News: dalmation molly lifespan

Using a breeding box – You will observe the pregnant molly is close to her birth when her belly is protruded, or you see a darker spot close to her fin. This means adding plenty of plants and lots of places to seek shelter. However, for dalmatian fish that are more than 3 inches in size, ensure you keep them in a minimum of 30-gallon size. However, you can place the fry back into the community aquarium, as long as its big enough not to fit into the adult mollies mouth.

Keeping the fry – Mollies babies require no special condition apart from that which you provide for their adults. Constipation is a problem that affects balloon mollies. Homemade fish food is also a great option for feeding your molly fish. Using the substrate as an anchor, add several live plants (mollies use these plants for shelter). This will help you to fully recycle your aquarium.

Their tank requirement include 70-82°F, 7-8 PH, and 10-25 dH. Exact water parameters may vary based on the species you get, but here are some good baselines that will work for most mollies. Adding a group of floating plants at the corners of the aquarium tank will serve as keeping space to rear the babies. Also, they can cope with varieties of salt levels in an aquarium. The Beta Pet All Rights Reserved. Molly Fish come in a variety of colors and are easy to care for and breed. I just bought him an all black girl and she just had 9 babies two days ago! Author Note: You’ll encounter a spectrum of interesting-looking mollies in the aquarium trade. As she may be too stressed. does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. They can experience Ich, bacterial infections, flukes, and parasites. These fish will group up to explore the tank and swim around as one unit.

Please do not request specific colors when ordering this assortment pack. ). Some pet stores can also be a good place to source your fish from, but breeders are a superior choice when it comes to knowledgeability about good fish genetics. With big aquariums, caring for your Dalmatian molly will be an easy task. They can survive in either the saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium. They are widely known as incredibly prolific breeders in the wild. Rather than laying eggs, the female will hold them in her belly until the babies are ready to hatch. If you want to maximize the survival rate of the fry, it’s best to breed mollies in a controlled environment.

Many hobbyisist use livebearing fish such as these Mollies, Swordtails, Platys and Guppies as a natural, healthy source of LIVE food for other fish such as puffers, pacu, and all cichlids to consume. Mollies in general are pretty messy, so you need to make sure that you have a really good filter. However, if you know you are capable of raising these babies. Min 3 Qty Purchase for this incredible purchase price! Mollies aren’t picky about lighting levels, but you do need lights to keep the plants healthy. It has been a success story for aquarists who have kept Dalmatian mollies. Moreover, frequent changes in water conditions can lead to shock. Usually, female mollies produce babies a lot. For simplicity, dry commercial flakes and pellets are a good food source to consider as well. In keeping dalmatian mollies together, you should ensure to put similar sizes in the same tank. Plus, they can develop algae for your mollies to snack on.

The sailfin molly has the standard body shape. Even when not pregnant, the belly takes on a round and bulbous shape. Whereas, many home aquarists keep their fish in freshwater habitat. How Well? Moreover, you can change the water totally, by replacing your aquarium tank with new water, or you change up to half of the water. The average lifespan of a molly fish is around 2-5 years. Life expectancy can be maximized with proper care. However, ensure these are not too clumsy. It cannot be overemphasized that fish require a spacious tank for their up keeping. Designed by Invigilo LLC, Howdy Friends! I had a Dalmation Molly that had 14 babies and only one made it to this day. If you don’t mind cultivating fish food at home, you can opt for live food cultivation like brine shrimp, vinegar eels, daphnia for a protein-rich diet. Instead, they “shimmy” and wiggle in one place. On the other end, the body tapers slightly towards the base of the fan-shaped tail. Group Size: Mollies are schooling fish that need a lot of company, and are happy when you keep them in large groups. You should keep a group of at least four fish at the very least. Mollies are a shoaling fish, so they need to be in the presence of others to feel comfortable. Please read our, Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, Crayfish & Lobsters. Also, overfeeding will create a lot of mess in the tank. It’s good to provide taller plants like Anubias as well as shorter varieties like Java fern. So, get to know your fish better by observing their way of life. It will shock you to see a “mother molly” eating her babies after birth. Before long, your female will start to balloon in size when pregnant. However, in favourable circumstances, it could even extend to six years if it is housed and taken care of in an effective manner. So, if they don’t eat up some of them, I guess plenty of mollies should be “flying” around. In addition a deaf Dalmatian can still be trained so not all hope is lost. However, you should bear in mind that, the temporary home of your fish, during the change process should be the same water condition with the previous home. However, salt is not an important component as it were, but the addition of salt can make your fish healthier. However, you should know that most mollies you see today are results of selective breeding. We answer the common question of how long do Dalmatian Mollies live? Get the newsletter for bi-weekly updates on news & events in the Aquascaping world. While your goal should be to always provide the best care possible, it’s recommended to understand details about the specific species you own. They typically inhabit slow-moving tropical rivers teeming with vegetation. : To determine the sex of a male molly is easy, the males are slightly agrresive and can be differentiated by their looks as they are more torpedo shaped and indeed have bigger fins than females mollies have.

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