News: zagreus and dusa

There is a cast of characters you can interact with along the way, such as the other Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, and many more, and other Greek epics, such as Achilles. Dusa's romance differs from the other options in that each successive gift of Ambrosia requires an increased number of bottles; while her first only requires 1, subsequent gifts require 2, then 3, until her final gift is given as 4 bottles. It starts with providing them Necter, which you can do with nearly every character you encounter in the game. From there, you must complete a favor for them, and after completing that, you can give them Ambrosia for an additional gift. Keep giving her Ambrosia until her Affinity is maxed out and Megaera will speak with you in Zagreus’ bedroom, granting permission to enter a romantic relationship or continue as friends. You go about the same method to romance these characters, so it’s not too complicated. Achilles: Achilles is Zagreus's mentor, having taught him to fight. If Zagreus's codex entry is viewed in the game's files, there is additional text that does not appear in the game.

Ny… He is the prince of the Underworld, who resents his father, struggles with abandonment issues, and whose only talent it seems is killing monsters. Persephone: For most of his life, Zagreus was unaware of his mother's existence or relation to him, having been led to believe that Nyx was his mother instead. Her nose is wrinkled, like Zagreus’s costume has personally offended her … The two connect immediately and with each meeting learn more about the circumstances of their separation and why the truth was hidden from them.

Dusa tells Zagreus that, while she does have feelings for him, she … When his discovers the truth of his parentage, he decides to attempt to escape the realm of the dead to seek out his long-lost mother. Further strain is placed on their relationship each time they have to fight to the death. They contact Zagreus during escape attempts, offering a friendly chat and Boons to aid him in his escape. Like the other content of the codex, it appears to be written from Achilles' point of view. Here are the full Hades patch notes from Steam. Although, it could imply that Zagreus is or was at some point in love with his mentor. Even Asterius, who is part-bull, has this attractive aura of noble suffering that makes me want to tuck him in and make sure he’s well taken care of. She has a crush on Zagreus, getting nervous and flustered easily, and often flees into the rafters as soon as Zagreus tries to converse with her.

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