News: climate zones of puerto rico

Rainfall is heaviest between May and October, when daytime temperatures peak at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). It is hot and humid, with a prolific rainy season that lasts from August into December. Prevailing winds along the western end of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez differ from other areas on the island. Be sure to take rain gear for outdoor activities, in addition to light, summer clothing for daylight activities.

The least amount of rainfall occurs in December. Zones 11-13 Found only in Hawaii and the US territory of Puerto Rico, these tropical growing zones feature a tropical climate and year-round growing season with planting times based around the wet and dry seasons. The lowest water temperatures are seen around the year around August 25 at 22.70°C | 72.86°F. Temperatures regularly reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) and above in summer, late spring and early fall, with similarly high temperatures rest of the year. What to pack: Light clothing appropriate for summerlike conditions are still required, especially if you’ll be spending time on the beaches or visiting attractions at low latitudes. Olon The number of easterly waves or cold fronts passing over the region in any given year ultimately determines whether the region experiences relatively dry conditions or wet conditions. In this area, the mean annual total rainfall is 30.0 in/yr (768 mm/yr). No data point selected. In general, San Juan is best visited in winter, when the heat and humidity are not so oppressive. There is a clear distinction between the dry season and the rainy season in western Puerto Rico. Highs of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) are normal during these months, and rainfall is generally light. La Libertad But you should at least be aware that some risk exists, if you’re thinking about vacationing in Puerto Rico in the late summer or early fall. Orographic effects on rainfall are not as pronounced in the outlying islands, with the exception of Vieques.

Long-sleeved shirts and long pants may be necessary at night, and for any trips you take to the cooler interior.

Although rainfall data are limited, certain vegetation adapted for life with a limited water supply (such as xerophytes) serve as strong indicators about rainfall distributions on Vieques.

Pronounced orographic effects from the Cordillera Central and the Sierra de Cayey mountains in Puerto Rico result in high rainfall amounts occurring on the windward side of the mountains, which is north of the insular hydrologic divide.


In this area, the predominant wind direction is from the southeast during daylight hours, whereas prevailing winds are from the northeast during the period from midnight to early morning. While conditions are generally hot and humid at night, long-sleeved pants and shirts still have utility as a protection against mosquitos. The water temperature in Puerto Rico (Pacific Ocean) is on an annual average at about 24.50°C | 76.10°F. The average annual temperature in Puerto Rico is 24.5 °C | 76.2 °F. The average in this month is 6 mm | 0.2 inch. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1982) subdivided the island of Puerto Rico into six climate areas and designated a seventh climate area in the outlying islands (fig 1). Climatic subdivisions of Puerto Rico and outlying islands. Autumn in Puerto Rico delivers temperatures that would be experienced during the summer in most of the continental United States. Sunscreen with a high SPF is vital when visiting Puerto Rico, but that can be purchased locally. In San Juan, there’s little difference between daytime highs and nighttime lows for most of the year: the former generally remain in the 85-88 degrees Fahrenheit (29-31 degrees Celsius) range, while overnight temperatures seldom drop below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). Things will begin to change in May and June, however, as temperatures slowly climb and the number of rainy days increases. The northern two-thirds of the island has a relatively humid climate whereas the southern one-third of the island is semi-arid. Temperatures in lower-altitude cities like Utuado or Lares will usually reach at least 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) in the afternoon. Distribution of mean annual precipitation in Puerto Rico, Hydrogeology of Puerto Rico and the Outlying Islands of Vieques, Culebra, and Mona. Ayampe

The temperatures are highest on average in March, at around 26.3 °C | 79.3 °F. Climate of Puerto Rico In general, the east-west trending Cordillera Central and Sierra de Cayey mountains form an insular hydrologic divide that separates the island of Puerto Rico into two climatologically distinct regions. The closest Ocean of Puerto Rico is Pacific Ocean, The closest Airports of Puerto Rico are: Eloy Alfaro International Airport (MEC) 77.62km,José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE) 119.80km,Mariscal Lamar International Airport (CUE) 247.85km, You can reach Puerto Rico from this Cities by Plane: Santiago (SCL), Quito (UIO), Lima (LIM), New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), Torrejón de Ardoz (MAD), Guayaquil (GYE), Cali (CLO), Bogota (BOG), Caracas (CCS), Santa Clara (SAL), CUENCA (CUE), Salinas Along the southern coast of Puerto Rico, the east-west trending mountains affect wind patterns. Cold fronts generally occur during November to April and may produce sufficient rainfall to cause flooding even during the period from December to March, which is a relatively dry period. Temperatures remain in the 85-89 degrees Fahrenheit range for highs and 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit for lows.

But humidity levels stay consistently lower in all months, and days of rainfall are limited. The Eastern Region of Puerto Rico stays hot and humid 12 months out of the year. Major rainfall events producing substantial volumes of rain in Puerto Rico and the outlying islands are caused by one of two climate mechanisms—the passage of an easterly wave or the passage of a cold front.

Between the longest day of the year (13 hours, 13 minutes) and the shortest day (11 hours, 2 minutes), the amount of daylight differs by only slightly more than 2 hours. The central region features the Cordillera Central Mountain range, which divides the island running east and west.

The lowest average temperatures in the year occur in July, when it is around 23.1 °C | 73.6 °F. In March, the highest water temperature is reached with a monthly average of 26.50°C | 79.70°F.

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