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Well, which witch do you believe? The species most likely in use is. Connecticut is the hub of Witch Hazel growth and harvest. Use of Witch Hazel is both topical and oral but an over consumption can lead to medical issues. She's writing her first book: Cultivating Medicinal Herbs: Grow, Harvest, and Prepare Handcrafted Remedies from Your Home Garden. It has even been recorded to help with internal bleeding. Compresses bring comfort. They spend their lives on the plant, laying eggs in the fruit so that larvae can eat the fruit and the seeds, then later the leaves, and eventually continue to reproduce. Messages and meanings for different kinds of flowers became very popular in Victorian times, and still carry on to this day. Sitz baths are a shallow bath used to direct healing and blood flow to the genital area and/or anus. Witch hazel balances out the flow with innate intelligence. Apply compress to the area of concern. Make at least a quart of the tincture so you can use it for a myriad of recipes. Make it as hot as you can comfortably tolerate. McKay Co.; 1966.

Very shade-tolerant, but does best in part shade-part sun.

When brewed for tea, Witch Hazel is used for things such as sore throat, fever, and menstrual cramps. She is a mother, writer, avid gardener, ceremonialist and plant ambassador. Turn off heat and add the tender leaves/buds and keep covered. Witch as we use it today, comes from the old English word wicca, or wizard. My husband grew up in Lebanon where he recalls his father (called Baba) using witch hazel as an aftershave. The name witch hazel came from a mistake since it never intended to be a reference to a witch. Here is a quote from Mary Plantwalker’s article on Blog Castanea, Witch Hazel Wonders: “How do you use witch hazel if you don’t own all that fancy steam distillation equipment to make witch hazel extract? The flower, leaf buds, and new shoots are mostly what you want to harvest as an herbalist. These days, she channels her botanical obsession with her writing and photography in her online programs and here on her personal blog. A shrub with fragrant yellow flowers that is widely grown as an ornamental. figcaption span {display:none;} Crafted with love by, /* ----------------------------------------- */ European colonists began to use Witch Hazel when they saw its medicinal properties. Happiest under shady trees, but is a very tolerant plant when it comes to light exposure and moisture. Blood supply to the area of concern is increased while soaking in a sitz bath of witch hazel by toning the blood vessels, tightening membranes, and repairing inflamed and sore skin. about the divining rod called the Caduceus that ended up in the hands of Asclepius, the old Greek God of Healing. Greenfield Community College

Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana, Hamamelidaceae) is our kinky, golden-star flower shrub or small tree that blooms in cold weather when all other flowers are absent from the landscape.

American species flower in autumn and Asian species in winter. .classification p {margin:0;} Required fields are marked *. Always make certain if gathering bark from the trunk to only take it from one side of the tree. Regardless of the tool, it is the dowser who must be sensitive to almost imperceptible changes in movement, whether the device be L or Y shaped, metal or wood. These days, she channels her botanical obsession with her writing and photography in her online programs and here on her personal blog, Castanea. Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana, Hamamelidaceae) is our kinky, golden-star flower shrub or small tree that blooms in cold weather when all other flowers are absent from the landscape. Any downward tug of the stem was caused by the flow of hidden water.”, When a dowser uses metal rods, they are “L” shaped. I suppose once a medicinal plant has the name witch in it, it’s bound to be seen as magical in some way.

Maybe his father used it because he was from the United States, or maybe witch hazel products had reached the far corners of the globe way back then. Witch hazel has been given the most attention over the years as the preferred wood for successful water witching, but if you live in an area where witch hazel does not grow, Lee Barnes, President of Appalachian Dowsers, says other springy-type branches can be used. Decoction ratios and dosage: 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) of the dried bark or twigs per 1 cup (240 ml) of water three times a day. "The Harvest" A piece I created for October in Taproot Magazine’s 2014 wall calendar. In Appalachian folklore, witch hazel is one of the more widely used medicines. Make sure to use a rubber or plastic lid, as metal will corrode and make it almost impossible to open the container.

A . After distribution, seeds continue to lay dormant for another year on the forest floor. 73 Sanford Way Sore muscles? In A Natural History of Trees, author Donald Peattie says folks would use witch hazel branches that were naturally forked, “whose points grew north and south so that they had the influence of the sun at its rising and setting, and you carried it with a point in each hand, the stem pointing forward. Abutilon - Meditation . Good to know! The witch hazel flowers know they gotta get it while they can, and still, only one percent of the flowers will ever develop into seeds. Steeping herself in the plant world for almost 30 years, she has also woven in yoga, meditation and prayer as acts of daily life. /* Content Template: NEW PLANT TEMPLATE - start */ Always make certain if gathering bark from the trunk to only take it from one side of the tree. Do this at least three times in a row, and, depending on the severity of the issue, even several times a day. Various folk cultures and traditions assign symbolic meanings to plants. Another local dowser agreed that any forked branch from a flexible tree would work fine, including willow (, The late James Duke was so enamored with the benefits of witch hazel that he assumed the “H” in Preparation H (an over-the-counter hemorrhoid product) stood for.

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