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Some of the other species in the Python genus include the African Rock Python, Ball Python, Borneo Short Tailed Python and the Burmese Python. This thermal gradient will allow your snake to regulate its body temperature. I want to hold them for a while before anything as I know some hybrids die within a year even though they looked completely healthy. Fax: +61 2 9328 1432 An Angolan Python will do well in an enclosure measuring 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft. Double Bay, Sydney, NSW 2028 Australia

But it’s not always an issue of snobbery, so get your nose back down here—there’s a whole stew of ethics involved, too. It didn’t quite turn out that way but I couldn’t be more pleased with they way they are. Description. I want to hold them for a while before anything as I know some hybrids die within a year even though they looked completely healthy. A level of around 50% is enough for these snakes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Interestingly, the Angolan Python’s range is larger in Namibia than it is in Angola. This snake is 50% Angolan python, 25% Blood python, and 25% Ball python. Elijah Armas posted a picture of the first three way hybrid python.

( Log Out /  The Python genus consists of 9 different species of snakes and these snakes are referred to as the ‘True Pythons’. And I’ll be pairing the Angolan male directly to a Blood python.

The cool side of the enclosure can drop to around 75F. No research I just set them up with my ball and blood python breeding schedule. You can choose a basic substrate that is easy to clean or a more naturalistic substrate that replicates their native habitat. You should not handle your snake for 24 hours after they have eaten. ( Log Out /  Reply: I’m letting one go to a buddy for now and holding the rest back. And yet there’s a whole website devoted to mutt reptiles! Some may some just dumb luck but I believe it is from his passion for the hobby and well kept snakes. The snakes in this genus can be found over a large geographical area including Africa, India, South-East Asia and Indonesia. We prefer to use a combination of both, turning the overhead heat off at night but keeping the heat mat on.

As they get older Elijah said he will keep me updated on their behaviors. Simply spot clean when soiled and deep clean the enclosure once a month. Elijah is definitely a smart and responsible breeder. Basic substrates that work well include paper towel and newspaper. Keep in mind when setting up an Angolan Python enclosure that they come from a warm dry climate. Question 2: How long have you been working on this project? A clean water bowl should also be present at all times. Email :, Sheer indulgence, premier waterfront setting Two lavish waterfront homes in […], ONE OF A KIND LUXURY 114 Kirribilli Avenue, Kirribilli House […], This exquisite apartment sits facing due north on the 29th […], Private and prestigious waterfront resort Superb waterfront estate with all […], Byron Bay Black This luxury beach house located in the […], Three Bed flex 4 Bed with Incredibly Low Maintenance! Reply: No problems yet, they very active and a few are starting to show defensive signs. Goal for this clutch was to get an animal that looked like a SuperBall with the skin texture of an Angolan python. This is a large family of snake that can be broken down into 9 different genera. They generally are more outgoing and not as shy as balls. If you are trying to make your enclosure look natural, all these substrates are good options. This can be achieved by ensuring there is plenty of ventilation in the enclosure.

( Log Out /  Once the snake outgrows this enclosure, you can move him up to his adult setup. They are sometimes called the Anchieta’s Dwarf Python and it is closely related to the Ball Python. Rats are far more notorious for snakes than mice. As of now all babies are out and healthy except for one. A juvenile Angolan Python can be housed in an enclosure measuring 18×12 inches. Hybrid Ball Pythons for Sale in the United States. Question 5: Would you say these babies are larger or smaller than the normal ball or blood hatchlings? You should try to convert your Angolan Python over to rat pups as soon as they are big enough to take them. Some people choose to feed their adults a very large meal every 10-14 days but feeding smaller meals weekly seems to work better. He bred his male Angolan to a SuperBall (Blood x Ball) python he had to create this new hybrid. These substrates are easily cleaned by replacing them once soiled. This is the initial picture posted: What draws you into owning and breeding hybrids. Kincade Internatonal Realty PTY Ltd, ABN 15636173487 This is to provide your snake with a proper day/night cycle. Any plans for these snakes or other hybrid projects. On June 22nd I was checking Facebook and went to the Hybrid Pythons, Boas, and Reptiles page to discover something new had been achieved. This essentially just means that the Angolan Python is a Python. These spots can sometimes turn to bands an are often outlined with black markings. As of now all babies are out and healthy except for one. This is relatively small for a python with some of the other snakes in the Python genus growing much larger, such as the African Rock Python. However, they are known to hide under rock ledges or in burrows that are more humid. I didn’t know about the hate some have towards hybrids at the time but I can care less either way.

Allow the snake to move from one hand to the other, supporting the body at all times. This is the initial picture posted: When I saw this I had to reach out to Elijah to ask him a few questions and share this with as many people as I could.

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