News: will ferrell ruined the office reddit

My only hope is that they were so sad by Steve Carell leaving, they just didn't have any funny in them, but hopefully they worked through it before setting down the next episode. i love how stuck up idiots have nothing better to do than complain about nothing. Will Ferrell as Deangelo Vickers, Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly, Craig Robinson as Darryl Philbin. "Ferrell excels at playing the confident, dumb popular guy, and he's a version of that same character here, but with that essential twist: DeAngelo is not a nice guy. I do not like ferrell or any of his movies. My hunch is he will not have a good heart and we will find out many more ways the boss can be bad. I iz ready for your man goo!! We wonder why we have recessions, when this is the example we set. Good maybe he will stop making those stupid movies.

It read like a 6th grader's book report. I be punjabi but I also be lezbo! To true Office fans: the show gas had its ups and downs, but that is art imitating life. Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this writer blows. I like Ferrell as an actor, but here he was creepy and unfunny. What show were you watching? How does a hit show with an all-star cast just bring in a virtually unknown? He had none of Michael's offbeat sense of fun, and made a disastrous appearance at Michael's beloved Dundie Awards. Not even in the history of THIS terrible season's second half. I hope he's a permanent replacement! And that one, funny hug scene?

I thought it must just be me and I couldn't follow this article because I smoked some buddah. He plays DeAngelo Vickers, who is taking over as boss at Dundler-Mifflin's Scranton branch while Steve Carell's Michael Scott prepares to move to Colorado with his fiancee (Amy Ryan). Cruel, yes. He came across as a first class jerk as planned. Are you talking the last 15 years of SNL, or the whole expanse of the series? Are you looking forward to the rest of the season as much as I am? The Wall Street Journal's Julie Steinberg wrote that Ferrell's fans might have a bit surprised by his performance. Anyone who thinks this last episode with Will Ferell was any good, is not a real Office fan and doesn't get the humor that made the Office the funniest show on TV the last 6 years... Michael cannot be replaced, the show must come to an end... Reruns baby, reruns!!! This show is stupid. Mmmkay.... P.S. Deangelo confessed to the camera, "I'm telling you, that baby could be the star of a show called 'Babies I Don't Care About.'". I have liked all of the characters on that show with the exception of him. As such I know much about Native American folklore. Very wi ferrell and not office like. Ferrell is one of the best all time comics, but hit an all-time low with this episode. "Superstar funnyman Will Ferrell definitely lived up to the hype in his first episode of what is supposed to be a three- or four ep-stint as guest star," Forcella wrote. Even worse your clever come back is that Dan probably works at McDonalds.. I don't know if subtle humor is his strongest game like it is for Steve Carrell. Laughing at your idiocy? #2 – If you do/did work in an office, this shows aim is to laugh at ones self and others that frustrate you If you're going to have an opinion, why not have an intelligent one? Time to get a new writer CNN. but i didn't think he was that funny on last night's episode. "What I liked is how his withholding only made the workers want to please him more. Way to ruin a show....will ferrell is so unnfunny eh looks like im done watching the office....death 2 ferrrell. No matter though, since they immediately hit it off, and the new boss was introduced in classic Michael Scott style: "Without further ado... let's all start clapping.". Never understood North Americas fascination with this watered down version of the original. HOW. I knew a chick a long time ago with that name.

but i think he's too big a movie star to want to become a t.v. I'm a huge Will Ferrel fan, but absolutely hated him in this.

Who wrote this and was the author 12? obviously never watched the office to compare michael scott to brick from anchorman. As long as you watch the commercials, they don't care what anyone says. You people watching are stupid. What's next for Will, DWTS? "They shoot very close to where I live," said Ferrell. Maybe I'll just have to check that show out!

Example- every news station on the dial. I can't stand 30 rock. We love you though I have a feeling you would have made a fantastic stain on your grandmas couch. Will Ferrell says he never intended to stay around on The Office for even as long as he has, and as tempting as it might be, he's not staying on past the four episodes that are planned. Kinda makes you look stupid to say you hate people voicing their "sh!tty opinions" by giving your own "sh!tty" opinion. What did you do? Eleven long weeks after news of his guest arc was first reported, Will Ferrell’s four-episode Office arc finally began last night. He only has one "type of humor"? Office Olympics, Stress Relief, The Injury. It is consistently the most overrated show on television. i dont like will farrell or something running out of some sheeps ###. From the beginning, Deangelo seemed like a terrible fit for Dundler Mifflin. Society is conforming me into a butthole, I'm just trying to fit in and get involved with a Anything but. i hated that article

There's such a free flow to the improvisational style, and the writing is really sharp. What a waste of time! i dont like the office Steve Carrell can never be replaced also The Office has millions of fans feel free to speak your opinion realizing that it has no value. Ferrell told Morning Edition's Renee Montagne, in a discussion you'll hear more of next week, that it was his idea to appear on The Office, but just for a quick guest spot.

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