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The city is divided in to 69 wards, which elect either one or two councillors to be members of the City Council.

Check out the latest advice, service disruptions, information and support about Coronavirus (COVID-19). by starting in 1955 and going forward, or All available at four geographic levels of detail: current seats,

You can also view the electoral boundaries on OneMap (by turning on the Hybrid Map function), and check the number of electors in each electoral division by moving the cursor over an electoral division in the map below.

Hendy. Ward map.

The Councillors for St Michaels Ward are Councillor John Coyne (Green Party), Councillor Sarah Jennings (Green Party) and Councillor Sharon Green (Independent). The Councillors for Belle Vale Ward are Councillor Claire Glare (Labour Party), Councillor Janet Kent (Labour Party) and Councillor Pauline Walton (Labour Party).

The Councillors for Woolton Ward are Councillor Mark Norris (Labour Party), Councillor Barbara Mace (Liberal Democrat) and Councillor Malcolm Kelly (Liberal Democrat). Town Hall Read the latest advice.

The map is fully browsable, and clicking on a new seat will give full details If you want to remember a specific page forever click the pin in the top right corner and we will be sure not to replace it. or just enter your postcode: An interactive map of the proposed new seat boundaries. A unique Electoral Calculus The city is divided in to 69 wards, which elect either one or two councillors to be members of the City Council.. Each new ward has been asked to develop its own Ward Plan and Priorities 2018-22.

The Councillors for Allerton and Hunts Cross Ward are Councillor Dan Hughes (Labour Party), Councillor Ian Jobling (Labour Party) and Rachael O'Byrne (Labour Party).

The maps can cycle easily at your command to show the previous election result,

predictions, showing changes against the last election result.

London has moved to Covid-19 level ‘High' with an increase in restrictions for residents.

Check out the latest advice, service disruptions, information and support about Coronavirus (COVID-19), Each new ward has been asked to develop its own Ward Plan and Priorities 2018-22, Important changes to the way that secure emails are sent. The Councillors for Speke-Garston Ward are Councillor Colin Strickland (Labour Party), Councillor Doreen Knight (Labour Party) and Councillor Mary Rasmussen (Labour Party).

The Councillors for Clubmoor Ward are Councillor Irene Rainey (Labour Party), Councillor James Noakes (Labour Party) and Councillor Roz Gladden (Labour Party).

Information for residents about Liverpool City Council services including council tax, bins and recycling, schools, leisure, streets and parking. The Councillors for Princes Park Ward are Councillor Alan Dean (Labour Party), Councillor Anna Rothery (Labour Party) and Councillor Timothy Moore (Labour Party).

Clicking on a seat shows the predicted winner, using current opinion polls, jump to 2019 and come back.

The Councillors for Anfield Ward are Councillor Adele Dowling (Labour Party), Councillor Brian Dowling (Labour Party) and Councillor Ian Francis (Labour Party).

Elli. The Councillors for Kirkdale Ward are Councillor Beatrice Fraenkel (Labour Party), Councillor Joe Hanson (Labour Party) and Councillor Malcolm Kennedy (Labour Party). In addition, the Commission’s consultation portal allows visitors to interact with online maps of the current electoral wards, draw their own boundaries and feed views into the consultation process directly. The Councillors for Greenbank Ward are Councillor Elaine Allen (Liberal Democrat), Councillor James Alexander Roberts (Labour Party) and Councillor Laura Robertson-Collins (Labour Party). See each seat in glorious detail with Open Street Map Below are pdf maps of various election districts that can be downloaded and printed.

of the new seat and its politics.

With Congressional Districts with Street Names. The Councillors for Mossley Hill Ward are Councillor Emily Spurrell (Labour Party), Councillor Patrick Hurley (Labour Party) and Councillor Tina Gould (Liberal Democrat).

Satellite Election Offices and Drop Boxes, Congressional Districts with Street Names. Then click on the ward name to see who your councillors are. Glyn. Maps and details of Barrow's Electoral Boundaries for Local and General Elections.

A popular classic map, this static Area Map shows map shows all the new seats, overlaid on Open Street Map. The gazettes on electoral boundaries can be found here. Borough of Barrow-In-Furness

Birmingham is divided into ten parliamentary constituencies, each of which elects one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons. The Councillors for Cressington Ward are Councillor Bill Jones (Labour Party), Councillor Mary Aspinall (Labour Party) and Councillor Richard Oglethorpe (Liberal Democrat). Election Maps, designed to help the understanding of the electoral geography of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

There are thirteen Electoral Wards in Barrow used for Borough Council Elections. The Councillors for Picton Ward are Councillor Abdul Qadir (Labour Party), Councillor Nathalie Nicholas (Labour Party) and Councillor Tim Beaumont (Labour Party). Navigation. Bynea.

Downloadable maps for State, Region and local council boundaries in Victoria.

For maps of State Senate and State Representative districts for the 2014 election, see The Councillors for Old Swan Ward are Councillor Gary Millar (Labour Party), Councillor Joanne Calvert (Labour Party) and Councillor Peter Brennan (Labour Party). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. The Councillors for Everton Ward are Councillor Frank Prendergast (Labour Party), Councillor Jane Corbett (Labour Party) and Councillor John McIntosh (Labour Party). An interactive timeline map of all general elections since 1955, showing

The Councillors for Fazakerley Ward are Councillor Dave Hanratty (Labour Party), Councillor Louise Ashton-Armstrong (Labour Party) and Councillor Peter Clarke (Labour Party).

View Leeds ward boundaries external link. Electoral areas and statistics; Ward maps. Alternatively, there is a true geographical map showing seats with their

This dynamic map displays our current predictions, as well as user-defined predictions, showing changes against the last election result..

The Councillors for Croxteth Ward are Councillor Martin Cummins (Labour Party), Councillor Peter Mitchell (Labour Party) and Councillor Stephanie Till (Labour Party). Southville ward map (pdf, 4.6MB) (opens new window) St George Central ward map (pdf, 4.6MB) (opens new window) St George Troopers Hill ward map (pdf, 4MB) (opens new window) St George West ward map (pdf, 3.7MB) (opens new window) Stockwood ward map (pdf, 5.9MB) (opens new window) Stoke Bishop ward map (pdf, 6.7MB) (opens new window) Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze ward map (pdf, … A full list of services can be found on our A–Z listings page.

political and social measures including party vote in 2019, 2017 and 2015, left/right There are two distinct map styles.

The Councillors for Tuebrook and Stoneycroft Ward are Councillor Chris Lenton (Liberal Party), Councillor Hazel Williams (Liberal Party) and Councillor Steve Radford (Liberal Party). The following links are virtual breadcrumbs marking the 9 most recent pages you have visited on © Crown copyright. help you understand electoral geography, predictions, and new boundaries. To find out who your local councillors are, look at the map to establish which ward you are in. Below you can find all of the wards and electoral divisions within the Llanelli UK Parliamentary Constituency, sorted by name. The Councillors for Wavertree Ward are Councillor Jake Morrison (Labour Party), Councillor Rosie Jolly (Liberal Democrat) and Councillor Helen Casstles (Labour Party).

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