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Yugo finds Qilby and tries to talk with him to reveal to him how to make his normal appearance in Adamaï, but he does not get any information from Qilby, the only thing he discovers is that he was the King eliatropes and not Qilby. Bash Squale | Unfortunately, Qilby uses the Eliacube to replace his arm and this merger boosts his powers. Odo It will only be seen in one of the cinematics of the game, taken from the second season episode, "The Eliatrope People". Vampyro | Laughing Buffon | He has the accumulated experience (and sadness) of many millennia of life. D-Rex |

His goal is to one day destroy the current gods of the World of Twelve and replace them with their demigod children. Despite the wishes and orders of her leader, Oropo, she has no qualms in going behind his back simply to satisfy her own wants and she is so vengeful that she would seek payback upon a pregnant woman, Evangelyne, for any perceived slight against her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Adamaï realizes that Qilby is much worse than Nox.

Grany | Of course, Rushu thinks that Qilby betrayed him by deliberately drawing him into a trap, he tries to eliminate him, but Qilby is too fast and disappears by making fun of Rushu. But the said Eliatrope did not forget what happened while he was trapped inside the Blank Dimension, Qilby could not escape without the help of the Eliacube. Yech’ti | Occupation Possibly in some distant future we can allow one for ourselves. Remington Smisse | Wandering for years, they managed to reestablish their society on a new planet, colonizing it and it seems that the calm of Qilby would return, without others knowing they were responsible for the sacrilegious act. 46 Stories. Just to bring back Qilby, Yugo and Adamaï have been physically very hard.

Dragonpig | Appears as a selectable character since the "Brotherhood of Oropo" event. Black Bump | Toxine | He fought with Yugo and Phaeris, losing his arm and being banished to his dimensional prison as a result.

Qilby is available as a playable character in Krosmaga, in three different aspects and the first is before being affected by the Eliacube. Celui-dont-on-tait-le-nom | This portal is created thanks to the Eliacube, unfortunately, as Qilby and Adamaï have to use a lot of their Wakfu to keep it open, they will not be able to last very long. Vil Smisse | Adamaï is not tall compared to him, luckily, Grougaloragran despite his young age is already very powerful.

He desires to take all of the Wakfu from the world, or at least enough of it, to power the Eliacube, a small cube of incredible power that appears to speak to him, and go back in time to save his family from death. Knew someone on nox who had it actually but haven't seen one since then

In the center of this laboratory is a strange machine evoking the generator of Zinit. Only the firstborn survived, and tried to protect the only thing that could still be saved: Yugo managed to put the children of his people in another dimension; unfortunately in this battle, Nora, Efrim and especially Shinonomé the dragon sister of Qilby perish. It's not the form that's the problem, rather the fact that someone with a human mind has been reduced to the status of family dog. When they became interested in the Eliacube, Yugo and Adamai discovered Qilby, a gracious and kind fellow Member of the Council of the Six, he is part of the first Eliatropes of the Primordial Age. However, to take off this ship, it would take all the energy and Wakfu of the planet Twelve, which would kill its inhabitants in the process.

Inside in his subconscious, Yugo is trapped there after merging with Oropo in "Hyperzaap", appearing once more Qilby and Nox to distract while they attack him. Also took care of Chibi while he was still a baby, but that displeased his twin brother Grougaloragran very much, spitting hostile fire in his face or attacking him very distrustful. At his death, Chibi who was the King of eliatropes, bequeathed his throne to Yugo. Sponge Mob |

This is the only Krosfinite of the game that is obtained via the XP of 2 different cards making it the rarest and most difficult bonus to obtain, what's more normal for an object as legendary as the Eliacube. Qilby is then locked by Yugo in the Blank Dimension. Nothing screams this more than being invisible, sneak attack with both hands and legs from a dark mist and use traps and illusions.

Thanks to the Eliacube, Qilby can generate a kind of map that allows to locate approximately the location of the dofus. Qilby shows the ship in Adamaï and during the trip, he explains that unlike other eliatropes, when he reincarnates, he keeps the memories of his previous lives. Kill Evangelyne and Flopin.Occupy the highest rank of those of brotherhood killing Echo (all failed).

Poulpard | Sipho |

Unfortunately, to open the Zaap portal that leads to them, you need a huge amount of energy. Gullivette | Qilby's hologram projected in the laboratory. Bellaphone's Apes | Felinor's Henchmen | Osamodas | We complain. No information Makes cameo in manga adaptation, appearing in a frame with an inscription of his name as well as the other demigods recruited by Oropo. Ush Galesh | Mond's Pirates | Years by Fruitisgoodto. Revealing more about Eliatropes history and their past, when himself was an efficient scholar in the Council of the Six, showing in manga format how he stole the Orgonax's heart, and had the Zinit ship built to get out of trouble with the Mechasmas, believing that the trips towards the Krosmoz would calm his inner psychological pain.

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