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For this reason alone, it is recommended to join all crusades called, even if the pope is likely to lose or you are unlikely to be the top contributor. Great Holy Wars become available to different religions depending on certain criteria. It makes these entities interesting and also more historically accurate. By leading troops within the crusade target, characters can gain a religion-specific trait that improves martial skill and give permanent opinion bonuses with all clergy and other characters who share the trait. However, by opening two such decision windows at the same time it is possible to take a different decision with each duchy: one can be granted to your Crusade Beneficiary, whilst the second can be incorporated into your kingdom.

These decision IDs can be used with the decision console command. A few % points can mean the difference between you getting awared a shiny new kingdom, and some other nation getting the titles.

Beware however, you will gain holdings that is not a barony also,make them a new vassal so you don't have a rebellion later, and if the duchy fell to other vassal's hand, make sure you keep them happy because the long distance between them and you can cause a problem. The biggest boon I can think of is potential inheiritances and the boost to renown from having landed family members. When a Crusade is called, it is highly recommended to get allies to join, especially if the target of a Crusade is extremely powerful. Petition [Root.Liege.GetTitle] for Trade Posts, Suggest Fatwa Against [Root.GetTitledFirstName], Have [Root.GetTitledFirstName] judged by Zun. This action results in the crusade ending the same way that the old system did, but with impious penalties from the Pope. Maybe I am missing something with this, but I don't quite understand why I wouldn't inherit all the land and titles if I am the biggest contributor to a Crusade (like in CK2).

The Orthodox Church however, will not be subject to that because the Eumenical Patriarchy never issues a crusade. That said, if your ruler/heir does have a high marshal skill, keeping them as generals can net them a TON of piety when they win battles during a crusade. The ideal situation has you hunting down and crushing the enemy with your army, while your crusading allies park their armies in various provinces and slowly capture territory. This is only recommended if your ruler is a legitimately competent general. Additionally, the Fylkir and the High Priests can declare Great Holy Wars on Pagans not of the same religion. The religion of the Pope who called the crusade (Catholic or Fraticelli) will lose 10% MA for 10 years. ... Iirc from ck2, you need them to be unlanded and not heir to any titles, though I imagine there's a requirement for being in line for a title to some degree too.

Find below a searchable list of all 532 decisions and decision IDs from Crusader Kings 2 on Steam (PC / Mac). When the religious head calls a crusade, all rulers will be notified and all rulers of the attacking religion will be pressured to join the war effort. Same outcome as letting the Pope hand it out, but my empire controls the …

It will pop up when you decide to join the crusade.

Because I remember doing so in CK2 at least.

Jihads are similar to a Crusade in that it orders either Sunni or Shia nations to wage war against the infidels, most likely Christian nations, both Catholic or Orthodox. The point is, you actually want another dynastic king.

The ‘For my Beneficiary’ stance - Your beneficiary will become the King/Queen of the new Crusader Kingdom. Or if your nation is very powerful with massive levies ready to be deployed like the Holy Roman Empire, you can go solo and defeat the target alone.

You must be very strong empire before you can take Jerusalem.

Unlisted religions have no weighting, so the religious head makes his own call.

The patch promises to make the mechanic much more immersive and historically connected. The vassals of any independent ruler will get a relations penalty with their liege if the ruler chooses not to join the crusade, and this penalty is even larger with the clergy.

Once the holder is not at war, it can be usurped.

You do get some contribution % for capturing provinces, but it is very small compared to the points you get for fighting active battles. In Crusader Kings II [edit | edit source]. This means no more French Levant or HRE Levant; instead, welcome to your isolated kingdom surrounded by scheming latin settlers and angry hordes of pagans that want their land back. Do I smell a pre-Third Crusade scenario brewing with the death of the leper king and schemes? As a quick recap - the free patch that will accompany Holy Fury is going to overhaul the crusading mechanics, featuring complete overhauls of the preparation phase, war phase, contributions, and the rewards for succeeding in a Crusade.

The most powerful way to gain contribution is to fight enemy armies.

Note that new mechanics have been added to Catholic/Fraticelli crusades with Patch 3.0, thus distinguishing them from other GHWs.

If the Great Schism has been mended, neither the Catholic nor Fraticelli Popes can call Crusades. While early in the game as in 1070's crusades might also be ordered to take a pagan nation.

Your allies will generate the warscore needed to win the crusade, and you'll get the contribution % needed to be awarded the kingdom.

Godfrey of Bouillon was the first "ruler" (refused title of King) of Jerusalem for his service during the First Crusade. However, selecting such a self-serving stance incurs a -20 opinion penalty with the Pope for the next 20 years, which will not go away if the player changes their stance.

Find below a searchable list of all 532 decisions and decision IDs from Crusader Kings 2 on Steam (PC / Mac). By swapping army commanders, you can ensure that your direct vassals and heirs gain the trait as well. What happens with the seized land depends on the status of the kingdom title.

Once a Crusader State has been granted to your Crusade Beneficiary they will become landed as a tributary Duke/Duchess to you realm.

If I don't select a beneficiary it goes to someone else.

The casus belli for all the religions is the same, but has a different name and are called by a different character depending on the attacker's religion: The following religions do not have a crusade equivalent: All religions can call crusades against infidels, heretics of the religion, or the parent religion (for heretics).

Crusader Kings is a historical grand strategy / RPG video game series for PC, Mac & Linux developed & published by Paradox Interactive. The ‘Selfish’ stance - The top contributor to the crusade will take the lands for themselves.


Rulers can pledge themselves to the crusade either at the announcement, or at any point during the next two years, after which they will be obligated to declare war on the defending realm when the crusade begins. i know I still can change stance, but the beneficiary never disappears. The recent announcement of Crusader Kings 2’s next update, Holy Fury, as well as the free patch content has me very excited, and I wanted to explain why you should be too. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Due to the way Crusader Kings 3 work, getting involved with Crusades and heavily contributing is a major source of character progression. Every once in a while, the Pope will order a Crusade to the Catholic nations to fight an infidel, usually to a Muslim nation. For example, the Catholic Pope will usually call a crusade for Italy rather than Jerusalem if both are held by non-Christians. This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 14:45.

(Checked for bön). I want to be able to tell that story of who I went on crusade with, and how it went, and this, I believe, offers exactly that. Rejoice to those that have thought “Why are we crusading here?” If you have some left-over piety, you can persuade the Pope to change the crusades destination.

In addition to that, a new crusade cannot be called for a period of time. even if you selected a benificary before, your stance overrides that.

© Valve Corporation. ® 2020 Strategy Gamer Trade Marks belong to their respective Owners. Find below a searchable list of all 532 decisions and decision IDs from Crusader Kings 2 on Steam (PC / Mac). The crusades are an important aspect of the game and provide a good opportunity for Christian nations to gain land, prestige, and piety. Strategy Gamer is moving house - come with us [Timings Update - 24 Hour Notice! These decision IDs can be used with the decision console command. Ironically, it is the capturing of provinces that increases the crusade warscore the most, while winning individual battles does little. As the preparation phase ends, the pledged military candidates receive their share of the 20% distributed booty in the war chest to fund their troops and fleets. The way they have set up the gameplay mechanics gives me hope that participating in a crusade means we will now have a great military campaign with ups and downs along the way.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). If the Pope is a vassal, the liege has to allow external Vassal Wars for the option to appear.

For some completely unexplainable reason, Crusader Kings 2's community and developers have a bit of a fascination with the crusades.However, since the crusades were one of the first things that arrived with Crusader Kings 2 they are a bit underdeveloped, at least compared to what their true potential could be. When the Pope calls for a crusade, there is a timer to when it officially begins.

French kings in the 11th century couldn't even leave the safety of their own castle because their vassals would murder them to death, and kings in general had to be close to the lands they ruled to assert their power, so ruling both a kingdom in Europe and the holy land is simply not doable.

For me, this is a nice addition to authenticity and immersion, something that I feel Crusader Kings II has been continuously been getting better at by emulating a living and breathing medieval world. The penalty disappears upon joining the crusade, and is replaced with a bonus. Selecting Crusade Benefitiary and Keeping Titles.


Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. If the targeted kingdom does not exist, it is created for free and given to the victor. The kingdom recipient also gains the Crusader King/Queen trait, giving +35 same religion opinion and other benefits, but disqualifying them from most elections.

The result? In the First Crusade only, the recipient also founds the Crusade Lord bloodline.

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