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And finally, fit and glue the 5/32 O. D. Aluminum Receiver Tubes in place. Pin the Alignment Jig onto the fuselage center line, fit the Cabanes into the Fuselage and slip the Center Section over the struts. Either way, cover all the frames — except the top of the Top Wing Center Section — and add the desired trim. It really is a gentle and forgiving platform, and in spite of its relatively small size and light weight it’ll handle those light breezes well too.

The Root Fairing is built up from RFT & RFB using the R1 Rib Detail Drawing as reference. Custom Trim can be ordered from Callie Graphics at, or make up your own using you favorite method. Plug the wings into the Fuselage and Top Wing Center Section followed by the Interplane Struts. For those who prefer Laser Cut parts, a Wood and Plastic Pack are available from Ce titre est symbolique des dernières productions de Danny : une atmosphère deep, une bassline acid, des percus qui rappellent le broken beat, le…. Your email address will not be published. The rigging is made up from nylon carpet thread, and is run in per the instruction on the plans next to the Fuselage Side View on Sheet 1 of the plans. Slip the wings in place followed by the Interplane Struts, and once everything is square and true, secure the C-Section at the cabanes with a drop of thin Cya. Designed in 1955, the Grumman Ag Cat was the first purpose built Agriculture plane offered by a major aircraft manufacturer. Balance the model at the point shown on the plans, and if a bit more nose weight is needed, go with either a larger battery, more dummy engine detail, or a bit of ballast.

Lift the assembly from the board and sand to shape. Power is provided by a Suppo 2212 or E-Flite Park 400 Outrunner motor, with 4 ch. Start by sanding the bevel into A6 using the Rib Detail Drawing as reference. Wing Assembly: The Wings are built directly over the plans. Build up the Canopy Assembly and test fit it to the Fuselage, but don’t glue it in place until after the model is covered. We have computer drawn plans, and laser-cut short kits available for each model. The spark plugs are bits of plastic tubing with the secondary leads made from soft electrical wire. When the Panels are completed, sand to shape, cut in the Hinges and add the Brass Joiner Tubes to complete the assembly. The model is not designed to be self supporting, and flying it without the rigging will likely as not end in disaster. Flying the Ag Cat: In spite of its short couple, stubby, and gangly look, the Ag Cat is very easy to fly and is extremely stable. You will receive mail with link to set new password. I added the intake manifolds and push rods using aluminum wire, and exhaust stacks from aluminum tube. Original Caption: Crop duster plane at work in Imperial Valley, May 1972 U.S. National Archives’ Local Identifier: 412-DA-6397 Photographer: O'Rear, Charles, 1941- Subjects: Blythe (California) Environmental Protection Agency Project DOCUMERICA Persistent URL: Repository: Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD, 20740-6001. Its only downside is that the Elevator can be a bit sensitive to input, so with the controls set up as shown, start out with the dual rate on for the initial test flights. Inspired by the latest turbine crop dusters, the Turbo Duster is a great sport scale and aerobatic model from Legacy Aviation. If so, then chances are that you have given some thought to the menu items like Andouille sausage, corn on the cob and potatoes. And finally, Fit and glue the 1/8 O. D. Brass Joiner Tubes into the wings to complete the Wing Assembly. Of course, they would only be characters if this were taken today, but in 1949 Holland they were just regular folk who took a trip to the farm to check out the crop duster. Do you have a video to share with Model Airplane News? Designed by Pat Tritle, the Model is 1/12 scale, and is of the earlier version powered by the Pratt and Whitney R-1340 radial engine. Nice patina with scratches and nicks and all the charm of a great primitive piece of home decor. Remove the Frame from the board, align and glue 3A & 5A in place at the marks made earlier followed by each of the upper and lower Formers on the aft fuselage section. Available in any file format including FBX, OBJ, MAX, 3DS, C4D The Ailerons are built directly into the Wing Assembly. Bend the Landing Gear components using the provided patterns. The idea behind the design was to produce a light weight Park Flyer type scale model that can be flown in smaller venues with scale-like performance. Over 1400 pilots trained. Fuselage Assembly:   Build both Fuselage Side Frames directly over the Plan using the part numbers and wood sizes shown.

Tape the struts in place on the mount beams, and then wrap the joints with fine copper wire and solder. To finish things up, glue the Canopy Assembly in place followed by the windows and paper fairings.

Final Assembly: Begin by pinning the Wing Alignment Jig back on the fuselage. Starting with the Top Wing Center Section, pin CM1 & CM2 in place on the plan, followed by the Main Spar, Ribs and Trailing Edge parts. You’re probably going to need a bit of nose weight anyway, so you might as well add it with detail, right? Over the years, the rights to production have been changed hands several times with the production of Ag Cat’s totaling 2,455 airplanes from 1959 to 1995. R/C control. Fit the Wings back onto the Fuselage, align and glue the Interplane Struts in place followed by the Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers. Secure the battery to the Tray with Velcro. Build the Tail Block Fairing Jig and tack glue to the Fuselage and carve the Fairing Blocks from Blue Foam or soft Balsa blocks. But, what is the best drink? Not sure if this is an actual painting or if someone pasted a paper picture on the wood and then varnished or shellacked over it. Former 2A won’t be glued in until after the Landing Gear is in place. The wings are of the “egg crate” style to keep assembly quick and simple. Everything should be lined up pretty well, but if a bit of adjustment is needed, make it now while it’s still easy.

The Aileron Link Rods are built up from steel wire and aluminum tubing, aligned on the model, and secured with a drop of thin Cya top and bottom. Then once the cover is in place, build up the Vac-Formed radial engine and detail as desired. Lost your password? If you want a truly flexible airplane, order the optional composite color-matched float set (Coming Soon!). Cut in the hinges, but don’t glue them in until after the frames are covered. The aileron servos are built into the wings with the upper and lower ailerons connected with a link rod. Align the ailerons and glue the Control Horn in place followed by the upper and lower Link Rod Horns. Frame the panels as the Top Wing was built, and then add the A9 & A10 Strut Mounts flush with the top surface of the Wing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Paired with our Torque 4016-500 motor and Airboss80 ESC, the Duster has unlimited vertical power on 6S 3000-4000mah lipo batteries and 16x7 prop.

Dry fit the Ribs/Spar assembly together, then pin it over the plans and glue each point of contact. It is constructed of premium balsa and ply and covered in genuine Oracover/Ultracote. Pull the aft end of the Frame together, align and glue the tail post.

And wait till you see how steady she is in those low “Duster Passes”. Align and glue Formers 3, 4, & 5 in place on the frame. The Turbo Duster Uses 6 medium metal-gear servos, such as the Hitec Hs-5245MG, and includes big double-hinged flaps for all sorts of mixing possibilities. Appears that the piece of wood is a piece of paneling if you look at the back of the picture. Build up the Motor Mount and glue it in place on the Firewall. And at this point, the Ag Cat is finished and ready to fly. Set up the Servo Rails as shown on the plans, mount the Servos and run in the Elevator Pushrod and Rudder Pull/Pull cables. Nice hand-made frame around the picture. Designed in 1955, the Grumman Ag Cat was the first purpose built Agriculture plane offered by a major aircraft manufacturer. Center the Servos and make up the aileron push rods from .032-inch steel wire with a Z-Bend at both ends. Before lifting the Frame from the board, mark the location of formers 3A & 5A on B1. NOTE: The Duster is designed for low-pitch props, 7" pitch and lower. Your email address will not be published.

With framing completed, lift the assemblies from the board and sand to shape.

NOTE: The float set requires one additional mini servo to operate the water rudder.

During that time the airplane was fitted with several piston engine types, and ultimately upgraded to the PT-6A, 750 horse power Turbo Prop configuration. Submit your video here. Use filters to find rigged, animated, low-poly or free 3D models.

Aerial application (crop dusting) of pesticides over a soybean field in the U.S. Are you planning a crawfish boil for yourself and few of your closest friends? Some of these people were likely Shell employees on a field trip to check out the latest crop dusting chemical dispensing method. Greg Hahn's Gotha G.IV twin-engine bomber, Click here to login with print subscription account number,, Desktop CNC — DIY System for RC Modelers, Making RC Brass Fittings — Saving Time and Effort.

Make up the Landing Gear Mount Beams from 1/8 X 1/4 firm Balsa and glue in place.

The fuselage and tail section are of the typical “stick frame” style to keep them light and strong.

Comments. Tape the Rudder in place on the Fuselage, tie off the cables, and then mark the exact location on the plans where the cables exit the fuselage – this information will come in very handy after the model is covered. Covering the Ag Cat: The model is covered with Microlite, but for the purist, this would be a terrific candidate for light Silk Span and dope. Mount the Servos in the Wings using Silicone Caulk and set aside until dry, and then run in the Extension Leads. The Ag Cat has a maximum speed of 157 MPH, cruises at 130 MPH, and a stall speed of 64 MPH. Align and glue the Leading and Trailing Edges, Wing tip Plates and 1/16 X 1/8 Balsa span wise Top Stringers in place. Now, remove the wings and cover the top of the C-Section. Custom-designed for the Duster, our floats are light, strong, include a complete double water-rudder setup, and you change the model back-and-forth from land to water in under 5 minutes with just one hex driver. Fitting the Wings:  The Cabane and Interplane Strut assemblies are built up directly over the plans using the provided detail drawings. Grumman Ag-Cat Crop Duster Plans. Adding the Flying and Landing Wires: DON’T skip this step!

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