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FIKE: To say the least.

Sue Wouters, age 18, was the daughter of Betty Wouters, secretary to Albert Fisher, who was one of the fair's film and television VIP handlers. But it’s all part of it. One day she was nervous and struggling with one scene that stretched into about 30 takes, and could see the director getting frustrated. Later that evening Wouters joined Presley again for their fourth and final date. She later left acting and became a nun.

But it was only the fourth known studio movie to be made in Seattle and it put us on the cinematic screen much the way the fair put us on the global stage. Molly Malloy. KING: Were there hangers on? Even though Presley had, by 1962, long since passed his rockin' rebel peak -- he'd served in the army and was well into his Hollywood doldrums -- the establishment was still reluctant to accept him. This day the Band were to be filmed while marching westward from the NASA exhibit -- only the producers felt that the band needed to look bigger than it was.

Regardless, for 10  consecutive days in September, 1962, Elvis Presley's presence rocked much of a thoroughly star-struck Seattle. This movie was filmed in the mountains of Idyllwild, California, in the winter of 1961. At times we didn’t but it was still fun trying. I got fired about 500 times.

And of course, you know, Elvis could make you believe anything in the world, so he had me believing that she was just a friend and her daddy was in the Army with him, and there was nothing to it whatsoever.

Finally, the cameras were turned on, and the train pulled out of the station heading downtown. But the crew didn't arrive as announced: The star reportedly got bogged down in Los Angeles while shooting  his 11th flick, Girls, Girls, Girls. She also remembers meeting Kurt Russell on the set. You know, I had a motorcycle and ran it under a bus. During a dive, Ted spots sunken treasure and returns with hope to retrieve it.

LACKER: Well, he did a couple of times, but only about two or three that I knew of over 20 years. “At that age, I didn’t understand the magnitude of his fame and popularity.

Why didn’t he do it? The Little Church of the West, which is seen in the film, is where stars such as Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Angelina Jolie and Mickey Rooney have all gotten married. Red West plays the bongos on a fishing boat. Elvis continued to dye his hair like this for the rest of his life, stopping only while he was in the Army. SCHILLING: Elvis studied those movies.

But, you know, we were there mainly to kind of keep everything together.

Since becoming the First Lady of Hawaii, Vicky has joined with Ohio First Lady Hope Taft and Florida First Lady Columba Bush to undertake a public awareness initiative to reduce drunk driving and youth alcoholism. So of course when I met Elvis, I did fall in love with him, and he did with me. And you know, things like that. "We went to the movies," Fisher recalled, "to see Kid Galahad, an Elvis movie which had just been released.

Open from April through October 1962, the fair exceeded expectations, drawing about 10 million people to go up to the top of the Space Needle, ride the Monorail, and see the exhibits. We grew up in the same neighborhood, poor part of Memphis. As some teenagers looked through fences, Elvis kept his black-jumpsuited companions sprinting here and there to catch his passes for more than an hour. Also in his conversation with Jarvis that morning, Parker first mentioned the ham that would earn headlines in the Seattle papers the following week.

Screenwriters Allan Weiss and Anthony Lawrence received a nomination from the Screen Writers Guild of America in 1965 for their work on “Roustabout.”, Elvis and director John Rich butted heads over Elvis’ entourage and their practical jokes. But he liked my Thursday morning story about Elvis in Seattle so well that now he’s going to GIVE me a couple of slices.”, After filming concluded that second day, Elvis and his boys were spotted tossing a football around in the wide enclosed driveway bordered by the fair’s stadium, press center, and opera house. And then he tried to make a little move on me. “We’re going broke buying tickets,” one told Duncan. Director: John Rich | Stars: Elvis Presley, Dodie Marshall, Pat Priest, Pat Harrington Jr. Look for Elvis’ entourage in the film. He was a perfect gentleman at all times."

This is Elvis’ last feature film. During the week and a half -- September 5-15, 1962 -- that he was in town to work on Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's feature-length $2.5-million musical It Happened at the World's Fair, crowds of fans gathered on the fairgrounds and also kept a vigil outside his downtown hotel. Although Seattle's mainstream media had never liked rock 'n' roll -- The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer had both been editorializing and sniping at the music (and its fans) for years -- they and local television outlets covered his every move with breathless daily reports while the town's radio hyped endless Presley oldies. Elvis in Seattle … Behind the Scenes at the 1962 World's Fair

I want to see you on stage. The Colonel said he didn’t mind if photographers “stole” a few shots, but he wasn’t going to pose. Veteran bassist Bob Marshall and pianist Overton Berry were called to earn a day's union scale by donning a uniform and posing as members of the band. Grandmothers clicked their cameras.

Rosellini," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 13, 1962, p. 7; Jack Jarvis, "Our Man At The Fair," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 14, 1962, p.8; Charles Dunsire, "Elvis! Somebody asked me the other day, said, would you do it over again, I said, when do we start? On Tuesday September 11, Presley and co-star O’Brien (who was portraying a fair nurse that he met at the fair's first-aid station), were filmed near the Food Circus building and getting into a Pedicab. RCA purchased Elvis’ custom gold-appointed Cadillac, and it went on tour to promote the film.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had recently run a story about Mrs. Meyer, who claimed she had seen all of Elvis’s movies two or three times and had purchased all of his records.

Elvis met with Bobby, and said, Bobby, that’s not you, man.

Navy frogman, Ted Jackson (Elvis Presley), balances his time between twin careers as a deep sea diver and nightclub singer. Meanwhile, the teenage siege at the New Washington Hotel continued.

That’s probably the nicest thing you could think of.

SCHILLING: Normally six to seven at one time. A huge bed.

TCB1974 (profile / … Like Elvis, we come with a little southern charm. Memphis’ mayor and Vernon Presley visited Elvis on the set to accept Elvis’ annual donation of $50,000 for Memphis-area charities.

Vicky Tiu, Actress: It Happened at the World's Fair. And I loved the way it is. Saved by Bonnie Dempsey.

Sunday September 9 served as a day off for the film's entire cast and production crew. The guys knew about it, but you know, it wasn’t for publicity. In the writer’s column the next day, he wrote, 'That ‘Sir’ did it; I felt like a million years old. Valerie is played by Shelley Fabares, who went on to star in two more of Elvis’ films. So, off they hitchhike to Seattle to scrounge up some work at the World’s Fair. Making the connection with Presley really paid off for Albert Fisher: "After the fair Elvis brought me to Hollywood as a technical adviser for the movie and I spent a week out on the set at the MGM studios in Culver City. It’s just like I said, it’s hard to really separate the lines. Its loud ringing of 538 bells clanged over 44 loudspeakers all across the fair's campus (and beyond) at regular intervals on a daily basis. The expected arrival of the caravan with Elvis in Seattle was delayed, however, by an unscheduled stop. Thus it was that the Wouters went down to the fairgrounds to hang out on the periphery of the movie set where she happened to be spotted in the crowd by Presley who stepped over to say hello. Marty was with and close to Elvis for 20 years and served as his right hand man  as well as being his Best Man at Elvis Presley wedding. He wishfully believed -- like all jazzers seemingly did back then -- that there was "a strong surge toward the return of the big bands" ... 'Better music is coming back all the time.

Elvis stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans during filming. And when we went on the road, I’d do some of it. As The Seattle Times reported, “Through the glazed eyes of his teen-age fans, Elvis Presley blazed a glittering path like a glowing comet across the World’s Fair grounds ... . A channel all about Elvis Presley and his music and an insight into the workings of a major touring theatre production One Night Of Elvis with Lee Memphis King. KING: Was he difficult, Lamar?

- IMDb Mini Biography By: And Elvis Presley was a real genius.

I don’t know if it was right after that, but it was amazing. Dialog director Jack Mintz spent a few minutes going over Presley’s lines with him, while a makeup assistant buffed the star’s fingernails.

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