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A few days later when Vikram goes to see how Kusum is, he finds out that Kusum had previously gone through a similar accident as the day when she had fainted.

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He thinks Iccha is a spirit and Survi exposes her after knowing about her. She also says that if Sunita's name is joined to theirs, their business will suffer. Survi falls to her death. Vicky goes to Sharda and asks her whether Kusum is Sunita. Mehra tells Sharda there is still time, and that she can still reunite the two lovers. He offers her money to sing with him, again she refuses and angrily tells him to leave the house. Assuring her that he will return in the evening in case she has changed her mind, he leaves. Later, Kamla pretends to have lost her memory. Yeh Vaada Raha is a 1982 Hindi romance film starring Rishi Kapoor, Poonam Dhillon, Tina Munim, Rakhee Gulzar and Shammi Kapoor. Vikram Rai Bahadur is the only son of wealthy Mrs. Sharda.

Why would she not confront Vikram and why she still looks at him through the window. After the engagement party, it is revealed that Vikram is making an orphanage in the memory of Sunita in Srinagar & will be raising money by singing On stage. Survi gives birth to Khushi Barve. She returns home with her new father (Dr. Mehra) and decides to change her name to Kusum Mehra, to begin life anew. Vikram doesn't recognize Sunita and she believes that he has forgotten her. At the temple they repeat their vows again and embrace each other.

Mrs Sharda tells Vikram Sunita died in the crash. Khushi's identity come out as Kartik and Survi argue. Kamla returns to kill Kartik and Khushi, but the police arrest her. Dr. Mehra calls Sharda to his hospital and explains to her how he had given Sunita a new face after her disfigurement.

Sunita and Dr. Mehra turn up at Vikram's house only to find out that he is getting engaged to another woman named Rita. Kusum also asks about an injury on Vikram's forehead, one that he had received during his accident. Soon, Meher and Ranveer are arrested. Vikram & Raja suffer minor injuries but Sunita's face gets disfigured. Khushi lives with Survi and runs into Kartik before they start bonding. Vikram comes seeking Sunita and confronts Mehra. As he had promised he returns in the evening, Dr. Mehra meets him and asks why he wants only Kusum's voice, but before Vicky can reply the servant comes and tells them that Kusum is not at home.

Kamla stabs Survi and leaves her to die. However the show then took an eight-year leap after Survi's death and her daughter, Khushi, who was seven years old, has grown up (also led by Sonal Vengurlekar) and marries Abeer (Zain Imam), the new male lead of the show.[1]. Yeh Vaada Raha (ये वादा रहा: It's a promise) is a Hindi-language Indian television drama series that aired on Zee TV from September 21, 2015 to 20 January 2017 at 10pm. Kartik and Survi separate, presuming Khushi dead. On one such performance Sunita aka Kusum and Dr. Mehra come to the show not knowing that Vikram is the artist performing. Music: R. D. Burman & Lyrics: Gulshan Bawra. Vikram goes back to Kashmir and tells Sunita they will have a quiet temple wedding. Back home, she packs her bags and leaves for Kashmir asking her father not to tell Vikram anything.

Kartik promises Kamla that he will take care of her family. In an unfortunate event, the police shoots Kartik's elder uncle Digambar who dies. Kartik is rich, having decided to bring Survi to his house as he always had great respect for Shrikant who he promised to care for Survi. Therefore, Sharda goes to Kusum's house and asks her to sing with Vicky and also tells her everything about how she had lied to Vicky about Sunita's death and why Vikram had decided to marry Rita.

Plot. They send a cloth with blood stains, which Survi believes to be Khushi's blood and thus holds herself responsible for this.

Kartik weds Survi to protect her dignity and she is shocked. Mehra tells him to ask his mother for answers. Kartik Barve is a 19-year-old boy; childish and impulsive, he lives with his mother, sister, uncle, aunt and cousins.

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