News: bmw f800gs reliability

That’s when I started looking for safe solutions and discovered RumbleOn. With 85 fuel-injected horsepower, this should be more power than any rider ever needs. As you would expect with any F series from BMW, the 800 has an enduro-inspired design. Rear pedal travels too far before biting. One thing’s for sure: this bike can easily satisfy any thrill-seeker’s appetite. I needed to trade my ATV ages ago, and the thought of working with dealers and anonymous third parties freaked me out. In my experience, this is a seriously flawed and dangerous bike to ride due electrical and mechanical failures. At £6999 the price is possibly the new GS’s biggest trump card of all. Although difficult to diagnose at first, this shaking, which feels like a bent front wheel or brake rotor, is actually wind hitting their shoulders in syncopation. Price: Starts at slightly more than the base model. Never been a fan of twins in general, but this does have plenty of go. Okay, here’s what we think we know.. in order of starting price: *As far as we can tell, the Blackline and Trophy are exclusive to Europe. Superb bike. When you’re on the road, it performs like a street bike. The KTM – While KTM ownership doesn’t include as many club & networking opportunities, riders will still find themselves automatically connected to the wide world of racing. Easy to live with, peppy enough for most of what I want to do, excellent fuel economy, 10,000km servicing, nothing gone wrong. They sell you the myth of cutting edge technology but negate to tell you they have 'stone age' reliability., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Ouch! Includes: ABS, a Rear-Light LED, Rain and Road riding modes, and BMW’s super fancy Ride-by-Wire electronic control system. The fuel economy is excellent and the grin factor is off the scale! Both the KTM 990 Adventure and BMW F800GS are great bikes, so it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your body type, riding style, travel plans, etc. Around town, its a joy, very nippy and easy to handle. What you get with the Trophy is an aluminium bash plate, handguards with spoilers, a two-tone black and grey seat and a tasty blue and white paint job. As for off road, I cannot comment as not been there...........yet. Riding mode information is also displayed on the dash too. Yes probably not that common ... but it sure is spectacular when it happens! Try taking a CBR or anything on gravel and let us know how that goes. “...for true globetrotters for whom no destination is too remote and who want to conquer the world off the beaten track.” (, A great introduction into the world of Enduro, A comfortable commuter bike that can also be used for touring and off-road shenanigans. I'd heard good things about the 800 GS. Still, the bike offers agility from left to right, both in the dirt and on the pavement. The whole F700GS and F800GS and F800GS Adventure range also now got ride-by-wire throttle control of the engine which means they can have rider modes made available. Seems that even slight bouncing of the front end over bumps on pavement will send that ABS-pulsing through to the front brake lever, making you wonder if you would have stopped faster without the ABS on. I spied a flatter saddle there. Otherwise you won't want to spend days on it. It’s also got a price that’s hugely tempting too. Thank goodness. Or is that a “Travel Equpiment” designation?

Price: Starts at slightly more than the base model. All registered in England and Wales. Aside from that, I'd just like to know why Honda, how did you not include simple heated grips, a charging outlet, or center stand on this bike? Something you can easily maneuver down a smooth stretch of pavement, or confidently manhandle through a ragged river pass. Been flawless so far, and with the help of FS365 weathered the winter ravages and came out unscathed in spring.

Wondering where that random dirt road goes to on the way home from work each day? f800 problems/ reliability. Engine: 798cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin w/ four valves per cylinder, Front suspension: 43mm inverted forks; 9.1 inches of travel, Rear suspension: Cast aluminum swingarm, WAD strut (travel-related damping), spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable, rebound damping adjustable; 8.5 inches of travel, Front brakes: Dual floating 300mm discs w/ four-piston fixed calipers, Rear brake: 265mm disc, with dual-piston floating caliper. Home » Motorcycles » The BMW F 800 GS – Still the King. Get your trade-in value today. The outcome of that may change my opinion but so far all the issues haven't put me off and I would recommend it to everyone. Just expect more of a workout than you would on a single-cylinder 250lb dirt bike, and to be lagging behind your 250/450cc buddies in the whoops :), Onward to fire roads, paved twisties, or any for a multi-day, mixed-terrain adventure with luggage on the back and arms wrapped around you, and both bikes will shine. Both of which are obviously a lot faster than the F8GS but the GS is so flickable and easy to ride it never fails to please :) Capable enough when you want to veer right onto a dirt path, but subtle when she needs to be., Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Its a long way down though - stopping at junctions I found my leg sometimes wafting about helplessly rather than planted on the tarmac...but some careful planning when you stop sorts that out.

In 2016 we spent a year living with a BMW F800GS - check out the long-term test here. After two hours my butt didn't want too much longer in the seat which dissapointed me.

Now I'm not so sure. Since you’re unlikely to be racing this bike, this shouldn’t matter so much…but it’s still a factor that keeps it from being a great transmission. *Maybe only available in Europe. But not a friendly saddle. I hope they fix the issue on the '11 model . The undisputed king of enduro and rally racing across the globe, other KTM riders will instantly lend a hand to their non-racing friends donning orange. see our post about “Horsepower Gains on the KTM 990. Within these general categories below though, it'll be clear which of the 2 bikes I would choose on any given day. Perhaps it was over reading but guesstimated on tank at start and refill to tank level at the end of the ride I dont think its that far out. Your clueless friends might even say, “Oh so you bought a high-powered dirt bike?” – at which point you can laugh in their face, and remove said friend from your life completely for displaying such ignorance. Great looking (confirmed by child and father at crossing), fun torquey performance (unless you want warp speed), seemed good economy maybe 40-50mpg from what I could tell. It would seem that the short list of flaws on the BMW is just a little bit longer than on the KTM’s at this point, but there’s other factors we didn’t address here like cost, availability, parts network, (3 categories where BMW would undoubtedly win.) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-1965352595345478", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My bike's going in at the weekend to get the paint sorted out. I want to know what are the common issues so I … Its sheer grin factor everytime I go out to do this. Although there have been occasional hiccups in recent years, there should be little to worry about with the new F800GS. Even with my nearly 100lbs in excess of the average weight most bikes are built for, the stock suspension feels active instead of dead, and despite being heavier than the F800GS, the AT somehow feels lighter to me (more lively and active suspension.) Granted, I am new to this site. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing,

As fuel is used and you near the empty point, the slight feeling of “tail heaviness” naturally disappears.

Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Then I start playing with the roads doing everything I don't on my GSX, aim for the bumps, aim for the man-holes and go straight over the speed bumps (no need to slow down). For riders who strictly want to commute; that’s what cruisers are for, A racehorse—85 ponies and 61 lbs-ft of torque is a bit modest when compared to other dual sport breeds. With compression, preload and rebound adjustment options built in both front and rear, you can tune this bike to your liking and really make an off-road warrior out of it.

If some people only buy something that is "affordable", good for them too, at least they have something to ride. And while I’m sure BMW would encourage riders to get into all sorts of off-road shenanigans on the F800GS Adventure, some terrain (mainly the rutty kind) is just not conducive to its front suspension travel. Granted, we see some tough terrain, potholes, rocks, and ridges and can either swap out the wheel during the tour, or just ride with a minor dent no problem. Buy a KLR. The F800GS Triple Black comes with a deep black paint finish, with fork tubes and rims in anodised black counterpointed nicely by chrome spokes. Given what it is though, the F800GS will impress even sport bike riders as it flips from one side to the other on pavement, and it’s 21-inch front wheel allows for similar east of guidance in the dirt. Really like the engine, nice delivery up to 5000 rpm, which is 80mph in top gear. Yes, I reckon I would, but only once I've tried a 690 Enduro R to see if that can really do it all..... Find the front brake a tad snatchy, though the abs works well. x 57.1 in. Others are just saying it’s fuel quality - or lack thereof. It was quickly evident that its native territory was back roads where the power was plenty and punchy, overtaking and cruising with ease. How does it stack up against the rival KTM though? Next up: Reliability 5 out of 5 (5/5) A thrapping, motocross-infused soundtrack comes thanks to the Beemer’s new crank layout and firing order. Yes, having that fuel weight low on the bike is a smart design, and yes it's still a fun bike with the strange wheel size combination, but the F800GS just always felt a little mismatched to me. Joined: Feb 26, 2009 Oddometer: 118 Location: Arkansas. The BMW F 800 GS might just be the bike you’ve always wanted. Before buying I also rode the Triumph, they are really similar, I just preferred the sound of the twin. Except AC Schnitzer has modified this F800GS to the point it is now a brilliant supermoto.

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