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Also right: When I heard about the spy ring, I should’ve told the Central Intelligence Agency. Working on that, Abdulai. You can see that only the final name shows the use of possessive punctuation mark – Apostrophe. →Contraction (does+not) I can’t go to the mall tonight.→ Contraction (can+not) Jane’s homework is not finished.→ Possessive (the homework belongs to Jane) The students’ uniforms are white.→ Possessive (the uniforms belong to the students)

We do this to show the reader that we know the word has been shortened and that we know where the missing letter should be. Whereas in the case of plural words the apostrophe will appear after the ‘s’. Apostrophes show that you have omitted letters in contractions. Maria and Jenny’s Bait shop has been prospering. Your email address will not be published.

and a' for all. Examples of contraction apostrophes. But when it comes to names from the ancient world, the ‘s’ is not required after the Apostrophe as in Achilles’ heel. We know what is correct... we just don’t remember why.

Consider these examples: These examples above are wrong as there is no need to add apostrophe to plural items. If the noun you are using is plural and does not end in ‘-s’ then you need to add ‘`s’. In English you can use contractions to shorten a word by removing one letter or more and substituting an apostrophe in the same spot. You can make use of contractions in written as well as spoken English as it can be acceptable in most of the formal writing. Remember to connect us on our Social Media platforms. Have you ever seen so many walrus’ tusks? Geraldine Woods has more than 35 years of teaching experience. He does not know. Below we've listed some of the more common contractions. This can be done by omission or combination of sound and letters. You must be aware that an apostrophe has 3 basic functions: The First Function – The Use In Possessive Noun – You can add an apostrophe to the singular words as well as plural words. In the case of singular words, the apostrophe appears in between the word and the ‘s’. First, certain surnames of non-English origin are written with Apostrophe – Definitions, Functions, Uses with Examples. In writing, we use an apostrophe to indicate that we have omitted one or more letters; that is, within contracted words, apostrophes replace the eliminated letters. Before we get started it is important that both you and your child understand the terminology that is used when teaching grammar. Let us illustrate this: There are instances in which two or more persons share ownership of something. Notice that a couple of contractions are irregular. But I advise you not to use the more colloquial Let us consider some instances of the uses of apostrophe… In Contractions. use any of them except in direct quotations Here are a Here are a few examples: The apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to show either possession or to show contraction. I haven’t seen the report. In standard English, This punctuation mark is an important one whose uses we need to know to put our writings in proper perspectives. When making a contraction, an apostrophe is used to show where letters have been omitted. English is a very interesting language that deals with a lot and lots of grammar. Important note: Contractions must also be carefully distinguished  =  This exercise will give you practice in applying the first principle introduced in Using Apostrophes Correctly: Use an apostrophe to show the omission of letters in a contraction. David’s cousin is my friend. Example. Here are some of the commonest examples, with their Contractions. duddy who doesn't quite approve of anything that's happened since 1912. Apostrophes for Omitted Letters. })(120000); intimidating, I've been using a few contractions here and there, though not as (Correct – plural version), Children’s teeth can really hurt them when they cut. Contractions should be adopted, expanded and understood by all. There are so few of these that you can easily learn them all. would no more use violoncello than he would apply the word omnibus to a A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by omission of internal letters and sounds. In this article, we'll break down the teaching of apostrophes when looking specifically at using them in contractions. We only use cookies on our website to monitor how it is used. With this positive attitude toward grammar, you won’t feel that it is hard and impossible to learn. Instead, let your ears be your guide. }, Question Mark (function( timeout ) { Colon Semicolon.

We've recommended five to ensure they feel secure in their knowledge - 5-a-day helps keeps the learning loss at bay (or so we think!). This helps us to ensure the site is easy to navigate. Are they keen to start practising straight away? By Geraldine Woods . Check these examples: When a word ends in ‘s’, there is no need to add another ‘s’ as you can see from the given examples. Apostrophes for Plural of Letters and Figures, Omission of the First Two Digits of a Year, Confusions to Avoid in the Use of Apostrophe, examples of possessive apostrophe sentences, punctuation mark used to indicate possession, sentences with apostrophes for possession, showing possession with names ending in s, what punctuation mark indicates possession, what punctuation mark is used in a contraction. Get them started on the lesson below and then jump into our teacher-created activities to practice what they've learnt. Try to find examples in children’s books to show them. Contractions. Collective Nouns instead the 1939–1945 war. Now, if we're honest this is something that most adults can still get wrong. display: none !important; This is because it is frequently spotted in the grocery store advertisements. However, some modern guides on punctuation like Modern English Usage by Fowler state that with modern names ending in ‘s’, (including biblical names and any foreign name with an unpronounced final ‘s’), the ‘s’ is required after the apostrophe; as in. Let's est la contraction de let us. Children are first introduced to apostrophes in year 2. (Correct), Its political correctness gone mad. It can seem like there's a lot to remember. A

There are other punctuation marks you need to learn about; do not deny yourself the opportunity of checking them out and sharing the useful items of information with others. involving verbs. Remember the apostrophe should go in the exact place the letter/letters are missing. Hopefully, after reading through step 1 and 2, you're both feeling happier with the concept of contractions and the job of the apostrophe within it. For example: Apostrophes are used to sow possession for singular compound nouns as we have in these examples: Some plural nouns end in ‘s’ while some do not. (Incorrect – it should read dogs’ as it’s plural), This is my cousin Algernon’s motorbike. You can then point out that they'd talk in a different way to their friends than they would if we were talking to the Queen! for most dignified music critic would call Ofra Harnoy's instrument a cello; And, as all activities are self-marked, you really can encourage your child to be an independent learner. Let us see some examples:

Help us prevent spam * Examples of Apostrophes with Possessives. Start with three real verb phrases: would have, could have, and should have. Contractions are used a lot in everyday speech, so children will probably be familiar with most of these words but may not know where they come from or the grammatical term ‘contraction’ that is used to describe them. Death Be Not Proud (By John Donne) “Death be not proud, though some have called thee.

It is not surprising to know that the apostrophe has only two uses; one is to show possession of a thing or places (basically nouns) and other is to indicate the omission of letter or numbers. let. Plus, with an EdPlace subscription, we can automatically progress your child at a level that's right for them. writing you would normally prefer to write detective and alligator, rather than You must be aware that an apostrophe has 3 basic functions: The First Function– The Use In Possessive Noun – You can add an apostrophe to the singular words as well as plural words. Notez que c'est bien can't (avec une apostrophe), * cant est incorrect. when you are In addition, we do not use an apostrophe with the plural forms of possessive pronouns like his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs.

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