News: war thunder german tanks guide

Which of these you pick depends on your preference, I'd say. Drinking, History, Motorbikes, Video games, firefly, game of thrones, Judge Dredd, fallout, tattoos. Don't go there......started T4 with the first King Tiger a few days ago.......took me 17 games in RB to finally get my 2x exp win bonus. It's essentially a StuG A with traverse. T-60 is more practical than Pz II C thanks to huge bursts and huge effective armour negating autocanons at the front. But Germans explode a lot more. It’s not hopeless, as there are two standouts on the German side, at least for me. I also once while in a BT-7 had to fire about 10 shots at an AI Pz II, straight on, because about half of the damn shots bounced off the a range that couldn't have been more than 250m...then again, AI tanks are freaking invincible. I'm not sure is there more monkey business on the air, at the moment. (assuming you get into matches against early T-34s or even T-50s,which is very likely.

In tier 1 however, the T-50 is best employed in pincer movements where its excellent armour and high speed come into their own. It is the only tank that can deflect ALL non-APCR Russian ammo at its tier. Panthers make even most stonehearted men wet. Rank 2.... Panzer IV F2.... again not bad for german vehicles, but look at the average range in our current maps. Poor armour on the sides limit the StuG III’s incredible offensive capabilities to frontal assaults, while the blessing of its stopping fire comes with an ineptitude for long range combat. "tanks"?

That thing downright EATS everything it sees!

- Try Tank Destroyers, if your play style fits for them. I might give it a shot for a few games to see how it performs and then update the text. It has very little armour for starters, and with such a compact design any hits that do penetrate will kill every crew member unless you’re outrageously lucky.

British tanks up the line to Rank II and III split their tank designs to two types, the cruiser and infantry tank which are characterized in War Thunder as light/medium and heavy tanks respectively.

I’ve been playing Ground Forces for a while now and I’m mostly enjoying it. Good armour penetration, solid all around protection, impressive straight-line speed and an accurate, quickly reloadable main gun make the 38(t) an unsung hero of the battlefield.

The gun ain't overpowered, it just is the first gun that can mostly penetrate its russian counterparts. can the first tanks you list down be the panzer III's and StuG's?

Use the same tactics as with the Stug A: don’t get shot in the side and make sure to take KVs and T34s out first because they can kill you from the front. Also has good reverse speed and overall agility. step 1: keep russian tanks atleast 500-800m away from you. The Tiger is a very good tank in its current form and there is no reason why you shouldn't drive it. Most likely due to historical dates.... (until late rank 3 and rank 4 +5)  :facepalm: and many russian fan play the historical date card, although the vast majority of later russian tanks and the ENTIRE russian aircraft tree completely ignores them.

Trolling,stealing,sleeping,stalking,world domination. The gun will allow you to kill most targets in one to two hits, but you’ll have to be wary of taking fire because this thing pretty much is a glass-cannon—great damage output, but very fragile.

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