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St. Louis Sheriff Who Is Also A Pastor Physically Threatens Rival Candidate On Video: ‘I’ll Smack You’, Rickey Smiley Challenges Black Communities ‘To Get These Hoodlums Out’ After Daughter’s Shooting. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. They are the true 3/5 a human being they’re trying to associate us with. Open and shut case, she should have left them alone and she would be alive today! We will do what we have to in other to stay safe. Since you went there….If you’re white you’re missing two human genes (SLC24A5) (SLC45A2). I went to school in Statesboro and I can tell you for a fact that if Mr. Wilson was white he would not be in custody. It was for whitey to use force if he feels threatened.

Local news outlet WTOC reported that both the defense and prosecution had “a line of witnesses to testify why Marc Wilson should or should not be granted bond.” However, because the hearing in Bulloch County Superior Court was cut short and set to continue at another date, Wilson had to remain jailed. It was the grandfather and aunt and they’re already talking about forgiveness. During the court hearing Tuesday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Michael Muldrew, of the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit, said he felt Wilson is a threat to the community based on what happened that night. Box 8086Savannah GA 31412(912) 234-1111. Driver Mason Glisson took the stand Tuesday and said he didn’t run anyone off the road. Black Man In Georgia Charged With Murder After He Stood His Ground Against Alleged White Supremacists. A preliminary hearing for a Sharpsburg man accused of murder in Statesboro was continued Tuesday morning and a gag order was put in place for all involved. This is Mr. Wilson’s defense attorney and he has a Go fund me set up. A Sharpsburg, Ga., Black man named William Marcus Wilson was charged with murder last week in connection with the shooting death of a white woman named Haley Hutcheson in Statesboro.. Here in Indiana, Brothers have to jump through hoops to get a gun permit but these young fresh out of high school white boys get them with no problem. He has a go fund me page. The situation unfolded June 14 when Wilson and his girlfriend, who is white, went for a late-night drive to Taco Bell. However, Wilson’s lawyers have maintained that the police instantly criminalize their client and local press has offered sympathetic coverage to Hutcheson and cast the defendant as the villain despite the law being on his side. “Marc’s demeanor - how would you describe it,” an attorney as Marc Wilson’s father. And the front passenger in the truck, Luke Conley, also took the stand. Stand your ground wasn’t intended for black folk defending themselves. The judge said he was acting inappropriately in court and prosecutors say he previously made threats against witnesses. Which is what they intended but look at the school shootings. When Bed Bucking goes wrong. Literally, bothering then stalking and harassing people, who simply were minding their own damn business, got that kewpie woman deader than flies in a window sill. “Black people’s lives are not as important and valued under the law.”. The bed bucking gotta go tho.

Required fields are marked *. Now he's in jail for legally defending himself with a legal gun despite Stand Your Ground laws that should free him.

Plus you don’t shoot unless you intend to harm someone. STATESBORO, GA (WCIV) — A Georgia man with Lowcountry ties is in jail. They kept bothering us, while we keep trying to abide in peace.

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