News: can we reuse salt for cooking used for baking

Same is true with bread dough, just a little salt takes the flavor from flat to full. When producing Kosher salt the raw salt undergoes cleaning and otherwise a “koshering“ process that also includes looking through it to pick out any bugs that may have made their way in (which if they have then the salt will not be kosher). Salt also affects the tenderness of a baked good. Reply, That’s the very salt I had too! Reply, IMO, the biggest factor is geometry, and the Diamond kosher is a really lovely budget option. Kosher salt is also the preferred salt for brining, curing and often pickling, as it doesn’t contain iodine. Happy baking. You’ll get used to the taste and know how salty it is and after a while, it’ll become instinctive to you how much to add. Celtic sea salt or southern France sea salt is extracted from the water of the North Atlantic Ocean. I’m also a big fan of Maldon sea salt flakes and Fleur de Sel de Guerande Sea Salt for finishing. It does something wonderful to the flavor of chocolate as well. Add a little salt to egg wash to thin it down. :-) Reply, Watch Helen Rennie salt video on you tube. Although some of these minerals are important for body function, their contribution from the Himalayan salt is extremely marginal, as they are tiny. A certain advantage of using Himalayan salt is that it may be a “cleaner salt”. Coarse salt. Salt “denatures”, or loosens up, egg proteins. Chuck: There are some tricks to dealing with oversalted food. Alternatively, sea salt can be used in a salt grinder as a finishing salt. It tends to retain less moisture, so caking doesn’t occur, even without the introduction of anti-caking agents. Table salt. You won’t believe how many times I get asked about salt(s). For example, 1 teaspoon of table salt is equal by weight to 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons of kosher salt, depending on the brand. In other parts of the world, salt is also found in deep underground deposits, like in the salt mines of the Himalayas.

All rights reserved. Doesn’t the fiber salt get distributed more evenly throughout the dry part of the mix? I used sel moulu de Guerand… But I have used gros sel de Guerand before to quite a similar effect. Ugh. Reply, Like Rob, I use smoked salt for a lot of things (obviously just when I’m looking for a smoky flavor.) I defer to the weight of nonstick Reynold’s Wrap. Filed Under: baking Ingredients, Baking School Tagged With: baking science, salt. Reply, I use Haine’s iodized sea salt.

so get used to your “house salt” and you’ll be a much better, and happier, cook. To get the most significant aesthetic benefit from pink salt, use it coarsely ground and as a finishing salt that you add at the last minute. I think you are saying you don’t use fine salt for baking…im on the fence. To each their own… Reply, I learned the hard way that Himalayan Salt doesn’t contain iodine., But I’m still not into gritty food. Table salt has added iodine (to prevent goiter) and often times contains anti-caking agents as well.

Get FREE ACCESS to every recipe and rating from theis season of our TV show. Reply, Can you recommend a mail order source for grey salt in the US? However, as far as I know, too much iodine is as bad for you as too little iodine, so if you eat a lot of fish (not freshwater fish) and especially algae (and I do like Japanese food, which uses them a fair bit) I guess using iodised table salt is at best unnecessary but might even be detrimental to your health. The main reason I use it, though, is that I like the flavor. Like other coarse salts, Himalayan pink salt can give your dish a crunchy texture. For baking, choose a fine grain rock or white sea salt. Himalayan salt contains tiny residues of minerals and oxides such as copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, chromium. Thanks for such a great and informative post! Reply, It comes from Belgium, and to my taste doesn’t have an “iodized” after taste. Perhaps someone else will chime in with some advice? Click here. Since salt acts as a reinforcer for all flavors and aromas in the bread, a loaf that is salt-free may end up flat, bland and colorless.

For medical reasons my husband is now on a very low sodium diet and I have adjusted my cooking accordingly. Reply. Read more….

Reply, This is what Real Salt says about the grit… Re-read the recipe and found that kosher salt was to be used. I avoid fine or granulated salt, such as the one, above on the left. People used to think it would dry out meat (like the butcher who served me an unsalted steak recently in France, which was flavorless), but it was the late Judy Rodgers of Zuni Café who promoted salting meat in advance, which she learned when she was cooking in France and it’s something I always do. So I have returned to iodized salt for baking and cooking, and use camargue fleur de sel for finishing. I started working at my father's bakery when I was 9 years old.

Salt is one of the five basic flavors we taste and crave.When baking bread, salt plays a critical role in the outcome of the final product. You are here: Home / Cooking / Cooking With Himalayan Salt: The Dos And Don’ts. If you swap out the type of salt listed in a recipe you’ll need to weigh your ingredients to be sure you’re adding the same amount of salt. Anti-caking agents are added to prevent clumping, as is iodine, a nutrient not always naturally present in salt. I have about five kinds of salt. 3 weeks after switching to HS in my kitchen I fainted & ended up in the ER.

Salt is an important and essential bread ingredient. Cooking With Himalayan Salt: The Dos And Don’ts, Shop fiery spices at the PepperScale Spicery. Can’t we just take for granted that we should add a little salt to every recipe without considering the effect? A FINE SUB: LoSalt salt substitute works fine in baking.

The color is a striking addition to food and a dramatic reminder that you are consuming something out of the ordinary. Had just been swapping for crystals.

It has been buried in the center of the earth for many years, and therefor remained isolated from contaminants that may affect other sources of salt – for example, micro-plastic particles and other waste products found in seawater these days. This process means it is usually stripped from most of its natural minerals. I wish I had read all this before baking yesterday.

Morton’s contains 1% or less of calcium silicate, so I don’t know where your “one-third” comes from. Your call. PROSea salt is usually a non- iodized salt so there is non of that bitter after taste in your loaf.CONSay it with me: pollution, pollution, pollution!

So I don’t worry about having to use iodized salt. Reply, Thanks for the salt!

Any thoughts? Do you mean that any salt you buy in the U.S. invariably contains iodine? Table salt, sea salt and kosher salt can all be used for baking. When it came to the pie crust, which contained the highest concentration of salt of the three recipes tested, all of our tasters were able to pick out the sample with LoSalt, but once we filled the crust, the difference wasn’t noticeable. Fleur de sel sea salt (the purest form, forming on the top layer of salt pans during the evaporation process) has a stronger, saltier flavour, and should be used more sparingly. It has affected the way I feel about Amazon because my critical review is gone (although I posted a question on there about grit today) and the company seems to be a big advertiser on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In terms of taste, it is suggested that the refinement process strips the salt of its desirable flavour, leaving a blander by-product. For years I got fine sea salt from the bulk bins at the local health food store for 49 cents a pound. Salt has antimicrobial properties, which means that it will be easy to clean your salt block after cooking on it.

Kosher salt is a coarse-grained flaky salt. Reply, wonder if I should order “velvet” or “fine” grey salt? It is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, especially before and during pregnancy. Table salt is usually produced from underground mines. When to use it: The benefits of table salt are its consistency in saltiness, as well as its refined size, which makes it easy to measure.

Basically it was there before mankind was around to spread pollution in the seas so that’s something. Reply, I’ve learned that it’s much easier to add more seasoning, salt, then to take too much out. If a recipe doesn’t have salt in it, sometimes it’ll have baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as an ingredient, which contains salt, as does baking powder, which contains a smaller amount of sodium bicarbonate. Kosher salt. Reply, For table use and “saltier” friends what salt is best for salt shakers? She explaines everything.

I advise any cook to find a salt you like and make that your “house” salt. Hi, my name is Amit. It’s the only salt I’ve ever used that had grit.

Rather, salt reduces bitterness and allows sweetness to come forward, producing a more well-rounded flavor. For baking, kosher salt is best in recipes where's there's a lot of liquid, so you can be sure the large grains will dissolve. Surprised you can find Morton kosher salt in the Dordogne, unless you bring it over?

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