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Seatpost YT Postman 100/125/150/170 mm [0] => Array Torque Wrench (3NM-10NM; 3-6mm, reset) | Shock Pump (330psi/20.6bar; pressure relief valve) | Allen Key | Anti-Slip Paste. On the contrary, YT have created a very predictable and easy-to-ride bike, which is a lot of fun to ride even at slower speeds and down moderate gradients. [mapping] => gBottom2 However, we would have liked a wider model for sizes XL and XXL – after all, you can always shorten it.

) [target] => S - M 50 mm Length / L - XXL 60 mm | 35 mm Clamp, *Avg. [link] => [active] => [link] => [childrenCount] => 0 The maneuvers shown were done with professional riders on a closed course. [3] => Array [target] =>

Pumps with a big head don’t fit. ( [subPages] => Array This already becomes evident when considering the weight, with a difference of around 1.2 kg between the Optic and the IZZO. The geometry of the IZZO is also designed for climbing and descending. The fastest enduro race bike – 10 bikes go head-to-head on an EWS... Nukeproof Mega 290C Team Edition on test – grip and control in... Canyon Strive CFR Jack Moir Edition review – Racing machine and... Yeti SB150 Richie Rude Replica put to the test – A bike to win... 2021 COMMENCAL META AM 29 on test – Beware the frame size! A true everyday mountain bike with the typical YT DNA. The IZZO is available in a total of five sizes from S–XXL.

When work doesn't feel like work, then you've probably done everything right. He loves biking and the tech talk surrounding it (to the detriment of his girlfriend Toni), photography and travelling the world. [active] =>

We’ll go into more depth about how the system performs and whether it’s necessary a little later. It’s been developed from the ground up with a new frame and linkage design and it’s aimed at a group of riders that YT haven’t addressed before: trail riders who wana cover much ground and have less demanding trails. [mapping] => gBottom2 Luckily, that’s exactly what Christoph did. Tires MAXXIS Forecaster 2.35″, Fork FOX 34 Float Rhythm 130 mm ( Of course, there is nothing to stop you from pimping the IZZO to suit your own preferences, equipping it with a set of grippy, robust MTB tires – that is exactly what we did during the course of our review. [target] => ( [link] => The most important facts of the IZZO at a glance: It’s a unique feature these days and a first for YT, but all IZZO models come standard with a RockShox Twist Loc remote. With the flip chip you have the possibility to have seat and steering angle by 0.5 ° and to raise the bottom bracket. With the speed of the 29er wheels and the steep seat tube angle, you climb up to the top without suffering and the flat head tube angle conjure up a broad grin on your face on the way down. A short travel trail bike with 130mm of travel that doesn't want to be an all mountain but a super light tool for classic trail riding. For a detailed comparison of the two bikes, you’ll have to wait for the next issue of ENDURO on our app. All bikes come with a RockShox TwistLoc remote mounted to a Race Face cockpit. Seatpost SRAM Reverb AXS 100/125/150/170 mm The design of the bike, especially the top tube and the seat stays, were inspired by the shape of a Samurai sword. ( [target] => If you don’t feel like buying a new pump, you can resort to an adapter if necessary. [group] => eBottom2 [subPages] => Array Wheels E13 XCX Race 29″ a lot of downhill potential with some upgrades. ) Wheels DT Swiss M 1900 29″ [parentID] => 0 [description] => IMPRINT ) This gave us the opportunity to test the bike very extensively and with different riders. Compared to the JEFFSY, the seat tube lengths of the IZZO are somewhat longer overall, but they’re still short enough to accommodate long dropper posts.

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