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If I find the time, I would also like to apply revisions to the articles so that they all feature the same level of detail. It is an incredibly powerful monster, but if it is subjected to a Bottomless Trap Hole or a Mirror Force, it has no way to defend itself. So, I'm trying an x reader story for the first time ever. While he seems to be 100% devoted to his brother at all times, (and he is) after a while in Duel Monsters, we find out that he's just completely okay with being friendly with our protagonists after they rescue him. As You Pass By The Mirror: Describe a Fire Sign. Also, when a Zodiac Astro is destroyed, it is sent back to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard, and then allows the user to Special Summon the specific Zodiac monster used for the Fusion Summon from the Graveyard. Selected icons by Freepik from If we stick with the theory of the cast being born in 1980/1981 (speculative; in Vol. Solomon Muto is through and through a Pisces since it can be seen in Astrology that Pisces is the final sign, meaning that it's already been on the journey that all of the signs are undergoing, carrying within them great knowledge. NEXT: Which Dororo Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. Alternatively, the original manga used the phrase “the 1960s,” and if we assume 1996 (Yu-Gi-Oh!’s first publication date) – 72 (Sugoroku’s age in the first part of the manga) = 1924 (Sugoroku’s birth year) + 43 (the age Sugoroku was when he found the Millennium Puzzle) = 1967 (the year Sugoroku found the puzzle).

Each sign has this thing called a “decan.” Depending on what point in your sign you were born (the first degree, the second degree, or the third degree; a total of 30 degrees for each sign), you are a first decan, a second, or a third. He's got a fiery personality and a loyal nature, making him through and through an Aries. While it's obvious that someone like the title character would probably be a total Gemini, some of the other characters are a little more difficult to place, because even though they might not be as rich as the main character, there's a bit more to them than just the whole dual personality gimmick that Yugi has. A sign is known for harboring a pretty big dark side, it only makes sense that we would consider Dark Bakura one. Zodiacs without Fusion Monsters are a force to be reckoned with, but with the Fusion Monsters available to them they become downright horrifying to play against. The archetype is based off of the twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, with the Fusion Monsters being based off of the Traditional Zodiac signs. Describe an Air Sign. characters and their relationship with their astrological sign, blood type, and so forth. Zodiac Rooster, for instance, is a Winged-Beast, while Zodiac Snake is a Reptile, and, obviously, Zodiac Dragon is a Dragon. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. RELATED: The Zodiac Signs Of Naruto Characters. What Manga Should You Read Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? , I, for example, am an Aries 3rd decanate/24th degree, meaning Sagittarius is my decan (Leo is my ascendant, because I was born at 4/14/85 at 1:17 pm, when Leo was in my first house… decans depend on the week/day you were born in relation to the whole sign; ascendants depend on the specific time you were born on a particular day). It requires three monsters on the field; a Zodiac Dragon and two Zodiac Astro Fusion Monsters. Not only that but since she's such a fan of nice things, she's more than willing to take advantage of whatever the boys can offer her. Miho is a fun character. Long story short, there are 3 signs to each element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth). The “Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!” series of articles is a look at birthdays, blood types, personality, and astrology.

He's shown to be ridiculously eccentric, from the way he frequently uses weird inflection while speaking, speaks in single English phrases even in the Japanese version of the show, and calls Yugi "Yugi-boy " pretty much any chance he gets to do it.

It’s also important to remember that Japanese high schools work a little differently than many other ones around the world (except maybe those in the Southern Hemisphere): I wanted to try and figure out just who is the oldest and the youngest out of the school-going Yu-Gi-Oh cast.

Evilswarm monsters tend to focus on destruction, while Zodiacs seem to play more passively.

The archetype is based off of the twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, with the Fusion Monsters being based off of the Traditional Zodiac signs. This repeats for each particular element and each sign; a Leo would have Leo as a decan if they were born during the first part of the sign, Sagittarius if they were born during the second, or Aries if they were born in the third. He also brings a grounding presence to the team, by being such a good friend especially to Joey. Back in 2006, I began work on a series of articles for the LiveJournal community playthedamncard that examined individual characters’ connections to their astrology sign, blood type, and more. What Romance Anime Should You Watch Depending On Your Zodiac Sign?

Throughout my research, I used a number of resources to improve my analysis of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Should be fun. While he's protective, caring, and loyal, he's also moody and unstable.

The Zodiac Astros and Astral King are all LIGHT monsters, presumably as a homage to their celestial roots. Most of the Zodiac cards are either Beasts or Beast Warriors, but there are a few exceptions. RELATED: What Manga Should You Read Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? franchise are probably no stranger to mystical ideas like Tarot or Astrology, so let's take a look at how some of the main characters from the show correlate to their sign counterparts. The Zodiacs have a broad range of effects, varying from Spell/Trap destruction (Zodiac Horse) to reducing effect damage (Zodiac Rat), and even banishing effects (Zodiac Pig, Tiger, and Dragon). Stated ages refer to the character’s age as of their last appearance in the manga.

The ace card of this archetype was originally Zodiac Dragon, a Level 8 monster that can be Special Summoned when 11 Zodiacs with different names are in the Graveyard.

Kind of the Griffith from Berserk of the series, Seto Kaiba is a commonly featured character, and sometimes not even a villain, but his cold, calculating, and ruthless nature have a lot to add to why he's a Capricorn. RELATED: What Romance Anime Should You Watch Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? Mokuba Kaiba, while of school-going age, is very difficult to pinpoint, because unlike the others, his age nor grade are never stated in the manga. Originally, Duke was an antagonist in the series, being admitted to Yugi's school with pretty much the sole purpose of defeating him as his only motivation. Describe a Water Sign. THE SIGNS AS FICTIONAL LAND.

Each of those 3 signs is grouped together in the decan chart. Duke Devlin is definitely a Leo, having been trained from childhood to be a card game prodigy by his father, who most fans probably know by the name of Mr. Clown. Like many manga-ka, Takahashi probably thought of Yu-Gi-Oh taking place in real-time, even if that wasn’t the least bit possible (since when do duels take several months?). Duel Monsters and related marks are © Kazuki Takahashi, Toei, Nihon Ad Systems, Shonen Jump, Viz Media, 4K Media, Konami, and related entities.

But since Taurus is a grounded earth sign, it also makes a lot of sense that she jumps in to help when her friends are threatened. Tristan might at first seem to be a much more fiery sign than just a libra, but if we really think about it, Tristan's ready to fight nature isn't really his fault because he grew up around a lot of street violence, and has been able to navigate not becoming just another gangster very well. DC: Which Sidekick Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? We can, however, speculate, which is actually a lot of fun. 40.4K 818 467.

8 Zodiac Signs Who Always Check Their Crush On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Before Going To Sleep. It is very rare to see this monster summoned, but when it is, chances are high that the duel will quickly be over. Since Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, it only makes sense that this character would have an active romantic life. The series garnered a decent amount of interest, and I added additional features relating to the Chinese Zodiac, Michele Bernhardt’s “Colorstrology” and “Mystical Cards.” Unfortunately, life got in the way of me finishing the series, and I am no longer active on LiveJournal.


Each monster has a choice of two Guardian Stars, which dictate the element it uses in its battles. Both are considered Anti-Meta, but the difference between the two is the nature of the monster's effects. There's also the fact that he invented the card game, in the same way, that an Aquarius pours out their emotional water into real-world manifestations. Not only that, but it's also obvious that Dark Bakura is almost always scheming from behind the scenes for his own gain, while the audience is left to wonder what his actual plans are for the world. Get notified when Yugioh: Zodiac Signs is updated. Which side character from Yu-Gi-Oh are you based on your zodiac sign? Zodiac monsters above Level Four are all Beast-Warriors, with the exception of Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Astral King Drakon. Sera is a young kid who uses an adult avatar when she's invited to be a part of KaibaCorp's Neurons VR system. New York, NY: Atria Books. 10 Anime Characters Who Are A Better Match Hinata Than Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

However, he’s stated to be 72 (during the events of the first arc is my assumption), which would imply that Duelist Kingdom somehow took place in 1989?! She's the target of the affections of a few of the characters in the show, making for more than just a few rivalries. If all the major characters were in the same grade by Battle City, then the tournament had to have taken place on or after April 1st, 1997. We're going to start out by taking a look at one of Yugi's best friends, Joey Wheeler. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When she's an antagonist, she's shown to be callous and giggly, despite the fact that she's also meticulous and calculating.

They are all somewhat related to the specific Zodiac monster used as Fusion Material; for instance, Zodiac Astro Leon is related to Zodiac Tiger in that their effects are vaguely similar. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

That year works, but only if you assume that Sugoroku’s age should be calculated from the manga’s first publication date and that the manga intended to be vague about exactly when Sugoroku found the Puzzle (the 1960s vs. a specific, stated year). Had he been born in January 1980, he would have been the youngest member of the next class up– too old to be in the same class as Yuugi and the others, short of him flunking and needing to repeat a grade…). Tristan might at first seem to be a much more fiery sign than just a libra, but if we really think about it, Tristan's ready to fight nature isn't really his fault because he grew up around a lot of street violence, and has been able to navigate not becoming just another gangster very well. Even though he created these cards, Alex still considers them "weak". NOTE: I used the official elements for each Zodiac even though … London, England: Dorling Kindersley, Ltd.

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