran | if [$hppc < 75] say exura vita, auto 250 if [$mppc < 90] useoncreature 238 self. After adding them, simply press on Save\Restart and close the window again. Post Jul 17, 2014 #1 2014-07-17T09:32. If you want to attack all creatures, simply type Others as Monstername. Then head to the next spot, and press walk again.

Page has been viewed 4836418 times. In order to make the bot Loot Creatures, you will have to first press on Targeting at the main menu in order for the Crack to find the client. Installing Elfbot, After that, open the file "" Note: if the download is getting deleted, you will have to disable your anti virus Now after few years of being inactive the original site is back to provide you the best bot for tibia again! A new window will open: Elfbot NG - CaveBot - Hotkeys - Scripts - HUD - Aimbot - Targeting - Knight - Druid - Sorcerer - Paladin.

After that, press on the second small folder to the rightagain and link it to your installed Elfbot folder from before. synchronise with your team through navi and that's not even the half of what Elfbot got to offer! Warning: We are not the owners of these programs, download and use at own risk. 110. On the right side, you can find Looting Joshuadaman. auto 250 sio 80 friend 〘EQUIP ENERGY RING IF 65% HP - IF 80% HP UNEQUIP : auto 1 if [$hppc <= 65] equipring 3051 | if [$hppc >= 80] unequip 'ring' 'empty' 〘AUTO ITEM COLLECTOR : A huge list of ready-made Cavebot scripts can be found here. Target must be shootable: Ignore creatures, that you cannot hit. It should look similar to this now: Notes: All you need in just one simple bot, healing, cavebot, dash, war tools of each type, ability to use advanced scripts, A new window will open: auto 100 dontlist | if [$hppc <= 70 && $level >= 130] useoncreature 7642 self, Strong Manas: If you want to adjust the settings further, there will be a few things you can do coming up now. This way elfbot will always open a backpack inside your backpack. Welcome to ElfbotscriptS!Since the Elfbot forum went down and many scripts and stuff with it, I will post almost every script there was on the elfbot forum right here!Also, if you want some scripts made, just contact us and we will make the scripts completely  for free!

Movement, If you want your Character to follow the creature, you will have to change Desired stance.

If you want to add another item, simply do the same steps again On the third one you should type the Name of the item so you can keep track, which items you already added. Joshuadaman. website builder. Inside the zip, you will find an executable programm, calle… Downloading First you have to go to and download Elfbot and the Crack. auto 100 dontlist | if [$hppc <= 50 && $level >= 130] useoncreature 7643 self | if [$hppc <= 50 && $level >= 80 && $level < 130] useoncreature 239 self | if [$hppc <= 50 && $level >= 50 && $level < 80] useoncreature 236 self |, auto 250 if [$mppc < 60] useoncreature 268 self, auto 500 if [$monstersaround.1 >= 1] if [$mppc > 10] ifnoplayeronscreen say 'Exori Gran' | if [$monstersaround.1 >= 1] if [$mppc > 10] ifplayeronscreen say 'Exori Gran Ico', auto 90000 listas ‘Buy Mana’ | npcsay ‘Hi’ | wait 1000 | npcsay ‘Trade’ | wait 1000 | buyitems 237 100, auto 100 dontlist | if [$hppc <= 90] say exura san 110. Cracking, Now you can open the other file, that has been downloaded earlier: "" and unpack it, for example to your desktop. Layout by Open Tibia Community - OTC -.

Open it, and it will ask you to choose your language. Press on New Entry and after that you can fill out the 3 Empty boxes on the bottom Load time: 0.0035 seconds, queries: 0 ElfBot Cavebot. P Pauses/disables the Cavebot function

auto 250 if [$mppc < 80] useoncreature 237 self

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