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His reasoning was, "When VW says to perform X, it means to do it. I currently have an 11 Ford Mustang. If the VW goes all hari kiri because it wasn't serviced at X but the Japanese "econobox" sucks it up and trudges on to X,XXX with little to no problems isn't the Japanese car more reliable? I have had my mk6 GTI for almost a year now daily driven and I have had zero issues. Most cars in today's age are reliable, as in they rarely leave people stranded so you have to judge reliability by consumers expectations.

How are people finding the reliability of the Golf R … In my experience the worst generation is early mkiv.

Yes I'm based in the US, pretty close to Mexico actually. From what my dad says about his 2000 Passat, it's not so much of a reliability problem as it is when something does go wrong, it's a bigger pain to work on than other cars. Early 2000ish volswagens aren't the most reliable. Yeah but that doesn't explain the common electrical gremlins, faulty gearboxes, and excessive oil consumption among other things. You said you were on a poor mans budget so I would definitely not recommend a VW. But it always started and always got me to where I needed to go, the same goes for my Contour(s), the same goes for my corolla, the same goes for my Jetta. 6 or 7) have any outstanding reliability issues? 100% Upvoted. Here's a little info on the Puebla plant. (I hope that I did it right) By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. VW uses that platform and drive train in Millions of cars worldwide. From experience it not Japanese car reliable for sure. However if you look for a cheap car and it happens to be a VW then do your homework on it. I've done all the scheduled maintenance and all in all I'm very happy with the car. If you want to learn about how cars work very fast, buy a Volkswagen. They are chep as shit(<1000€) and run forever. In my experience the worst generation is early mkiv. This leads to the bad VW-rep." Now, this doesn't excuse some models and years. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Eventually at 130,000 miles the heater core burst sending boiling hot coolant over my feet and steaming up the interior. MK6 is good, MK7 should be better. Here's a little info on the Puebla plant. The owner was an engineer who had bought the car brand new.

Press J to jump to the feed. If all they needed to do to go from near the bottom of the industry in reliability to near the top is to change all of their maintenance intervals to be 5000 miles sooner, that would be the simplest fix ever. Any options out there? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Not saying that the VW is unreliable, but if given the same treatment the Japanese "econobox" it fares worse it is the less reliable car. not having enough money sucks hahah, you have too much time to change your mind on what car you should get while you're saving up.

3 comments. My experience with a 1993 Passat was exactly the same as your parent's. A friend had a slightly modified Jetta, and as it started to get that 'off' feel he just sold it for a truck. My mother has a 2012 Jetta SE, and that car has absolutely no problems so far with 50k miles on it.

Every car did this.

I consider it poorly made if a late oil change is enough to break it. I love the 65 cubic feet of cargo room but dislike the reliability of VWs. I think VW should consider how these cars are used in the real world and design them accordingly. Has VW found their way? Some years are good, and others are bad. "I dont like how the radio works" is a Knock against reliability if I recall their rating system correctly.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

I got this check engine light 2 days after I fixed a random multiple misfire problem. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

There hasn't been anything too major but it's still way to early to tell on the mk7. The greater problem that German engineered cars tend to suffer from is higher maintenance costs, rather than simple reliability.

So if we use the most loose term of the definition then technically there are very few cars ever made that are "unreliable" within the past 20 years. (knock on wood). My friend went to buy a 1966 VW Beetle in 1978 and it WAS NOT RUSTED. after around 120k miles, they all started to feel tired and sloppy. The Car is plenty Reliable, just as much if not more so than anything else in the segment.

They aren't nightmares (not all the time at least) but they aren't bulletproof by any means, they can run into a good amount of trouble. share. "Well, the owner's manual said to rinse the car completely, including the underside, after driving on salted roads. As you can see, it's not a sweaty garage with a bunch of janitors bolting cars together, g for corn on a stick. The new Golf R is going to be fantastic; im not sure if your mustang is a V6, but from a performance standpoint its like comparing apples and oranges, the 2.0TSI with the bigger turbo they use on it makes it feel like a banshee when at wide open throttle, and the torque it chucks out in such a great big meaty lump is uncanny. This was the end of my VWaG product ownership, having been screwed too many times over the prior years.

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