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While he said that the demonstrations have largely been peaceful, violence and looting erupted in numerous cities as groups of protesters clashed with law enforcement officers and burned businesses.

We vex him with our insistence on …

Survived by son, Clarence M. Page said, “Roe v. Wade, from a legal scholar’s point of view, was hardly a — it was a, On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page said that while President Donald Trump has made public statements that make people wonder who Trump really considers to be an ally, “He has a tougher on Russia record than President Obama.

People expect them to act and learn a certain way, but they don’t.

Page an #Antifa Domestic Terrorist was arrested in North Carolina.

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar defied noisy protests from Beijing and touched down in Taiwan on Sunday to begin the highest-level visit by an American Cabinet official since formal diplomatic relations between Washington and Taipei ended in 1979. Above are excerpts from his Wikipedia entry. His syndicated column which specializes in urban issues appears in numerous newspapers across the United States. Clarence Eugene Page is a newspaper columnist, essayist, and political analyst. 2006. Just learned also of the passing of Cousin Pam and am sending our sympathies.

Won’t ‘Be as Tough on China’ as We Want Because ‘They Try to Be as Even-Handed as Possible’, Clarence Page: Biden’s SC Win Will Be Narrow, ‘Could Lead to the Collapse of His Campaign’, Clarence Page: Enthusiasm for Bolton’s Testimony Has Faded, People Have Moved on to Iowa, Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page: Hunter Biden-Ukraine Controversy ‘Like Obama’s Birth Certificate’, Pat Buchanan: ‘Carter Page Is Not Alger Hiss’, ChiTrib’s Clarence Page: Bernie Sanders Will Run for President in 2020, Clarence Page: Hillary’s Candidacy Would Be Almost Finished If It Wasn’t For Trump ‘Distracting’ From Her Controversies, Clarence Page: Hillary Is ‘To the Left of Where She Started Out In This Race’, Clarence Page: Black Lives Matter Chanted That They Wanted Dead Cops Because They Have No Leadership ‘Like The Tea Party’, Clarence Page: Obama’s Lie About Keeping Health Insurance ‘Better Than Most of Lying’ That I’ve Heard, Buchanan, Page Spar Over ‘Big Crybaby’ Trump ‘Telling the Media Where to Go’, Buchanan: ‘Kristol Is Making Himself Look Ridiculous’, Clarence Page: Obama ‘Doesn’t Toot His Own Horn Enough’, Eleanor Clift and Clarence Page: Dem Primary Process Is Rigged, Clarence Page: ‘A Lot’ of People in the US Aren’t Documented, But Aren’t Breaking the Law, McLaughlin: Report From Afghanistan Sounds ‘Like Chicago’, Clarence Page: A Lower Tax Rate ‘Means You Have Less Incentive’ ‘To Hide Your Money Overseas’, Clarence Page: ISIS Problem Happened Because Obama ‘Underestimated’ Them, Clarence Page: Diplomatic and Military Actions In Libya ‘Completely Lacking’ After Gaddafi Was Toppled, Clarence Page: Using Biden’s Past Statements ‘The Kind of Silliness That Mitch McConnell Has Been Reduced To Now’, Clarence Page: Obama’s Exec Amnesty Constitutional, ‘Especially’ ‘When You Got Fruit On the Vines’ That Needs To Be Picked, Clarence Page: Pope’s Trump Comment What ‘A Liberal, Progressive Minister Would Say’. 2006.

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