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On “Wheels Up”,  I loved the way Lecrae went light voice wise, but beastily in terms of his lyrics and flow! Songs like “Set Me Free” and all too short, “Restore Me” show the joy of letting things go that were holding Lecrae down and he is here to give God praise for it! I am greatly encouraged by Lecrae’s Restoration, and if I were so bold as to give it a rating, I would award it 4.7 out of 5. Artist Training Click here to get Elisha's posts in your inbox! Articles Drawing inspiration from the Scriptures Exodus 3:14 "And... Nigerian gospel artist, D Kachi is out with a brand new song titled "Amanam" translated to "You have done well" in Ibibio dialect. Limited Edition Lecrae x Champion Hoodie $79.99. Concert Reviews Zaytoven isn’t included in this album (and it shows), and the featuring artists actually play a vital role in the music. Featured Music. Listen, Watch and Download Responsorial Psalm for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time 25th October 2020 Performed by Obiblo Music Crew. However if Restoration is one of his last albums, he is going all out! I personally cried when I first heard this song because it was if he put down some of my thoughts in his rap.

The album, containing tracks featuring popular artists John Legend and YK Osiris, has been met with wide success, garnering over 2 million YouTube views within mere days of being released. At first glance, the change in Lecrae’s music seems to be fairly large. Praise be to Jesus Christ for restoring us into relationship with God! Yet now is the time for Restoration! 'Restoration Drown' T-Shirt $26.99 'Father Figure' Tee $29.99 'Not The End' Tee - White $29.99 'Not The End' Tee - Black $29.99 'From the Ashes' Spiral Dye Tee $29.99 'Grace Today' Lightweight Flight Jacket $64.99.

This Mixtape feature the best gospel songs of 2018 Understandably rejecting the title “Christian rapper”, Lecrae followed a path similar to the one taken by award-winning artist NF, choosing to become “A Christian who raps”. What happened? What We Learned from Lecrae’s “Restoration”, The Coronavirus vs. Malaria: Answering Questions and Comparing Death Tolls, The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Africa, The Unbelievable Story of My Escape from Uganda, Kobe Bryant: The Life and Legacy of the Black Mamba, A Father to the Fatherless- How God Fills the Greatest Gaps in an Orphan Heart, Reader Request August 31st and A Couple Awards – Racheal's Novels, How to Use Discernment in an Age of Illiteracy – Elisha McFarland, Monday Heckling: The Ballad of the Songbirds and the Snakes, Grasping Achilles’ Spear: Human Power and Courage in The Iliad and the Bible (Guest Post), How to Use Discernment in an Age of Illiteracy. “Only Human” features the butter vocals of R&B artist BJ the Chicago Kid. What was once foolishness to us — a crucified God — must become our wisdom and our power and our only boast in this world.”. Rest assured, there are some bangers!

But upon taking a closer look at the two albums, we find the change to be far more dramatic than initially predicted. His Christian fanbase appears to have returned, since his album has received more views and comments from Christian Evangelicals then his work has in years. This song was a therapeutic venting session where Lecrae airs out his frustrations with all that has happened with Ahmaud Arbury, George Floyd, protests, riots, etc. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This... You have entered an incorrect email address! Gwen Bunn). is finally here. However if Restoration is one of his last albums, he is going all out! “Set Me Free” discusses the depression and deep sadness caused by the hatred over his music and beliefs.

Drown (feat. “My music isn’t Christian, but I am”, he said in an interview in 2014. replicas relojes After over two years of silence, acclaimed rapper Lecrae has released his newest album, aptly titled “Restoration“. His Christian fans all but deserted him, and his secular fans seemed to be confused by his political and racial stances, calling him a “sellout” and “fake”. Spiritual Highlights: The song further emphasized the fact that Lecrae was going through a difficult time, beginning with the line, “I’m hanging on by a thread, and all I’m clinging to is prayers”. Kirk Franklin), 12. [CDATA[ In “Drown“, Lecrae talks about his absolute need for God, replacing the opinion of the created with that of the Creator. What it Sounds Like: repliki rolex, replique montre That is just what happened with “Deep End”. Marc E. Bassy), 07. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. After Anomaly peaked #1 on gospel and secular charts in 2014, Lecrae lost many fans because of the shift he took in both music and title. Lecrae Drops Another Classic ! Stream Now .

After Let the Trap Say Amen, it became further apparent that Lecrae had mostly removed God from his music and he appeared to be struggling with his Christian walk. BJ The Chicago Kid), 14. DaniLeigh), 13. The beat is hard! ... Drown. Event. For Fans Of: Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Bizzle. Main Links . Nu-Metal Band Love And Death Announces New Single Out November 13th, Tenth Avenue North Releases Their Final Offering As A Band For Fans, Multi-Platinum, Seven Time Grammy Winner TobyMac Set To Embark On Hits Deep Tour, #2 - The Protest, Nine Lashes, Fireflight. '&charset='+document.characterSet:''));document.write("&loc="+escape(window.location));if(document.referrer)document.write("&referer="+escape(document.referrer));if(document.context)document.write("&context="+escape(document.context));if(document.mmm_fo)document.write("&mmm_fo=1");document.write("'><\/scr"+"ipt>"); The flow has shifted, moving from a trap-type beat to a more hip-hop/new-flow rap flow. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Please let your windows down and blast this song in these “quarantined streets.” Kirk Franklin comes at the end of the song to do a sobering spoken word to give even more meaning to this song, but the hook is the standout part of this song.

Listen, Download and Share! A song which expresses the awesome, unfading gratitude, magnificent and powerful nature of God – having edifying sounds that keeps the atmosphere melodious and captivating with deep, passionate lyrics capable of attracting miraculous bliss. Lecrae was, yet again, being judged and hated because of his beliefs. Following the political distress and social... Edo born singer/ saxophonist, Oluwatomiuwo Josiah popularly known as Tom Sax churns out a new single titled "From Grass To Grace". Books “Zombie“, the final piece to the puzzle, shows Lecrae’s growth in his spiritual walk, saying “Demons used to haunt me.Then I heard the voice of God, I’m grateful Jesus called me.”. Drown by Lecrae ft John Legend – Foreign Gospel Song Uchenna Nwajiaku - October 28, 2020 0 Award winning Christian Hip-hop star, Lacrae teams up with John Legend to drop this extraordinaire one "Drown" of his Restoration Album. NEW MuSIC VIDEO Zombie. Still (feat. ( Log Out /  One of the great things about Lecrae leaving Columbia was the fact that he could go in the studio and make a song relevant to today’s hostile environment and not wait for clearance from the record company. Interviews Hope is one of the words I think of when hearing the album. Turn your focus on yourselves instead of judging a man who has walked through more pain in a decade than most will in a lifetime. While his previous album, Let the Trap Say Amen, was highly criticized by both fans and critics alike, Lecrae has fallen back on his God-glorifying music, reminiscent of his 2014 album Anomaly.

That is just what happened with “Deep End”. LECRAE Restoration. What this means, few will know, since All Things Work Together appeared to turn political (despite containing plenty of gospel rap) and Let the Trap Say Amen failed to satisfy Christian fans, finding acceptance only within the secular audience. One of the great things about Lecrae leaving Columbia was the fact that he could go in the studio and make a song relevant to today’s hostile environment and not wait for clearance from the record company. The album’s title contains a double meaning, ... “Drown”, “Deep End”, and “Zombie” (in order of YouTube views) each narrate a struggle that God has helped Lecrae work through. Sunday Morning (feat. Final Word: Lecrae talks of retiring soon and hopefully he does not. '':'');var m3_r=Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999);if(!document.MAX_used)document.MAX_used=',';document.write("

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