News: we ain t babysitting but my kids all on your couch

No it's no not Sara. Um... My name is Chris Parker.

Daryl Sarah

I paid to fix the windshield, that was my fault, but Dawson's gonna make you pay for the tire. Who was at the door? Baby, baby. Brad

: Chris Oh, God! College Girl

Brad And we all got hijacked. Brad? My .44 make sure all y'all kids don't grow! [to Mike]  Ain't no doubt.


You gotta find yourselves an absolute weapon, boys. This, I gotta see. Daryl [remembering why they came into the city in the first place] 

: :

And the girls's probably dead. They probably figured that out.

You're so slimy, I won't sink to your level.

You think you know it all, but you don't know me

Albert Collins :

... You kids must be from the suburbs!

I'd love to hit you.

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