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Another data layer involved radar backscatter, with standing corn leaving a different signature than lodged corn.

A brief tornado occurred on the leading edge of the derecho. Radar snapshots showing the timing and path of the derecho on Aug. 10, 2020. [33][35] Homes sustained significant damage to roofs, windows, and siding.

At the meeting, Hart begged Trump to approve of the Individual Assistance Program.

[39], The Linn County Sheriff's Office confirmed a 63-year-old man who died from a falling tree while biking. First of two tornadoes to strike Rockford. [40] In Omaha, Nebraska, over 50,000 were left without power. Reports described 99 mph winds, roofs being ripped off, and loose wood debris being embedded into the side of buildings.

[79] Tamara Marcus, local activist with Cedar Rapids Advocates for Social Justice, a Black Lives Matter organization, illustrated these sentiments during the September 2 forum with Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, saying "We need to ask ourselves, 'Why is it that each time we have a disaster or pandemic, the most-vulnerable are the worst impacted, particularly communities of color?' Corn plants, blown over by an intense derecho, lay in a field on Monday, Aug. 10, 2020, near Polo, Illinois. [71][72], In Fort Wayne, a woman was killed when high winds tipped over her mobile home. [9][12][13], Many affected towns and cities advised residents not to travel due to damage. [11][33][49] Thousands of electrical poles and miles of electrical wiring were also downed, along with many residential gas connections broken, contributing to the widespread utility outages in the city. [36] Commercial and industrial property also sustained major structural damage from the storm. Support WHO’s work to track the spread; to ensure patients get care and frontline workers get supplies; and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments.

The yield cuts dropped the national average yield 1.8% from last month to 178.5 bpa and cut estimated production to 14.900 billion bushels — that was down 378 million from August, but within 2 million bushels of the average trade guess. [11][7][8] Without electrical refrigeration, food spoiled en masse while trash and recycling pickup has been halted until August 31 due to impassible streets causing bags of rotting trash to line curbsides, subjecting them to scavengers. Maximum wind gusts in … As mentioned above, USDA did objective yield plot visits this month after skipping August. [44], The city of Ankeny, Iowa said it would take an estimated four-to-six weeks to fully clean up debris.

Millions of acres of corn and soybean crops were damaged in central Iowa, according to NOAA.

[69] Prescient Weather CEO Jan Dutton estimated 180–270 million US bushels (6.34–9.51 million cubic metres) destroyed or degraded by the storm, however saying the damage is minor compared to the total US yearly agricultural production amounts which are in the tens of billions of bushels. [66][6], The USDA's Risk Management Agency reported that fifty-seven of Iowa's ninety-nine counties containing 14 million acres (56,700 km2) of crops were within the derecho's grasp.

The derecho tracked 770 miles from South Dakota to western Ohio and lower Michigan over a span of 14 hours on Aug. 10. Wind speeds were above 100 mph in some areas and 80 mph-plus over a broad section of Iowa.

That’s why we didn’t get much price response in corn after the report came out. [102], The high damage estimation aligns with analysis showing increases in total costs for natural disasters due to increased severe damage as a result of climate change-driven storm intensity. As the tornado touched down on the far southern side of, A 50 ft (15 m) tall church steeple was knocked down, by this short-lived, low-end EF1 tornado. of Ag. [46][55] Many local businesses were forced to close, some indefinitely due to damage.

Wake up federal gov! It's the costliest single-day severe thunderstorm event to strike the U.S. since 1980. Western Iowa and a sliver of eastern Nebraska were in D3 or extreme drought, but all states north of the Ohio River had at least some D0 and D1 dryness. [94][95] The same day, Iowa state officials were questioned why it took three days to begin aiding the area, Gen. Benjamin Corell, commander of the Iowa National Guard said they only received local requests for help beginning on Aug 13.

[67] On August 19, he said the storm destroyed an estimated 100 million US bushels (3.52 million cubic metres) worth of grain storage and processing infrastructure as well.

[16] On August 17, President Trump partially approved Gov.

This high-end EF1 tornado was embedded in a much larger swath of damaging winds. One of the biggest wild cards in Friday’s USDA reports was their handling of the derecho damage incurred in August.

The U.S. average yield dropped 1.4 bpa from August. [45] Cedar Rapids city officials described the damage as being worse than the 2008 Iowa Flood. All rights reserved. [65], Many farmers in Iowa, a major agricultural state and top corn producer in the US, found their crops flattened or agricultural infrastructure (e.g.

November 3, 2020 — Temps will keep climbing through the week and should be above normal in all areas by tomorrow, staying there through next Monday… There will be no weather related obstacles to harvest from today through next Monday.

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