News: classroom of the elite japanese name

Yôkoso jitsuryoku shijô shugi no kyôshitsu e. When Kiyotaka enters an elite government-sponsored high school, he finds out just how merit-based this education system is. Survival test is coming to the end. His undecided thoughts caused him to awkwardly introduce himself, though he did give his name and stated that he hopes to be friends with the class. As time went on, more children started suffering like the fainted child, Kiyotaka eventually became the lone survivor of the group.

He then asked them about Arisu Sakayanagi and Kōhei Katsuragi, he learned of the two were leaders of the class, but their ideals collide with one another.

When outside of school, he wears a white hoodie covering a green shirt with an orange stripe along with brown pants.

Manabu explained the recent events and asked if this proved Airi was telling the truth before he congratulated him on his victory, but Kiyotaka once again gave Suzune all credit for the act. After he confirmed he did everything to help her, she gets flustered and blushed before begrudgingly thanking him while stating that she will see him as an ally though she warned Kiyotaka not to get too friendly with her as all she wanted is to reach A-Class.[11]. Kiyotaka believed he didn't take it, but Kanji quickly planted it on him, he was forced to hide it just as Yōsuke did a pat-down search on him and he prepared for the worse. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. Later that night, he went to return a phone that Kikyō left behind, however stumbling upon her hidden personality, cursing Suzune out loud.

[19] He is also a very skilled negotiator as he was able to secure old test answers from an upperclassman by using both Kikyō Kushida's charms and his persistence. In contrast to the anime, the light novel depicts (to an extent) Kiyotaka with more dynamic facial expressions.

During the sports festival, he figured out that Kikyō Kushida leaked the information to Kakeru Ryūen, while he didn't interfere in the test but he blackmailed a student to record footage of Ryūen telling their class about the foul play plan against Suzune Horikita, which prevented Suzune from kowtowing and paying points to Ryūen. The next day, Kiyotaka and Suzune went on a reconnaissance to see what the situation was like at the other class camps.

[9], The day after the underwear scandal, the girls demanded the boys be separated from them.

Kiyotaka then spoke with Suzune discussing the leader key card as he had seen it on Kōhei and wanted to match them. He is shown to have been a part of an unknown organization in his younger years, though how long he was there or how he left it is unknown. However, Kiyotaka passed the credit to Suzune, much to her dismay. He and Airi investigate the spot, and with this, he decided to change his strategy to guess the leaders of the classes. [3], During summer break, he was apart of a group of boys who planned to peep on the girls changing room under the codename "Argos-4", though he didn't want to participate.

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