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Exotech Customers can depend on us to handle all logistics related to the import or export of indium materials.

Indium is one of the many lesser known metals being used in common products of daily life. The Exotech Way; Buy and Sell Metals. These alloys are also found in glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal joints, and even solders used in the electronics industry.

Melting Point is 313.9F Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA Old scrap, or from used items like old LCD TVs, is usually more difficult and therefore, less popular. Indium is a neutron absorber and is used in radiation detection badges.

Because of this, as demand and use of this metal increased in the past 20 years, there has been a growing need to recycle it. E-Mail: In fact, its limited supply, whether new or recycled, has led to big jumps in the price in the past. Suzhou, Shenzhen High-purity versions of it are used in electronics, including solar cells.

... weighing a little more than 1 lb, and one of them is right at 1 kilogram but my little digital scale won't go high enough to weigh it with accuracy. Indium Corporation reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion, Indium arsenide or indium antimonide can be found in some semi-conductors and transistors. Utica, Rome, Chicago, Clinton Indium Metal is extracted from indium bearing based metal ores and refined to various grades in high volume utilizing state of the art SPC controlled refining technologies. Indium price will vary depending on factors like form, quality and quantity of materials. To understand the relative sell value, look at the numbers at the side of the selling screen for your will give a percentage and that number will be color coded red-white-or green. Indium has a low vapor pressure making it ideal for use in high vacuum applications. CMK CO. LTD. buy many kind of electronic scrap, electronic board scrap, non ferrous metal scrap and plastic scrap. Email: E-Mail: Phone: +44 (0)1908 580400, 136°F Eutectic Fusible Alloy Bar - 2.50 lbs, 99.9% Pure Indium Shot - 3N Pure Indium Shot, 99.99% Pure Indium Shot - 3N Pure Indium Shot, 99.999% Pure Indium Shot - 3N Pure Indium Shot. If you have Indium you want to buy or sell, contact Exotech today. Tantalum; Chromium Powder; Niobium; Molybdenum and Tungsten; Zirconium, Hafnium, and Vanadium; Indium; Germanium; Sputter Target Recycling; Other Exotic Metals; Certifications & Compliance. All items ordered within this store are REACH Compliant. © EDDB 2020 - A site about systems, bodies, stations, commodities, materials and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous.Elite: Dangerous. Indium will cold weld to itself, useful for bonding parts or assemblies together. We stock Indium in powder and ingot form. Indium is a neutron absorber and is used in radiation detection badges. Our global team will travel to any location in the world to assess, sample and verify indium material. Their global reach and expertise in the minor metal and high temp space is substantial. A common example is the combination of indium (24 percent) and gallium (76 percent) to create an alloy that, at room temperature, is liquid in form. Indium price will vary depending on factors like form, quality and quantity of materials.

I’ve personally done millions of dollars of business with the Quest staff over the years. It is being used in the production of batteries, with indium improving the shelf life of the battery. Because Indium is considered a rare metal (typically found in zinc ores) indium recycling is important to sustainability. It is a very soft metal that it silvery and shiny.

We invite you to become part of the generation that can make a difference. If you have questions about purchasing or selling this rare metal, then please click here to tell us about your needs. Indium Corporation — ©1996–2018. Indium will bond to glass quartz and certain ceramics and oxides. Phone: 954-917-1919

Learn more about Indium. They make transactions very easy and seamless. Indium in small percentages improves the thermal fatigue performance of solders used in electronics assembly. Because Quest Alloys manages the purchase and transport of indium material from start to finish, we are able to ensure fast payment and delivery to customers around the world.

Rigorous quality standards and advanced analytical instrumentation such as ICP and GDMS, insures consistent product quality lot to lot.

However, it is also a component of transistors and semiconductors. Because Quest Alloys manages the purchase and transport of indium material from start to finish, we are able to ensure fast payment and delivery to customers around the world. If you would like to investigate how indium metal might work for your application, please contact us at

General Properties and Applications of Commercial Grade Indium Used in small amounts, indium will harden certain metals and alloys; hardens gold used in electronics and dental alloys. E-Mail: We can customize packaging and prorate the sale and repurchase of indium in any amount down to one gram, however a flat fee of $15 will be added to sales of less than one half kilogram. Such a metal that is not naturally occurring in the environment and yet high in demand highlights the need for experts in extracting and recycling this material from old scrap. Indium is soft, pliable and malleable, even down to cryogenic temperatures approaching absolute zero. Indium can also be found in the absorber rods used in nuclear reactors. Singapore, Cheongju It is used as a decorative trim coating metallization on plastics used in appliance and automobile trim. Indium is versatile metal with unique physical properties. When evaporated onto glass, it will improve a mirror’s resistance to corrosion, even better than silver. Beyond its use in semiconductors and electronics, it is popularly used in the creation of low-temperature alloys. Indium has a low melting point of 157°C but a high boiling point of 2080°C; one of the highest liquidus temperature range of any metal. Indium is primarily used in the manufacturing of LCD screens for televisions and computers. It is also quite malleable and at the same time, does not dull in air. What is being produced comes from zinc ores. Nowadays, demand for indium has been increasing due to the popularity of LCD TVs and other electroluminescent panels. Whether it is in pure form or as an alloy, indium continues to be one of the most sought-after materials out there. Read our Privacy Policies., Exotech Passes EICC Conflict-Free Tantalum Audit, Terms & Conditions for Sales of Materials, Terms & Conditions for Purchases of Materials, Terms & Conditions for Purchases of Goods & Services, THE IMPORTANCE OF SELLING USED TANTALUM SPUTTER TARGETS INTO THE SCRAP METAL MARKET.

Red means you will get a poorer deal. Malaysia Tech Hub:, China Exotech strives to help create and maintain a greener planet by addressing material sustainability through recycling. The following are some of the unique properties of indium and a sampling of innovative applications for the metal: Indium metal has played a key role in technology advances since it was first investigated by Dr. William S. Murray in 1924, and with the creation of the Indium Corporation in 1934, the two have been tied together, leading and supporting the advancement of technologies that we all rely on today. Indium will compensate for differing thermal coefficients of expansion of mating parts.

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