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The next period in the hotel’s history is haunting whether or not you believe in the paranormal world. Sadly, this was my second time staying at the Crescent Hotel and no ghosts, but it is a beautiful piece of history and recommend a visit.More. They’d given us a free night and it was already 5:00, an hour past check-in.

During the construction of the hotel, Michael, a young Irish stonemason who was said to be attractive and flirtatious, fell to his death while supposedly trying to get a young woman’s attention. Theodora was a cancer patient at the Crescent when it was the Baker … We just returned from staying at room 419 and I have several photos with the same “orbs” after I looked at them closer I found they match the lights in the ceiling every time. If something happens, first try to find a reason for it. If you leave your belongings scattered, you may return with them neatly placed. The food was awesome and so tasty. It was a peaceful and much welcomed morning. In addition to Morris, there is one other pet ghost. “One of the greatest things I like about our ghost tours is whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool paranormal or one of the biggest skeptics in world, if you don’t believe, that is fine with us. I stayed in room 419 with my girlfriend about 1 year ago. Other than that we had a great quick getaway!! Guest Room Attendant at Detroit Marriott Livonia - MINIMUM Job Description, including but not limited to the following: Clean bathtub, toilet, sink, walls, mirrors, tiles, counters, and floor surfaces using cloths, mops, sponges, brushes, and/or cleaning agents by extending arms over head, bending and stooping. While it still remains a mystery, some witnesses who have actually spoken to the spirit of Theodora have said that she introduced herself as a cancer patient. We never saw orbs in our room, only the hallway, and while lights can explain orbs, nothing explains a stuffed toy moving across the room! We didn’t see him, or feel his sloppy, wet kiss, another sensation reported to occur. (Note: room 218 – Michael’s room is the most requested.) This room is the second-most requested room at the hotel by guests.

We went because of the history and the fact that it was haunted, we knew that we may not catch or see anything. We didn't pay the cat much mind, and shut the door.

“We will have a husband on a tour who doesn’t believe a word of it, and his wife who is absolutely convinced the hotel is haunted, but they both enjoy the tour because of the stories,” Ott said. Copyright ©, 2008-2018 Some claim to have seen Baker’s spirit in the hotel — he was known to wear a lavender tie. Morris was ‘Hotel Manager’ for 21 years before passing away in 1994. I had decided before I got to the Crescent that I would likely forgo this part of the tour, but since I had the terrier in tow, I felt a little safer.

We brought my son for his birthday. When she IS seen, she is seen as an older woman fumbling for her keys outside of what was her room - 419. Thanks for reading and sharing your story. In 1908, the Crescent Hotel opened as the Crescent College & Conservatory for Young Women to bring in revenue during the off-season — spring, fall and winter. Room 3500 has become known for the “lady in a Victorian nightgown” who is believed to be one of his cancer patients. We will definitely be back! They have everything you need for a comfortable weekend getaway with your dog, including a spa (for people).

by Mary My mom was asleep the 2nd night and thought she had heard a kid crying, but she doesnt know if she was dreaming that or she really "heard" something. Depending on the time of year, there can be a several-month-long waiting list to snag one of the haunted rooms. The other guests took a few photos, then we all went back downstairs and outside to the east lawn to see the mist descend from the third floor balcony. There are a variety of tour times a night, which varies by demand. Things looked much better under the bright blue sky.

We ordered a light lunch (pepperoni fries and cheeses served with marinara) it was a large plate of over cooked fries with a sprinkle of cheese and four pepperonis. Room 419 is the hotel’s second most requested room. By ‘our’ room, I mean mine, Henri’s, and Theodora’s. I watched him more closely and noticed his focus kept gravitating in one direction. Aside from the booming ghost tour business, the Crescent Hotel is worth a visit for other reasons, too. When I finally got up the next morning, all I had to do was throw on a pair of shoes and much needed sunglasses. The Sky Bar Pizzeria has great pizza and stunning views of the Ozarks. I sat in a porch rocker and sipped my coffee while Henri played peek-a-boo with Caspur, the other resident cat. When Elise and Marty Roenigk bought the historic 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs in 1997, they soon started hearing paranormal stories from employees.

Today, approximately 30,000 people take a ghost tour at the Crescent Hotel each year. We went to the lobby where I grabbed a cup of coffee, then headed out the back door to the east lawn to potty.

One is to visit the hotel's website and use the availability tool at the top of the page. My mom and dad went there and they took the ghost tour and they didn’t see anything….but they said it was fun…I want to go next time lol! My iPhone does the exact same thing when taking photos of a direct light source. I placed his bed on the floor and laid his toys NEATLY on the corner- a bully stick, a tennis ball, and a Lamb Chop stuffed animal.

That is the St. Bernard of Norman Baker. They took the hint and decided to stay elsewhere. The Crescent Hotel boasts two restaurants, the 1886 Steakhouse open for both lunch and dinner, and Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza, open for dinner during the week and both lunch and dinner on the weekends. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Eureka and had some dog-friendly fun. Today, Eureka Springs is a tourist town. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. we stopped to look at the window and saw the large statue of Jesus in the distance. Jackson’s Eye Water.” In 1879he brought his friend Judge Saunders there to try and cure a leg problem. This lends itself to the theory that she was likely a nurse. As word of Eureka’s waters began to spread, thousands of visitors flocked to the original encampment.

At 2000 feet above sea level, the Crescent overlooks all of Eureka. The newly renovated Detroit Marriott Southfield Hotel is one of Detroit's most desirable hotel destinations. While she was doing this I asked out loud to Theodora is she was mad that we had covered her portrait.

I wasn’t too eager to go back up there alone, nor was I convinced that I wouldn’t be sleeping in the lobby next to Jaspur, one of two cats that currently reside at the hotel. The first thing I did upon getting to our room, was unpack Henri’s things. About a dozen national media outlets have featured the hotel’s eerie past and the paranormal business continues to attract tourists to this Northwest Arkansas establishment. He killed more people than he cured and, as a result, many of these spirits, like Theodora, are believed to have never left the premises. We had no drinks (just coke) and returned to our room after exploring the hotel, it was about 10 pm. Since it is The Most Haunted Hotel in America, it’s not surprising that the Crescent Hotel and Spa has captured the attention of the Ghost Hunters crew, as well as several other paranormal groups who love to visit haunted houses and other paranormal locations around the world. October is our busiest month. We had no drinks (just coke) and returned to our room after exploring the hotel, it was about 10 pm.

Was it the “hotel manager” Morris who left it? © 2020 We stayed in room 218.

Nothing really happened. It wasn’t until we reached the third floor that Henri seemed to see something we did not. Share your experience! Baker purchased the vacant Crescent Hotel and transformed it into a fake cancer hospital. My girlfriend was standing at the portrait taking the towel off and was about 10 to 12 feet away. Covered in loads of overpowering bell peppers (which we asked to leave off). Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees.

When one tour fills up, they start another. The Crystal Ballroom boasts 14-foot ceilings and is home to a popular brunch every Sunday. In fact, the three more popular rooms are all said to be haunted, and that is why people want to stay in them. Come to find out, room 419 is what they call, Theodora's room and she is known to be a very territorial spirit and she use to take care of sick patients recovering from cancer. The only poor rating I would have to give the hotel would be the Sky Bar Gourmet restaurant on the fourth floor. “They are taking the same steps and seeing the same rooms where something has happened,” Ott said. He was a charismatic charlatan who made over $4,000,000 with his promises to cure the ailing. They tell the same stories, but each in their own way. In case I needed to vacate quickly, I slept in my clothes, my contacts, and my jewelry. Also the hotel is beautiful & glorious w/ an fantastic staff that goes beyond to help. So I knelt next to Henri and focused my camera in the direction he seemed to be staring and snapped several photos. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Crescent and would love to go back in the spring.

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