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Authors note: So I figured I would help this ship along as very few have attempted it. I hope I did not hurt you too badly. And to... to get it out of you that you actually want a relationship with me? "It's fine," she told him quickly. Turkey appeared to be something associated with Thanksgiving as well but Nia does not complain as she remembers just how hungry she is. There was a lot of data to go through not to mention a report he had yet to get around to writing. I am sure others will also be dressed so stop hogging the bathroom.". She feels like the walls are closing in and as his hand is in hers she tries to contain the 'eep' that threatens to come out. Story revolves around a very sweet Nikolas and Gia romance and just a little tiny bit of Liz bashing :). She shouldn’t be here, she shouldn’t be in danger like this, and it’s all Querl’s fault that she is. Nia watches him crack a smile and then wince some, no doubt still sore after Lena's lifesaving cure. Her hands were shaking, and she tried not to crush Brainy's gift or melt it with her sweaty palms. I don't have any plans really so I'll have plenty of time for it later.". "I believe that you would say that it is a... pleasant surprise? We are just two powered beings who walk similar paths but can never be…together…if you get what I am saying. "You would be right.". Honestly it kind of was a bit…tight in some areas, and, this might not be the best fit for a Christmas party. Anonymous asked: Hi! "I'm a bit sore, but, otherwise I am doing well. When Brainy found Dreamer, he didn't release her; instead, he instructed her to go through a portal with the other alien refugees, then astral project to tell him their location. Story starts off four years from now with Nik and Gia in a secluded cabin nestled in the woods, little do they know that someone is watching them as they enjoy their little vacation together before planning their wedding.

Only then did he plan to liberate the camp and stop Lex Luthor.

He took a seat as he let his guard down. "Listen, Brainy, relationships aren't without stumbles and falls. "If only it were as simple as that Director Danvers, no, such relationships are never meant to last. Nia begins to look in her bed feeling panic set in.

Indeed, he even dedicated his life to helping others by becoming a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Nia continued to play conversations in her head figuring if she could latch on to some sanity that she will get through this. Enjoy yourself…celebrate with those who care for you the way you are. ", Brainy's eyebrows scrunched. Thankss. She danced about till she came to her room and she settled onto her sheets still in her red dress. "Of course, if it helps the mother of Alex and Kara I will do all in my power." Here I am very much in the dark.". I want you to know how much I appreciate…you. Alternate reality in which Gia and Lucky are together but Gia's prenant and it's not Lucky's. Nia was a bit frazzled and she could not believe she had slept in. "Thank you very much Nia Nal," he said. "It is…a bit of a stretch at times. It seemed he was just a little too scared to try. Nik and Gia change their minds and they are reunited at the end of this story. Nia asked, suddenly wondering if Brainy even wanted to see her. Well…on Earth when someone is unhappy in their own body, say if they are born male and wish to transition…they undergo an operation to become the opposite sex. She had gotten up, glad her roommate was out of town as the knocking persisted, over and over and over again until she was practically running for the door. Would you mind helping me here in the kitchen?" Alternate Universe story in which Gia was married to Lucky and his dying wish was for her to marry Nik and live with him and her son. Fanfiction that deals with the pain that comes from a memory of something Gia and Liz have both shared and how Nik and Gia come together because of it. James closes his eyes and Nia smiles softly before leaving. Brainy did not see her as someone who had been born male, no, he saw her for who she was. in Gia's POV. "I do not understand," he told her. Ben Lockwood…and his alien hating group were seeking her out. He had been to her's a couple times, like during the 5 am visit and when her roommate threw her Valentine's Day bash, but she had never been invited to his place or had had a reason to go. Especially new ones. Now all she needed to do was get to the Danvers before she talked herself out of this. Kara suggests with a lively smile. Or- or what about that time, after her mom had died, when Brainy had knocked on her door at 5 in the morning? "An... okay surprise?" It is better to just ignore these feelings and press on with the duties I am assigned.". ", If that wasn't adorable Nia didn't know what was. I've never seen the necessity of it before you. Her skin is flushed and her heart is racing inside of her chest. I still find myself adjusting and having to look up certain terms. A collection of drabbles surrounding Brainy and Nia and their amazing relationship. ", Brainy's eyes went wide. All in all she found herself behind schedule and moving fast in this dress was not exactly easy.

“If you insist,” Querl says, and he hopes that Kara comes soon.

Nia had reached Brainy's door. Author's Note: Yayyyy more Brainy and Nia! Alluring Stranger,Eternal Commitment, Endless Devotion, Crossing The Line, Bittersweet,Everyone Makes Mistakes. Wait…did he know? Alluring Stranger,Eternal Commitment, Endless Devotion, Crossing The Line, Bittersweet,Not Quite Paradise. In time you two might find yourselves back together, but, for now be there for him as a friend. Brainy turns to face James as he takes a long sip of his drink. "You do realize it is Christmas right? It helps to pass the time and you won't be thinking about food.". What You Feel Interlude, What You feel, Wind Song. It may not be long before he realizes there is no logic in traditional heroism and takes a villainous turn. Farewell.". Speed walking in them or even huffing it as she did she felt like her heels themselves had taken a punishment all on its own. ", "Well..." Nia said slowly. Kara truly was the heart of the group. Sadly her heart was barely keeping it together and she wanted to comfort him but it was hard doing so at arms distance. She began to sketch out her dream along with a message for Brainy and the others. Listen, um, I have heard from James about…things, well, not so much things as you being a transgender woman. To be nice.

Nia heard footsteps on the other side of the door. Authors note: I hope you all enjoyed this story. I shouldn't be the one though to give relationship advice given my turn of relationships." *  Gia is Sonny's sister in this fanfiction. ", "Right, I get it, and thank you James. He should have known there would be retaliation. He looks rather handsome…not that he wasn't, just, keep it together Nia. She will be made an example of and exposed to the rest of the world." Curiosity was piqued but James pulls him off as everyone is gathering to sing some Christmas tunes. However, seeing how I am at work…perhaps after." I am sorry, it is just…Brainy doesn't want to be with me." Your review has been posted. So if you would like to send feedback to an author and don't see there e-mail you can send it to me at. "Right…converse, I get you. For those who watched the last episode regarding these two Brainy appeared to make the decision for the both of them that nothing would ever come of them, pfft, no shipper wants to hear that. "Yes, without a doubt this is where one of those freaks live. ", "I am... a little confused," Brainy admitted slowly. "Of course, my apologies…it is just the food looks so good I could not resist myself. Nia had reached Brainy's door. This plan is fail proof.” Kara said reassuringly. Nia had recited so many of her written work before this mirror or before her roommate. What had he said? It is a serious operation and one that even undergone requires a lot of time and patience to get a grasp of that new version of them. "Brainy…are you drunk?"

"We are gathered here today with loved and dear ones and after all we have been through we are truly appreciative that we can join hands today. But he had done so in a way that made Nia feel... not heartbroken. RELATED: Supergirl Season Finale Title Homages the Worst Superman Movie, Ever. Then she heard the latch unbolt and the door slowly swung open. “Brainy,” Nia says quietly, her voice nervous, “how are we going to get out of here?”, “You’ll be alright,” Querl says. Tell me something James, what are your thoughts on Nia? Nia smiles politely and Brainy takes a moment before cracking a smile. Brainy places his hands behind his back. It is important though to not treat them any differently than when they were the other gender. ", "Please don't, um, it is alright if you know. Nia wondered if something was wrong with her…if somehow her dream powers were weakening or just chose random times to help people.

It was true…there was a fine line of food assembled and he was quite hungry on the way there. She had stepped in some gum which, eww, and then tons of foot traffic which never was favorable on the holiday. Thank you for this James." RELATED: Supergirl Promo Reveals a Major Upgrade for Agent Liberty. "So Brainy…how are you adjusting to Earth's customs?" Nia cried out as her face was struck and her arms were held out. Her skin is flushed and her heart is racing inside of her chest. Was she being stupid in thinking that he actually did want a relationship with her? Truth be told she had forgot she bought this so long ago. Tonight he was going on a date with Nia, their first real “earth” date. Fanfiction that deals with the pain that comes from a memory of something Gia and Liz have both shared and how Nik and Gia come together because of it. Brushing her hair out in the mirror she finds a flash of an image settling into her consciousness. Hmm…the meal is almost ready just have to wait for the others to get here.". luthortargaryen .

Set shortly after the events of the hospital as Brainy and Nia deal with what might have been. "You are right; I should go and tell her how I feel. Nia could not believe it, and, if this were an actual dream unlike the other…they were coming for her. Next chapter deals with a whole new situation for Brainy as his feelings begin to crystallize. Eliza seems to nod her head while also handling the tasks before her. Now who could have hung that up there?" Nia takes a moment to compose herself as she had spent a good deal of time lost in thought. "Work will not be the same without our leader around.". I'm not familiar with the term." "You seemed kinda upset not to be able to get one at the hospital, so I figured I'd pick one up for you.

"I would like nothing more. "I apologize about the state of my home," he said, sounding a little embarrassed. Nia says as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. So there'll be some mentions of episodes and plots from season 4 at the very beginning) There are those who are not with us that were before and wherever they are it is surely the hope of ever one that they are once more in our lives someday. I was able to be myself, both alien and human.” “And you should be allowed to do that here, too.” Brainy said, becoming increasingly frustrated. "Brainy…keep being you, don't change. His place wasn't anything special. So if you would like to send feedback to an author and don't see there e-mail you can send it to me at just tell me what story and who wrote it and I will send it to the author:D "Oh, well, sorry to hear that. forever. I will try doing that now." It's not fair to- to not let yourself date me or whatever just because you think that. She discovered comics thanks to the plethora of movies and television she grew up with, like Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man, the original X-Men film trilogy, X-Men: Evolution and Justice League Unlimited. ", "Oh, no, no," Nia told him hurriedly.

"Even though you said you didn't.". Meagan Damore has served as a CBR Editor since January 2015, though she got her start as a staff reviewer in 2013.

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