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She was also one of the sweetest puppies I've ever had. Will hear a lot of screaming dogs! Working with the team at Kraftwerk K9 so far has been excellent. Maybe a good idea years ago but, now highly priced over bred dogs, flooding the market. A big thank you to Wayne and his crew for making the purchase so smooth and for continuing to be available to answer questions. None of these dogs are “show dogs” and they would likely never win an AKC award for their appearance. An incredible working dog, and superb nature. We purchased our puppy Dax from Kraftwerkk9 this last December, 2018. We breed our dogs by SV standards. I had certain fears buying a pet online – namely, how well would we bond with the dog – and in retrospect, I couldn’t have asked for a better family addition. She spoke to me at length about their program, facility and answered all my questions about the puppies i was considering. Featuring DDR (East German), West German, and Czech bloodlines. Kesyra German Shepherds is a dedicated kennel breeding two or three litters each year of sable or black and gold German Shepherd puppies. Rest in peace Kodiak! ACCORDING TO THE STANDARD FOR THE BREED GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS SHOULD. I adopted a 2 year old GS from someone who acquired the dog from this breeder. We expect these puppies to be intelligent, athletic and strong working dogs. I called a few more times in between spoke to Dakota on training which was again very helpful in the. He comes with us everywhere and sits next to my youngest.

They are extremely dedicated to these animals. There is also a sable working line German Shepherds are preferred in military and police works. Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs only breed Occasionally, when we have a demand or  we what to keep a pup back for yourselfs. I was extremely impressed with how professional and knowledgeable this team was. german shepherd dogs We are a small hobby breeder of German Shepherd Dogs (West German Working Lines) in Ontario Canada (near Ottawa). He has all the aspects of a good working dog as well as a valued member of our family. We strive to provide families with healthy pets that are able to perform as the breed was designed. Are you prepared and committed to the annual expense required for quality veterinary care to include such things as annual health examinations, vaccinations, monthly Parasite/flea preventatives and heartworm prevention? Black, Sable, Red & Black GSD. We welcome all levels of owners, from beginner to the most experienced because I believe that owning a dog is a never ending learning experience. Born 1st August 2020 – A beautiful litter of puppies from Hohenburg Ethan x Yuna vom Waldwinkel. This is my first, but not my last Kraftwerk dog. “Höhenburg thus literally translates to Hill-top Castle, Castlehill”. I have bought over the years three of the most beautiful, smart, healthy German Shepherds from Wayne and my friends and cousins have also purchased shepherds from kraftwerks k9. So called 'breeders' who are purposely breeding FOR long coats in GSD. If your interested in addicting a new addition to your family or wanting an already trained dog definitely check out their website. Many times when two dogs that carry the White Gene are bred together, white puppies can be within the litter. I enjoyed your biography of work. On it hung a phone number, and beyond it stood two imposing German Shepherds who communicated clearly that they knew I was a stranger. The customer service was great and very friendly. The puppies are pricey, but, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. -- The Working German Shepherd Dogs TeamTue, 07 Mar 2017 11:51:48 -0500, I use and recommend PageStream- a Professional Page Layout & Desktop Publishing Software Program forAmiga OS4 & Classic, Linux, Apple Macintosh Classic & OSX, MorphOS and Microsoft Windows, QUOTES FROM THE STANDARD OF THE BREED FOR THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LONG HAIRED/COATED SHEPHERD DOGS. We aim to breed puppies that are physically healthy, genetically stable environmentally, social in everyday life, and also have a superb working ability.

For the entire litter to be White, usually, both parents need to be white.

The only hard choice is coat color & if you want a male or female. Hips & Elbows Tested with excellent scores at 1 year old. Thank you for your patience during this very busy time. Virginia. After 14 years of fantastic memories I had to put Kodiak down, my best friend and companion. That being said, within the 72 hour window, I called Kraftwerk to make the arrangements to send my puppy back. I also spoke with Dakota who was just as friendly and helpful. UK National Champion 2019 (FCI IGP), Team GB competitor & most of all our baby girl! We are ecstatic and glad we decided to go with Kraftwerk K9. Much of the difference between a Kraftwerk dog and a typical German Shepherd comes from careful breeding. As Pets, when coming from well bred litters that they 'pop up' in, they are no different than any other GSD, except, They should come with a Limited Registration, meaning, they should NOT be used for Breeding. The Kraftwerk way! (Initially, I didn't know there was a difference between West German working lines and AKC show dogs). KNOW THE STANDARD FOR THE BREED OF DOG YOU ARE LOOKING AT BUYING AND BUY FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER THAT BREEDS TO THE STANDARD FOR THE BREED OF DOGS THAT THEY ARE BREEDING! kept rising to the top of all my search lists - Kraftwerk K9. There were not any problems with that process and, even though it broke my heart to send my pup back, January was EXTREMELY sympathetic and understanding.

Crazy dogs barking all the time. After making the initial deposit online, I received a phone call and email from January in which I signed our puppy up for Obedience Level 1 training. Aus der Asche German Shepherds is a breeder of top European working line German Shepherd Dogs. This pup is. Dakota, chief trainer, was very patient and knowledgeable. I have nothing but glowing praise for my entire experience with Kraftwerk. German Shepherd Dog eyes should be very dark in color, the closer to ebony the better, and Almond Shaped. Five years ago after someone attempted to break into our home. Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs have been living with German Shepherd dogs many years and they became your passion from the very start. The head, including the inner ear and fore-face, and the legs and paws are covered with short hair, and the neck with longer and thicker hair,. No way to really touch bases with more than an answering machine. Contact us for details, 2020 puppies are available! My mother owns three dogs from Kraftwerk K9 and she couldn't be happier and I enjoy to see them as well. Totally confident around strangers and new environments, and loves car rides. Highest individual scores: 99-99-94. REPUTABLE DOG BREEDERS BREED THEIR DOGS TO AS CLOSE TO THE STANDARD FOR THE BREED AS THEY ARE ABLE. Our stud dog ‘Hohenburg Ethan’ has successfully mated with a brood bitch from Surrey & Sussex Police. Our dogs live with our other small house dogs, children and in a household environment. Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships WUSV Universal Sieger Belgium 2018. The overall design for the Breed was NOT to breed the Long Hair/Coats into the gene pool, that means, to NOT breed dogs that had the longer hair. In a few months I will be able to fill in the blanks on how well it is working out for us. White German Shepherd Dogs are not Albinos but a true color of the GSD breed. What is the price of these adorable creatures. I know they're in great hands and that they will receive the love and attention they need. Our beautiful Mama! However, one breeder.

We opted for a trained puppy. Please note: We have been receiving an unusually high volume of contacts via phone and email. Customer service are top notch, they pick up my call every time, answer all my questions. Can’t. Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs Goal is to breed Healthy spirited Hard and work Oriented Dogs. Are you looking for a dog or puppy that you will specifically train as a. The overall design for the Breed was NOT to breed the Long Hair/Coats into the gene pool. We have had a very positive experience. Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs UK,GSD New Import,  dog for stud,,uk,west mindlands,Schutzhund breeders,schutzhund training,schutzhund gsd dogs,UK Working Alsatian,Working Alsatian,UK german shepherd dogs,working german shepherd kennels,working german shepherd lines,Schutzhund Gsd working dogs uk,top 50 gsd site,Schutzhund training,The True German Shepherd Dog,Working Schutzhund Dog,Breeders of Working German Shepherd Dogs in Enland West Midlands,,,,,,,,,,,,

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