News: where are silhouette studio files stored on pc

Anyone new to the Silhouette in the last 15 months or so will automatically be on the cloud, and this reindexing thing won’t be an issue for them.

Then you can export that PNG to a PDF, and you’ll have it without the grid lines.

( I did this twice) I have about 1200 images on my old computer (windows 7) when I bring up my silhouette studio that version is 3.6057 Hope your journey to V4 isn’t as exciting as mine. PDFCreator will let you save in multiple formats (like JPG and PNG), print to custom page sizes like 11×14, and save your designs as high-quality images. V3.7 and later versions are cloud versions and don’t have a reindexing option. Now, you are ready to open the files in Silhouette Studio. Thank you Silhouette!!! Then install your old version of the software V 3.6.057 (or if you don’t still have a copy of it, go with whatever pre-cloud legacy version Silhouette offers on the Silhouette America website…3.6 or earlier). Thank you sooo much!! Before exporting your library V3.6 or earlier—whether for a regular backup or to prepare to update to a more recent version of the Studio software—you must reindex your library to make sure it’s properly cataloged. You can find that out by looking at “About…” under the “Help” menu at the top on the right side. How to import SVG files into Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. ], Cricut Explore Air 2 vs Silhouette Cameo 3, How To Cut & Make Vinyl Decals With a Cricut, Saving from Silhouette as a PDF, JPG, or PNG.

I tried putting the file on the desktop of the new computer & the file is still “grayed” out. No thumbnail of the item and I have to manually import one at a time. How do I create an Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) file in C# without installing Microsoft Office? On a Mac, it’s pretty easy to print to PDF because this functionality is built into the operating system.

What a hassle for you. You’ll know the folder has been unzipped because you’ll see a new icon of an open folder in your directory. The "Temporal files" folder will be open and you have to delete all the files with the word "Silhouette". The Studio software installed just fine on the second computer, but the library import was an Epic Fail. Once the new software version replaces the old one—as happens when updating—there is no old version to go back to to reindex and export again. Please enjoy my free files for personal use only. Ideas? You may use a single image with a link back and watermark intact. SVG files, tutorials and more for your electronic cutter. I’ve deliberately chosen to stay out of the Silhouette cloud (I store all my designs on my hard drive) because I don’t want the risk of putting my designs at the control of someone else. Back up your library (and if you already have a backup from before the last update, keep it, too, just in case) then uninstall V4. I imagine you can do the same thing on a Mac, but I wouldn’t know where to start. If you don't have one that's okay you can save the exe files to a thumb or USB drive or put them on Google Drive. Until reading this article, was only aware that some of my designs seemed to disappear. (It’s a known bug.) To find out what version you’re running, click the ‘Help’ button on the top toolbar, then click ‘About Silhouette Studio’ and a popup window will tell you. Out of one, into the other, super easy. A few days ago, I came back from my vacation. and question is does that work the same way? If you have someone who knows computers who can help you, you might be able to salvage your old library if you backed up your library before updating the software. I’m running on windows vista. Required fields are marked *. (eff at I know you said we wouldn’t be able to view it that it would be a scrambled mess but I can’t seem to open anything. Using these links is an easy way you can help me defray the costs of keeping the blog running. I am running Design Edition, V3. I suggest the same for you as I did for the person who commented just ahead of you. If you still have a backup library folder, but didn’t reindex before backing up, you can go back to an older version of the software, reindex, back that up, then get a newer version of the software. I think Silhouette goofed bigtime with their choice to go completely to the cloud.

The library folder structure changed in Silhouette Studio V4.2 eliminating the distinction between the Local User folder and the Cloud folder - therefore everything's all mixed up. Thank you so so much for taking the time to try and help me! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Liz_A Member Posts: 10,730 That should save you some time.

That will open a window with your computer directory. THANKS! I have the business ed. Egads. Did you select “Import Library” or “Import to Library”?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Yes, you can go back to a pre-cloud version. Select File>Save As>Save to Hard Drive, choose a name and location, and save.

How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl [Silhouette + Cricut! It would have saved a lot of heartache, judging by these comments and the email I’ve received. Thank you for this! I may be an affiliate for some of the products I recommend. #whydidntithinkofthat :^). Open up the print dialog by clicking the printer icon in the top left (or select File > Print, or hit Ctrl-P). Silhouette America says nothing about it on their software update page or in the manual. It gets moved to the new computer via thumb drive. Navigate to the thumb drive and click on the library backup file, which will start the import process. I you missed it like me (the light gray on the whit reads difficult) select File>Upgrade Library. He installed V3 software on new Mac then installed library. Personally, I prefer to use .jpg.[/callout]. Thus, I am stuck. We offer savings of up to 96% off the RRP on design elements from thousands of independent designers.

Again, it could take several minutes for the import to complete. I'm here to teach you to love yours, too! Once you’ve found the SVG file, double-click the name (or select and click ok). I have tried different version of the software, and HATE the cloud with a passion you can only imagine. Depending on how many designs you have in your library, it could take several minutes to complete the export. Go to the folder where you’ve saved your unzipped files and find the SVG file.

If this happens, you’re hooped. Lesson learned.

And if you were running 3.6 or earlier, you should have reindexed the library—as in this blog post—before backing it up), you can try importing it into Silhouette Studio.

How can I get rid of common areas in this plot? I’m getting ready to move my library. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The only thing that should be in your library are the files from the sil store.

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