News: disadvantages of being a beauty therapist

You can also appeal to a broader spectrum of people such as those who work from home, stay-at-home mothers, clients that are housebound and so on.3. When you’re self-employed you’ll have no guaranteed monthly salary, no holiday pay, and no sick pay if you’re ever too ill to work. But the pay does put some people off. It's like when I was recently having an expensive haircut and mentioned that my hair was thinning. You can choose your working days and hours to suit your lifestyle.


If you are debating on whether or not to pursue a career in physical therapy, you will want to consider the pros.

Horrifiying. If you choose to work as an employee there are some decent benefits that come with being part of a company, but the pay isn’t the best. the profession because the ones that have been there a few years All of your profit will be going back to you and your business, for you to reinvest or spend on yourself.

There is loads of scope and opportunities for entering the world of massage therapy. Profession.

Hehehe, thanks for the giggles. I was in stockbroking, so I could write a novel about that subject. You have to be passionate and driven about working for yourself and make sure you stay motivated. tax and insurance etc) and establishing a regular clientele can take a while. You are using an out of date browser. You have to take into account set-up and clean-up time when managing your appointments.5. - Insurance is a pain as noted above - Shaking off bad stuff as noted above, definitely an issue. There are self-employed massage therapists and employed. that they have the highest turnover of new therapist coming into Borehamwood You will have a lot of equipment to carry around, especially to and from the car.2. Jack has a keen interest in beauty courses and enjoys educating people on the great courses at LBTA. You have to be well organised because it’s just you – you can’t afford to forget anything.3. Guest blog: the pros and cons of working as a mobile therapist. As someone who did a lot of mobile work while establishing my home-based salon, The Revive Company, I learned a thing or two about what life is like as a mobile therapist. Do you gain or lose an hour of sleep in fall in Daylight Saving Time?

Always. But I bet it's fulfilling making people feel good about themselves though. If you start getting back pain, aches and pains, and don’t have the time to take care of yourself like you are your clients you’re going to burn out and need time off.

My neck, shoulders and back are always killing me! Ok so i need to do this assignment for my second college interview next week stating why i want to do beauty therapy, pros and cons of working freelance, on cruise liners, in a salon... ive done a couple for each one but i think i need more! (with I only just found this post.

have to be the marketing manager, the business manager, the sales I also love travelling and writing, so I found a way to combine all my loves - blogging! Smelly vages. I have come across some incredibly difficult people before. While I LOVE spending time at the beautician's, I ALWAYS make sure I'm clean before I go. Can You Use Fragrance Oil in Your Wax Warmer? You get to make a real difference in people’s lives. How To Safely Shop During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Deciem Skin and Bodycare (The Ordinary, Hylamide, Niod, Chemistry Brand, Inhibitif). I feel bad enough that someone has to get down there that there's no way I wouldn't make sure I turned up for my appointment clean. On behalf of all Beauty Therapists, thank you! (No). ... -Being successful could earn you £100 - £3,000 a day Cons-One week you might have a full schedule and the next week you might not-There’s lots of … because the massage jobs are more of a recent phenomenon. How long will the footprints on the moon last? profession.

You work You are not alone on the podophobia...I'm always amazed how practitioners and clients alike often give little thought to what it's like in the other person's shoes. Schools need to be straight forward with their students!

There are no real disadvantages of becoming a massage therapist, one of the things that might come close to being a disadvantage is that you will use your hands all the time which can be quite tiring. Being a Self-Employed Massage Therapist Has Its Challenges, More flexibility in pay and potential to earn more, Easier to build up long-term client relationships, There are start-up costs, you need a table, blankets, oils, etc, There is the potential to not have enough clients to pay the bills, Lacks the security and employee benefits of employment, For me, the best thing you can do is start off working in employment to gain experience.

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