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Many of these nymphs were associated with a broader domain--Oreiades were nymphs of the mountains, Alseides of the sacred groves, Aulonides of glens, Napaiai of vales. PITYS An Oreiad nymph loved by Pan. [and] Napaea (Nymphs of the Glade). All these pressed onwards together to the fray, some with brassbacked drums, the instruments of Kybelid (Cybelid) Rheia, others with overhanging ivy-tendrils wreathed in their hair, or girt with rings of snakes. 259 ff (trans. They were wed by the men of the Silver Age--in the time before the first woman was created--and from them mankind was descended.

Agaue the tender mother obeyed the wise old man, and went to the lofty hill together with Kadmos (Cadmus) while Pentheus followed. Apart from the sexual encounters, a dryad can be made by mutating a child of different race through drinking the mutagenous Water of Brokilon. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or 7th B.C.) "[The Indian River Hydaspes attempts to drown the army of Dionysos :] All the denizens of Olympos who cared for their beloved oaks, rescued Hadryas Nymphai (Hamadryad Nymphs); and most especially laurel-Apollon appeared and saved the Daphnaiai (Laurel-Nymphs); and Leto his mother stood by her son and helped them, for she still honoured the tree which helped her childbirth [the Delian palm]. DRYOPE A Hamadryad nymph of Mount Othrys in Malis.

(4) The Maliades, Meliades or Epimelides were nymphs of apple and other fruit trees and the protectors of sheep. They were the spirits of the oaks and pines, poplar and ash, apple and laurel.

. : Homeric Hymn 5 to Aphrodite 256 ff (trans. § 2; Apollon. 44 ff : NOMIA An Oreiad of Mount Nomia in Arkadia. . [3.1] THE SATYROI & THE OREIADES (Homeric Hymn V To Aphrodite 256), [1.1] SEILENOS (Propertius Elegies 2.32) EIDOTHEA A Oreiad of Mount Othreis in Malis who was loved by the god Poseidon. Such was the host armed with missiles of ivy which followed Bakkhos (Bacchus). : When Geralt was wounded in a fight with Vilgefortz, he had cracked ribs, a broken leg, and a concussion but, upon arriving in Brokilon, he was treated with expert care and was well enough to move when the bard Dandelion came to see him. i. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) : One Hamadryas leapt unveiled from the cloven shaft of a bushy laurel (daphne), which had grown with her growth, and another maiden stepping out of her pine-tree (pityos) appeared beside her neighbour the exiled Nymphe, and said : ‘Laurel (Daphnaie) Hamadryas, so shy of the marriage bed, let us both take one road, lest you see Phoibos (Phoebus) [Apollon], lest I espy Pan! Their attitude towards dwarves was more hostile – mutually. is that late crowd of courtiers round thy mother's halls, where are the Napaeae (Maidens of the Glen) that prayed to serve thee [her mortal son Krenaios (Crenaeus)]? Groaned shady Ida together with her Nymphe-haunted oaks: the eddying waters of the river Xanthos shrieked, and the mouth of Simoeis rang aloud: and in heaven the trumpet of Zeus prophesied of the war they drew. "[Dionysos was driven into a murderous frenzy by the goddess Hera :] He chased the Hadryades (Hamadryads), he volleyed the cliffs and drove the Naias Nymphai (Naiad Nymphs) out of the river homeless.

May Kythereia (Cytherea) [Aphrodite] never be merciful to you, Artemis never!’", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 16. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) : Other references to Oreiades & Orodemniades: Theocritus 7.137 & 8.44, Virgil Georgics 4.535. A complete bibliography of the translations quoted on this page. 622 ff : The Nymphai rejoice when the rain makes the oaks to grow; and again the Nymphai weep when there are no longer leaves upon the oaks. ", Aristophanes,Thesmophoriazusae 324 ff :

"When Bakkhos (Bacchus) came near, the pipes were sounded, the raw drumskin was beaten, on either side was the noise of beaten brass and the wail of the syrinx.

9 : Philostratus the Elder, Imagines 2. Aen WoedbeannaEerie wife 490 ff : 3 . They rank neither with mortals nor with immortals: long indeed do they live, eating ambrosia and treading the lovely dance among the immortals, and with them the Seilenoi (Silens) and the sharp-eyed Argeiphontes [Hermes] mate in the depths of pleasant caves; but at their birth pines or high-topped oaks spring up with them upon the fruitful earth, beautiful, flourishing trees, towering high upon the lofty mountains (and men call them holy places of the immortals, and never mortal lops them with the axe); but when the fate of death (moira thanatoio) is near at hand, first those lovely trees wither where they stand, and the bark shrivels away about them, and the twigs fall down, and at last the life of the Nymphe and of the tree leave the light of the sun together. Eclog. . "They used to call some Nymphai (Nymphs) Dryades other Epimeliades, and others Naides (Naiads), and Homer in his poetry talks mostly of Naiades Nymphai. "I [the Naias Ismenis] was held a greater goddess and the queen of Nymphae (Nymphs). ", Philostratus the Elder, Imagines 2. "[Comedy-Play :] [A bird speaks :] I winter in deep caverns, where I frolic with the Nymphai Oreiai (Mountain Nymphs). these Daimones [i.e. 155 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. she first appeared as a woman growing out of her tree]. ", Statius, Thebaid 4. . Lattimore) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) ", Propertius, Elegies 2. "Callisto once belonged to the sacred circle of Hamadryades and huntress Diana [Artemis] . Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Cut no timbers from my pine-tree, to make some lugger that may feel the billows of Aphrodite, Lady of the Sea! Namegeneratorz is best Name Generator available on internet where you can generate names for free. . . "[Invocation at the Thesmophoria festival of Demeter :] ‘Come, ye Nymphai Oreiplanktoi (Mountain-Wandering Nymphs).’", Aristophanes,Thesmophoriazusae 990 ff : 2. 4. Rieu) (Greek epic C3rd B.C.) Other references to Meliades, Epimeliades & Maliades: Eustathius on Homer's Odyssey 1963.

Mair) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) . : They were probably regarded as a type of Hamadryad. the Kouretes (Curetes), Satyroi (Satyrs) and Oreiades (Oreads)] . in Ven. KLAIA (Claea) A Messenian Oreiad nymph who had a cavern shrine on Mount Kalathion (Calathium). I am a Hamadryas of the beautiful leaves, in the place where the enemy warriors lie in ambush. . to C1st A.D.) : Day-Lewis) (Roman epic C1st B.C.) ... You can read more on Wikipedia. "Beside a fragrant myrtle he [Dionysos] stayed his feet for a soothing rest at midday. Human (with olive, chestnut, red, or green tones)[1][2]Green[3] Because of this they may sometimes grumble about witchers and other infertile males. O'Neill) (Greek comedy C5th to 4th B.C.) Lib. Exclusively female raceWillow leaf scent (pure or early transformed dryads)

310 ff : "[The satyr Marsyas was flayed alive by the god Apollon :] The countryfolk, the Sylvan Deities (Numina Silvarum), the Fauni [Panes] and brother Satyri (Satyrs) and the Nymphae (Nymphs) [probably Oreads], were all in tears, Olympus too. Hence, also, he adds, Hipponax says : ‘The black fig-tree (syke), sister of the vine (ampelos).’", Oppian, Cynegetica 1. to C1st A.D.) : to C1st A.D.) : Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or 7th B.C.)

Yes, I beseech thee, let me be one of the Heliades beside the stream of mourning Eridanos: often will I drop amber from my eyelids; I will spread my leaves to entwine with the dirge-loving clusters of my neighbouring poplar, bewailing my maidenhood with abundant tears--for Phaethon will not be my lament. All the divine generations heard the summons of Kybele (Cybele) , and they came together from all sides. 259, &c.). The relation between dryads and magic might be very strong, though the Sources are practically absent among members of this race. Other references to Alseides, Auloniades & Napaia: Orphic Hymns 50.7 (Auloniades),Theocritus 8.44 & 13.44 (Auloniades), Virgil Georgics 4.535 (Auloniades, Napaia). His sister Naides (Naiads) wailed and sheared their locks in mourning for their brother; the Dryades (Dryads) too wailed and sad Echo wailed in answering woe. 19 (trans. They were usually connected with river-side trees and sacred groves. Do not fell the afflicted bush of unhappy Daphne! 1066 ff (trans. 640 ff : Some went deerhunting with dogs after the long-antlered stags: the Hydriades (Water-Nymphs) of plantloving Dionysos mingled with the Hamadryades of the trees. ", Ovid, Metamorphoses 6. v. 5.

"The Hadryades Nymphai (Hamadryad Nymphs) lamented the lost shade of their yearsmate trees [destroyed in the rampages of the monster Typhoeus]. Silence between us now, that the enemy near may not hear, that Hydaspes may not tell it to the hidden Indians.’ 372 ff : "Beside the trunk of a tall pinetree where Kithairon (Cithaeron) spreads his lofty head; he [Teiresias the seer] told her [Agaue (Agave) following a disturbing dream] to offer a female sheep to the Nymphai Hamadryades (Hamadryad Nymphs) in the thicket . 105 ff (trans. DAPHNIS An Oreiad of Mount Parnassos in Phokis who was appointed by the goddess Gaia as the prophetess at the oracle at Delphoi--in the time before it passed into the hands of Apollon. "For thy [the hunter Hippolytus'] slumbers the frolicsome goddesses of the groves (nemorum deae) will lay their snares, the Dryades (Dryads), who pursue Panes wandering on the mountains. ", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 44. When she reached the grove--a grove dark with dense ilex, around a deep fountain of cool water--, she said, ‘Let's bathe here in the wood.’", Ovid, Fasti 4. . Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. ", Ovid, Metamorphoses 3. Nymphai (Nymphs) hastened to join the soldiers of the thyrsus, the wild Oreiades (Oreads) with hearts of men trailing their long robes. Dryad dialectAble to learn other languages The Greek word melas--from which their name derives--means both apple and sheep. To watch her wondrous work the Nymphae (Nymphs) would often leave their vine-clad slopes of Tmolus [i.e. While after the conquest some dryad cultures survived in other forests and forged a relative peace with Nordlings, it was Brokilon which was most famed. 123 ff : ", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2.

[and] Napaea (Nymphs of the Glade). xx. . 90 ff : [1], Dryads tend to have a slender and small build. ", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 24.

(Paus. . ", Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 1. Civilizations Yes, woodcutter, grant me this last grace: strike me with your axe instead of my clusters, and drive our unmarried Athena's chaste bronze through my breast, that I may die before I wed, and go to Haides a virgin, still a stranger to Eros (Love), like Pitys and like Daphne!’

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