News: blue langshan rooster

If you are looking for a particular variety of Langshan, check out my article, Langshan chicken hatcheries and breeders. Croad Langshans were used in the development of the Jersey Giant, a popular American breed of chicken. It is important to support breed clubs as they are on the frontline of preserving the breed in quality and quantity! Brahmas and Cochins are heavier than Langshans, but not as tall, and their shanks and feet are more heavily feathered. These chickens have long, feathered legs, a large breast, and a large body.

The organizations and or breeders listed above may also have a host of valuable information about your chickens. In the video below, you can see what the Black Langshan variety looks like. Lol. One Langshan chicken keeper said of her roosters, “We call our roosters hero-birds because they will not back down to predators while other roosters hide and cower. Breeders used the Langshan as stock to improve the black plumage coloring in the British Cochin lines at that time. Despite their large size, Langshan chickens are very gentle with other breeds. Poultry Breeds: Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys: The Pocket Guide to 104 Essential Breeds. They are good layers, but somewhat slow to mature to their full size and begin laying. Miss Croad and other Langshan supporters steadfastly maintained that the Langshan was a distinct breed separate from the Cochin. Category: Ornamental, eggs, & meatOrigin: ChinaEgg-laying ability: GoodBroodiness: ModerateMeat production: GoodCold tolerance: Poor-exceptional (require dry conditions)Heat tolerance: ModeratePredator evasion: Good to exceptionalForaging ability: GoodToleration for confinement: GoodTemperament: DocileAggression toward flock members: LowNoise level: Moderate. However, some major hatcheries are now breeding Langshans, so they are available to backyard chicken keepers in the U.S. Below is a table summarizing the characteristics of these varieties. Most Langshans lay brown eggs that aren’t particularly dark. by Linda Penning If you live in an area with clay-type soil, Langshans are not for you.

Of course, he was no match, and it was a good thing I ran out there with a broom, waving it in the air, but his courage was commendable.”. They can also be raised on any soil type making them one, if not the only, Asiatic breed that is suited to the South States of the USA. Bantam Black Langshan – photo courtesy of Matt Stillman. Below, you can see videos of Black Langshan chicks and White Langshan chicks, respectively. The video below shows a rooster and hens of the White Langshan variety. All 3 varieties have a pinkish tint between the scales on their legs, and feet bottoms that are pinkish white in color. Footer Yes! Similarly, if you have a coop or run setup that makes it so you are unable to keep your chicken’s feathered legs dry during the cold months, forget about Langshans. Heinrichs, Christine. In the video in the section above on Langshans and children, you can see two Black Langshan hens, Cory and Betsy, doing great in a mixed flock. Langshans have excellent meat with an abundance of breast meat.

One chicken keeper said of her rooster, “He is very sweet and gentle with the girls and the other roosters… He scares people with his intimidating size and dark eyes, but he is a big baby.”, Another said that her Langshan rooster was a “tall bird that looked ferocious, but was tame as a pussy cat.”, And another described her White Langshan rooster as a “gentle giant.”. North Adams: Storey Publishing, 2015. Forrest was my neighbor when I was growing up.

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