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Aidan gave them pineapple from our lunch box. Sylvia Namujuzi, Ag. The government requires that any jobs lost by fishermen be replaced by jobs in tourism, fishing, diving or in outfitting expeditions. On the second morning we dove Cabezo de la Cubera, a site dropping from a bustling shallow reef down a 50-foot wall accompanied by our ubiquitous posse of sharks and Goliath groupers to find a shipwreck housing giant green and spotted moray eels. Experts are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how to clean up the Kalamazoo spill which received little coverage from the mainstream corporate media. 5) If we don't build Keystone, the oil companies will just haul their tar sands out by rail and truck, generating more carbon and more spills. Kiyingi, Head of Information Science Department, EASLIS. Last year the vote was 188 in favor and two against (U.S. and Israel). I compared in my mind this cornucopia to the relatively barren waters I have seen and explored elsewhere in the Gulf—from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico to Mexico.

[2020 Update], Awaiting Zuckerberg's Response to Pro-Keystone XL Ads, Americans who want to stop the Keystone XL, Meticore Reviews: Does It Really Work? Roadside stands selling coconuts and fruit juice marked the incursion of Cuba's new entrepreneurial capitalism. For more than 20 years, the UN General Assembly has called for lifting the embargo. The Jackie O. lookalike also launched a comedy web series titled End Times Girl Club, which can be found on YouTube. The Cuba trip was a wonderful education for my brother and me since we got to see communism with all its warts and faults up close.

Colony of frigate birds. Member of the Kennedy Family who became known for dating Taylor Swift. Lruxandra Pérez educates the group about Old Havana. If we don't build the pipeline through the American prairie, won't the oil companies just route it through British Columbia by rail, tank trucks or pipelines and sell their oil to Asia? Faridah Muzaki, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Information Science, EASLIS. It provides every Cuban visible evidence of the boogeyman that every dictator requires—an outside enemy to justify an authoritarian national security state. Photo credit: David E. Guggenheim, Colette and Daniel Bennett stand by a mural of Cuban revolutionary, Camilo Cienfuegos at the Republica Oriental del Uruguay School in Cuba's sustainable community, Las Terrazas.

Encouraged by our generosity to the rats, waves of iguanas and hermit crabs followed the jutias out of the mangrove. I was excited to see tangled webs of black coral in great abundance in just 20 feet of water. Conor Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is a student at Harvard University, and clean energy and ocean advocate. Keeping with the Kennedy tradition, he said he would like to become more involved in politics, according to an essay he penned for Politico. Harvard Law School. Just as in Havana, the highways carried cars from the 1940s and 1950s and motorcycles with sidecars, and horse and buggies. He wagged his tail to scold us away. After our second dive at a site called Five Seas, we stopped for a picnic lunch at an island named Boca de Predra. Photo credit: David E. Guggenheim. The African Union, the same.

Small entrepreneurs, many of them using money from American relatives to finance their enterprises, have opened new businesses—ice cream parlors, cigar stores, restaurants and barber shops—on nearly every street in Havana. Photo credit: David E. Guggenheim. We could more beneficially create permanent jobs by incentivizing solar and wind development which, even with the current anemic federal incentives, are creating each year, more new generation capacity than all the incumbents (oil, gas, coal and nuke) combined. Living organisms occupied every inch of space on the busy reef. My 12-year-old brother, Aidan, asked Castro about Fulgencio Batista, the dictator whom he overthrew in 1959. Family Life. We were equally surprised how often Cubans from every background expressed affection for Miami's Cubans—many of whom the Cuban government has traditionally considered to be enemies and traitors. Me with my dad and brother Aidan in Havana, Cuba.

His love for marine life and characteristic Cuban ingenuity led him to reconstruct a black-market Russian double scuba tank and refit a rusty, East German compressor. Why doesn't our government trust Americans to see for themselves the ravages of dictatorship? Americans who want to stop the Keystone XL pipeline may outnumber those who favor the pipeline but we will never out-money them—particularly when Mr. Zuckerberg and his legions of 21st century technology moguls take the side of Big Oil's 19th century robber barons.

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He also wrote, produced, and directed ELEW: Live from Infinity, a documentary about musician Eric Lewis, and is currently working on a film about Hunter S. Thompson's campaign for sheriff in Colorado. Canadian and mostly non-U.S. owned oil services companies, the Koch Brothers, and Asian plutocrats will profit from the pipeline but there will be little value to the U.S. in terms of security or lower oil prices.

For example, many of Avalon's staff of safety divers and skiff pilots and chefs were former fishermen. Everything in Cuba seems to be lively and colorful. Photo by David E. Guggenheim, Iguana climbing aboard the Avalon II. Attorney at Garcia Hernández Sawhney, LLP.

Head of Records and Archives Management Department, EASLIS. The reef was alive with colorful aquarium fishes like sergeant majors, purple and yellow fairy basslets and bluehead wrasse, along with multi-colored micro lichens, sea urchins, tiny iridescent shrimp and long legged arrow shrimp that looked like daddy long-leg spiders with blue bodies and shiny yellow claws. Resistance among Canadians in British Columbia, especially salmon-dependent First Nations, is even greater than here in the United States. The Harvard student pleaded guilty and … Ruler-straight royal palms, massive flowering orange flamboyant trees and spreading acacias with brilliant yellow flowers, shaded grass-thatched huts nestled among banana groves, and orchards of papaya, mango, chirimolla, plantain and mamey, a fruit the Cubans use to make milkshakes. According to a new study published last week by Oil Change International, “Cooking the Books: How the State Department Analysis Ignores the True Climate Impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline," the pipeline will emit 181 methane tons of carbon every year—the equivalent of 37.7 million cars or 51 new coal plants.

He promised that “Cuba's government is determined to implement binding rules that will allow us to avoid the kind of reckless development that has impoverished the people and the environment on other Caribbean Islands.". Branch of the Family Tree: Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Grandson of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

The first four days we would see known dive sites.

Photo credit: Noel Lopez, Iguanas would swim out from the mangrove islands, sometimes with crocodiles, to investigate our expedition. We can double that sum by burning Alberta's tar sands, but what genocidal politician or oilman, would want to do that to future generations? Ocean Doctor David E. Guggenheim and Ted Janulis. The moment we beached our skiffs, we were mobbed by what seemed to be a pack of Cocker Spaniels in the shape of rats. Claire Bukenya, Administrative Assistant, EASLIS. A few large barracuda and a half dozen species of grouper, hugged the bottom just above the reef.

During a shallow snorkel dive at Cayo Pedra de Pitoto Nino we found a massive heap of tightly meshed dead corals, possibly pulverized by tropical storms and hurricanes over time. Few Cubans can afford air conditioners. During early morning dives at Luisa's Reef and Los Mogotes we dropped over a 60 foot ledge carpeted by healthy coral and found an amphitheater encircling a shrine of standing coral pillars each laden with multiple cleaning stations. On June 21, we rode a Chinese manufactured bus the six-hour, 200-mile ride to Porto Jucaro, on Cuba's southern mid-coast. He can pull the plug on Keystone XL while sitting alone in Oval Office. It's our great and only hope that President Obama will listen to the voice of democracy and—acting as a trustee for future generations—kill the pipeline.

She explained that scientists have tracked Florida manatees to feeding habitats in Cuba! The embargo has also given Cuban leaders a plausible bugaboo upon which to blame Cuba's poverty by loaning credence to the Cuban government's argument that the U.S., not Marxism, has caused the island's economic distress. In the eighth grade he founded RelightNY, a non-profit organization that provides compact fluorescent light bulbs to low-income housing developments and promotes environmental awareness. How Much Money Can You Save By Switching to an Electric Car? I, myself, have seen, elsewhere in the Caribbean, how the sale of the best beaches and reef locations to for-profit multinational companies strands the poorest island inhabitants depriving them of access to their own coasts. If the objective of our foreign policy in Cuba is to promote freedom for the subdued citizens, we should be opening ourselves up to them, not shutting them out. On March 31, an Exxon pipe carrying 95,000 barrels per day of Alberta tar sands oil from Illinois to Texas refineries burst and flooded an upscale suburb in Mayflower, Arkansas beneath an ocean of toxic heavy bitumen and lighter dilutents, added by oil companies to help the gelatinous bitumen move through the pipe. We explored vibrant coral cliffs cut with deep crevasses and steep buttes where every tiny crevice and cranny was occupied by giant coral crabs, squirrel fish, sergeant majors, porcupine fish, stone crabs and moray eel. In one sense Cuba's political and economic isolation has given it the opportunity to make good long-term decisions about its environment. Our 60-plus year embargo against Cuba is the longest in history and yet the Castro regime has remained in power during its entire duration.

Academic Registrar. Avalon and its founder, Giuseppe “Pepe" Omnega, played a key role in working with the Cuban government to establish this marine reserve and continues to play an important role in supporting research and conservation efforts there. Aidan and I took time to stroke the long scythe-like tail of a nine foot nurse shark hiding in a shallow cave. He was recently spotted on his mother's arm at the 2017 Met Gala, and will present the JFK Profile in Courage award to President Obama later this May. Alfred Masikye Namoah, Ag. More recently, Kennedy has become increasingly vocal in defending Planned Parenthood and battling against Republican initiatives to cut healthcare spending.

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