News: cbr300r engine swap

A 305cc big bore will make more power FWIW. As always, thanks for your understanding. which is most likely out of the range of the stock sensor. I also realized today that I didn't need to cut the speed sensor connector, I could've just swapped it from the CRF [emoji2357], newb mistake. I'm with you, I'll have a mechanic do it. The CBR stater cable is a little shorter as well, reaches but has some tension, i'll have to revisit that. OP said you've already done the swap. ability to adjust for barometric pressure, elevation, temperature, when disconnected? its very good. So I trailered the bike home and had a mechanic check it out. I priced out the 250L rebuild parts at they would be about $900 CND plus shipping to a buddies addy in Arizona who will bring them back when they return after the winter (I'm in Prince George). Let us know how you like it when it is done. My mechanic is modifying the exhaust header for the O2 sensor for me while putting new tires on. Enjoy the reliability of a water-cooled 250cc or 300cc Honda engine, with 6 speeds, and lots of … I do know the EJK only adds fuel but it would be nice to know the range of computer effect. Heck yeah man. but i have check engine.

Nice man. As of right now, I don't plan on doing any engine mods as its fairly new. Thanks for all the info milky.

Recommended Posts. i have 14/40 stars. Interesting. The bike definitely feels different with the way it delivers power. And I still have my 250l engine, ecu and throttle body to either sell or use as parts.

For you and Cuttle, what did you guys do with the O2 sensor and pair valve? It's reading a report like the one above directly comparing it to the power of the ktm that makes me think why not!

I also have a 500exc, but someday would like to add something similar to the crf 300 for mini adventure type activities. It was pretty basic, everything was plug and play except the stater connector and speed sensor connector. Chimera is the first company to introduce a centered/under-tail exit header for … @Cuttlefish Would love to hear your thoughts now that you've had your 300r engine in for a while. So I take that as a yes it does disable it. Torque is exactly what I'm looking for. I think that our O2 sensors are narrow band - i.e.

Let's get these drywall screws out of the lid and see what's inside. Time to change the gearing.

Just got my EJK back from Dobek all freshly reprogrammed for the 300R, excited to try it out this weekend coming up. AFR is AFR, does not matter what you add or remove from your engine. With out the sensor, the computer may my fall into a stationary mode that, can be adjusted by the EJK tuner, but you loose the computer's ability to. Only issue i seemed to have noticed is the clutch doesn't seem to like the castrol activo part synthetic oil. I've been running 14/48 which is ideal IMO for the 250L gearbox. Finished up some minor things, added some. I'm planning on swapping in a CBR300r engine. vdawg0003, Aug 16, 2018 #2. vdawg0003 Need to ride more! 2020 KTM Duke 200, What Do You Want To Know? Recently sold the cbr but I’m itching to ride! Yes i'll be parting out all the good parts from the CBR. I have been researching this swap for about 2 years now, it's finally a reality!

Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved. StockCB300F 26 HP at 8500 RPM, and 20 ft-lbs. 2014 Honda CRF300L Awesome bike upgraded to the way it should have been made. The throttle body and ECU from the same bike. I had to take the fuel nozzle from the CRF and attach it to the CBR fuel line. Does the EFI computer fall into a stationary mode like a carb with out it? That got me a little nervous about snagging an engine off ebay. 1. cbr300r 286cc engine 2. cbr300r BODY ASSY., THROTTLE ( GQ9JA B ) part # 16400-KYJ-902 3. cbr300r ECU: part # 38770-K33-A02 4. cbr300r HOSE, FUEL FEED: part # 17570-K33-D01 5. crf250l HOSE, FUEL FEED part # 17526-KZZ-901 and RETAINER part # 17711-MGE-003 (swap this from crf250l fuel line and attach to cbr300r fuel line) 6. crf250l CABLE, STARTER MOTOR part # 32410-KZZ-900 (swap … How does the gearing compare and how do you mostly use the bike? The throttle response wasn't as linear as on mine but over all the bikes are very evenly matched and in some cases (due to different gearboxes) I could pull away from him depending on what gear we were in. Yes this is backwards, should be facing the other way. Now mind you his is an older model and bone stock but I was still expecting it to have around 25% more power on tap - it didn't. I've had the new engine with mods in for about 5-6 months now and can say it is worth every penny if you're looking for more ... everything. Throttle cables look like they're interchangeable, I just kept my original ones, had no need to change them. I'll bring it to the mechanic on Monday, or maybe tonight, no I should wait till Monday. I don't have an ejk and don't feel like it needs it. msx/grom cbr250r/300r engine swap. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.ThumperTalk® is a registered trademark. By I was reading mixed things on some forums for the CBR300R about those two. Dropping down to 14/40. I will definitely be changing the rear sprocket down to 40 for now and probably end up with a 15/38 combo down the road by recommendation of another Rider on advrider forums.

Maybe down the road if i get bored. Then I priced out the stroker parts and it would be about $1600 CND. o2 sensor  I will pour from the cfr, because the sensor from the CBR was broken .. Could the check be lit because of it? Less parts, less problems and i don't have to tap into the cylinder head or modify the header pipe for the o2 sensor. We do not represent these vehicles and our opinions have no warranty or guarantee. On October 2, 2018 at 2:21 PM, vdawg0003 said: On 10/31/2018 at 8:02 AM, 95 Lowbuck said: On November 2, 2018 at 9:25 AM, vdawg0003 said: Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved. Any plans to mod the engine, like cams or tuning? I started researching a prospective engine swap. also had to interrupt the ECU unit. Chimera is the first company to introduce a centered/under-tail exit header for the Honda Grom in America! Once completed this sounds like the perfect sensible dual sport, mini adventure machine. He wanted to know what to do with a sender that appears to be orientated backwards.

Which brings me back to my original question, do you lose the bikes. I think I only rode it stock twice, don't really remember well enough to compare. Now I have to source the throttle body and ecu. I didn't have any issues with wire management. The vendor also had the ecu, throttle body, coil and spark plug listed too. The engine only has 117 miles, and the oil level was way above max, I had to drain some. ). I've only used this tool once so far (when putting the current chain on) and have been looking forward to using it again. I'm going to do a full oil change on Wednesday to be safe. So if you have a EJK and leave the O2 sensor hooked up is the over all mixture going to be leaned out as compared to a the same bike with same EJK and same setting with the O2 removed or disconnected? 2 hours ago, Kompact said: Half … So I'm interested in the 300 engine swap (the mechanic would do it). That looks like almost 50% more torque to me. I am excited for you man, can't wait to ride it when you come over.... if you'll let me. FYI The 250L was fitted with a de-tuned CBR250 engine. Also, I swapped the longer starter cable from the CRF. Here is a list of things I put together that I consider to be all the essentials for a full CBR300r engine swap into a CRF250l. Put some new oil and filter in today, now need to ride it out for 500-600 miles. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.ThumperTalk® is a registered trademark.   some short time after departure showed speed, but not true. Hi everyone! Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 29, 2019. What did you pay CND (or US price) for the motor, ECU and Throttle Bodies? Beyond that, it’s been well-farkled for adventure riding with DirtBagz luggage, PMR rack, BajaWorx windshield, Flatland skidplate, Acerbis 3 gallon tank, Seat Concepts low seat, FMF header, Tusk folding shifter, handguards, and much more. Throughout the day we swapped bikes back and forth and I was blown away by how well mine stacked up. Nothing else changed.

Ejk coming back in the mail tomorrow. Chimera Engineering CBR Engine swap kits would allow you to install a Honda NC51 (300cc) or Honda MC41 (250cc) engine onto a 2014-2020 Honda Grom and 2019+ Honda Monkey! I'm going to go down this route in the next few months once I'm back in Thailand I reckon. Followers 13. The sale includes many stock parts – seat, gas tank, front/rear sprockets, taillight, rear fender, etc. Cuttle has a thread about his swap @ Advrider found here, engine goes straight in  ecu throttle body  ditto, ...check if the crank recall has been done if you can, you will need to extend  most of the wiring  ..easy enough   to do. CBR300R Engine Swap Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Instagram; Pinterest; Newsletter; Sign in to follow this . I've put on about 7,300 miles on it. Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Cuttlefish, Jan 7, 2017. The only unexpected thing i ran into was the fuel line. Did not waste time and started the tear down last night. It seemed to run fine without it but I occasionally got check engine lights. By Kompact, June 17, 2017 in CRF250L/M/Rally. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved. Need to buy that 12oclocklabs speedo calibrator. vdawg0003, September 20, 2018 in CRF250L/M/Rally. but i have  check engine. Keep up the work and share your progress with us. Honda has to tune for smog, very lean to make the cat work right. Ride ADV stuff eg blacktop to gravel roads with 4 WD tracks when with guys on 600-1200cc bikes. The same parts list from a CND part supplier is about $1500. Glad to hear that. I did some research over the last couple months on big bore kits vs engine swap and decided to finally pursue the CBR300r engine swap. Video coming soon.

So from what i've read, the following is what i'll need to complete the swap along with my personal preference oil and coolant. I added a Bill Blue "283" big bore kit to mine before installing it to further increase displacement.... How involved is it to get the honda suspension up to an acceptable level of performance to go along with the new "big block" motor? its  very  good. He said the piston and cylinder are seized so I'm looking at a rebuild. It couldn't get any simpler according to my mechanic. Spring 2015 As with any new bike, you can only keep it stock for so long until your hands start itching. What about throttle cables? My CRF doesn't have a cat. Quick question... Are you running a FMF head pipe with the OE muffler? The engine is hard to find as they only appear once in a while on ebay and don't include all the components for the full swap, so I decided to just get a whole bike from an auction which came out to be as much as buying the engine separately.

One of my only complaints with the CRF250L is a lack of power (especially when you’re exploring in elevation), which makes this specific CRF-L particularly interesting – it has the 30 horsepower/20 lb-ft motor out of a Honda CBR300R! You can actually kill a cat by running too rich. Does it matter if its a CBR300 or a CB300R engine?

I did a short trip down to Wayne National forest with my cousin but not get much offroading opportunity since the weather was bad. Are they interchangeable between the CRF and CBR? Nice, if you don't mind me asking what did you pay? now constantly shows 0

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